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Molex Launches the BradConnectivity(TM) Ultra-Lock(TM) 8-pole Connection System.

New connection system provides versatility, convenience and security

LISLE, Ill. -- Molex Incorporated (NASDAQ: MOLX AND MOLXA), announces the Ultra-Lock[TM] 8-Pole Connection System featuring the convenience and security of an Ultra-Lock connection in a higher pin count to handle a broader array of applications such as encoders, resolvers, safety light curtains, trainable sensors and instrumentation.

Designed for performance and reliability, the Ultra-Lock[TM] Connection System incorporates a thread-less push-to-lock connection that simplifies assembly and eliminates downtime related to intermittent signals due to loose connections. Its unique radial seal design ensures a consistent, operator independent seal every time. Fewer intermittent signals mean less downtime, more uptime and better productivity.

"Control devices like encoders have higher pin counts than proximity sensors. We designed the new Ultra-Lock 8-pole connector to give our customers the versatility of up to 8 connection points for devices such as encoders, resolvers, trainable sensors and instrumentation," said Product Manager, John Sullivan. "The cordsets and receptacles offer the same sure sealing and integrity of the unique Ultra-Lock radial seal and locking mechanism that the industry has grown to expect from BradConnectivity[TM]. We believe that it is the fastest, easiest and most secure connection ever introduced."

The Ultra-Lock 8-pole uses innovative push-to-lock technology to make quick M12 connections by "pushing down" to connect and "pulling up" to disconnect. The unique O-ring radial seal is operator-independent, so there's no chance of over tightening or under tightening. There is also no twisting or turning like standard threaded connectors. The results are the elimination of downtime, increased productivity and lower costs reducing installation time by 90 percent.

To learn more about the Ultra-Lock 8-pole system visit or

About Molex and the Global Automation and Electrical Products Division

Molex Incorporated, (NASDAQ: MOLX AND MOLXA), is a 70-year-old global developer, manufacturer and marketer of a wide array of Automation, Electrical, Fiber Optic and Electronic products engineered for superior performance in demanding, harsh, or hazardous industrial environments. Molex, "Empowers the Industrial Infrastructure" with innovative products and solutions that extend from mechanical, electrical and electronics, to communications/networking devices and diagnostic software. Based in Lisle, Illinois, USA, the company operates 59 manufacturing facilities in 19 countries spanning North America, Europe and Asia/Pacific.

The Automation and Electrical Products Division (AEPD), Brad([R]) lines of Automation products include such globally recognized names as applicom([R]), Direct-Link[TM], mPm([R]), RJ-Lnxx([R]) and SST[TM]. The family of Woodhead Electrical products includes globally recognized names such as Aero-Motive([R]), Daniel Woodhead([R]), Watertite([R]) and Super-Safeway([R]). For more information, please visit or
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Apr 22, 2008
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