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Antimicrobial Drug Resistance of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus Isolated from Milk and Milk Based Beverages of Dhaka City, Bangladesh. Hasan, Khondaker Wahid; Tarannum, Nourin; Parveen, Sahana Sep 1, 2021 3945
ASPERGILLOSIS. Hughett, Lacey Aug 27, 2021 618
Illinois has a new state microbe. JERRY NOWICKI Capitol News Illinois Aug 18, 2021 262
True! Consuming Rotten Tomatoes May Cause Liver Cancer. Jul 21, 2021 938
Family furious as damp problem leaves mould 'growing on toddler's bed every week'; Christopher Denn, 31, has said that they have contacted the landlord Bromford Housing but after nine months they are still waiting for the company to sort out the problem. By, Kim Horton & Tim Hanlon Jun 24, 2021 596
Egypt moves to calm black fungus panic as two cases detected. Mohammed Abu Zaid May 24, 2021 410
Filamentous Fungi Growth as Metaphor for Mobile Communication Networks Routing. Wille, Emilio Carlos Gomes; Da Costa Bento, Clovis Ronaldo Report May 1, 2021 5718
Family's flat so mould infested it stains kids' clothes and girl, 10, sleeps in tent; EXCLUSIVE: Clarion housing tenant Sherri Smith, 29, claims she has had mould "from floor to ceiling in every room" and it keeps coming back because the problem hasn't been fully fixed. By, Chris Kitching Apr 29, 2021 898
Onychodystrophy and Onychogryphosis. Mcintosh, Iain B. Apr 1, 2021 1720
Fatal Meningoencephalitis From a Rhizomucov pusillus Infection in a Juvenile Magellanic Penguin (Spheniscus magellanicus). Reed, Kathlyn; Wolf, Karen; Anderson, Kadie; Wolking, Rebecca; Garner, Michael M. Clinical report Mar 1, 2021 1821
Using sticky card traps to evaluate entomopathogen fungi occurrence in insect populations: a cautionary tale. Alves, Luis Francisco A.; Loeblein, Jaqueline S.; Fetter, Isabela; Patt, Joseph M. Report Mar 1, 2021 1793
A Cross-sectional Study on Chronic Fungal Rhinosinusitis in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Central Delhi, India. Songara, Prafulla; Saxena, Gaurav; Agrawal, Ramesh Report Mar 1, 2021 3454
Water-soluble molds. Mar 1, 2021 177
MYCOTOXINS AND MYCOTOXICOSIS. T. Ali, A. Sarwar, M. M. K. Sattar, M. A. Ali and M. Aslam Dec 31, 2020 4214
Seventy-five Years of Research in Wood Preservation and Deterioration. Barnes, H.M. Conference notes Dec 22, 2020 2280
In Vitro Effects of Natural Garlic Juice on Some Fungal Strains. Balach, Omar; Gazel, Deniz; Eksi, Fahriye; Zer, Yasemin; Karshgil, Tekin; Azzawi, Sarmad Al Report Dec 1, 2020 3071
Application of Artificial Neural Networks to Assess the Mycological State of Bulk Stored Rapeseeds. Wawrzyniak, Jolanta Nov 1, 2020 9241
Mould on the rise after summer humidity, says Hitches & Glitches. Ranju Warrier Oct 28, 2020 606
Biochar augmentation improves ectomycorrhizal colonisation, plant growth and soil fertility. Verma, Balwant; Reddy, M. Sudhakara Report Oct 1, 2020 7135
An Old Mold Brought Back To Life! Lauren T Oct 1, 2020 572
Additive Type Affects Fermentation, Aerobic Stability and Mycotoxin Formation during Air Exposure of Early-Cut Rye (Secale cereale L.) Silage. Auerbach, Horst; Theobald, Peter Sep 1, 2020 10984
Characteristics and Management of Candidaemia Episodes in an Established Candida auris Outbreak. Bayona, Juan V. Mulet; Palop, Nuria Tormo; Garcia, Carme Salvador; Rodriguez, Paz Herrero; Medrano, Report Sep 1, 2020 5252
Light: An Alternative Method for Physical Control of Postharvest Rotting Caused by Fungi of Citrus Fruit. Kahramanoglu, Ibrahim; Nisar, Muhammad Farrukh; Chen, Chuying; Usanmaz, Serhat; Chen, Jinyin; Wan, C Aug 31, 2020 10535
How to get hold of your household mold. Warnick, Aaron Aug 1, 2020 798
Insects can damage your magnolia trees. Tim Johnson Chicago Botanic Garden Jul 12, 2020 314
Weeds growing in cracks easy to eliminate with an herbicide. Tim Johnson Chicago Botanic Garden Jul 12, 2020 314
Characterisation of fungal contamination sources for use in quality management of cheese production farms in Korea. Kandasamy, Sujatha; Park, Won Seo; Yoo, Jayeon; Yun, Jeonghee; Kang, Han Byul; Seol, Kuk-Hwan; Oh, M Jun 1, 2020 7096
Jet Linx disinfects and protects aircraft and facilities with BIOPROTECTUs system. Mar 17, 2020 375
Jet Linx disinfects and protects aircraft and facilities with BIOPROTECTUs system. Mar 17, 2020 361
SATS: Don't Let Mold Take Hold. Mar 12, 2020 205
Diversity of Toxigenic Molds and Mycotoxins Isolated from Dairy Products: Antifungal Activity of Egyptian Marine Algae on Aspergillus and Candida Species. Ahmed, Ahmed Ezzat; AL-Kahtani, Mohammed M.; El-Diasty, Eman M.; Ahmed, Ahmed Shaban; Saber, Hani; A Mar 1, 2020 9351
Potential of Lecanicillium lecanii (Zimm.) as a Microbial Control Agent for Green Peach Aphid, Myzus persicae (Sulzer) (Hemiptera: Aphididae). Abdul Hanan, Talha Nazir, Abdul Basit, Shahbaz Ahmad and Dewen Qiu Feb 14, 2020 4326
Comparative Virulence Assessment of Different Nematophagous Fungi and Chemicals against Northern Root-Knot Nematodes, Meloidogyne hapla, on Carrots. Manzoor Hussain, Marie Manasova, Miloslav Zouhar and Pavel RyA!anek Feb 14, 2020 5378
Biostimulants Application Alleviates Water Stress Effects on Yield and Chemical Composition of Greenhouse Green Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.). Petropoulos, Spyridon A.; Fernandes, Angela; Plexida, Sofia; Chrysargyris, Antonios; Tzortzakis, Nik Report Feb 1, 2020 16164
Marrone Bio biofungicides win EPA approval for use on hemp plants. Jan 8, 2020 490
Effect of Weather Conditions on Yield and Health Status of Faba Bean Seeds in Poland. Pszczolkowska, Agnieszka; Okorski, Adam; Fordonski, Gabriel; Kotecki, Andrzej; Kozak, Marcin; Dzieni Report Jan 1, 2020 6514
Response to Moldy Buildings, CIRS, Sick People and Damaged Brains. Pratt-Hyatt, Matthew; Shaw, William Jan 1, 2020 1375
The Effect of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi on Photosystem II of the Host Plant Under Salt Stress: A Meta-Analysis. Wang, Yingnan; Wang, Jinghong; Yan, Xiufeng; Sun, Shengnan; Lin, Jixiang Dec 1, 2019 8048
High Prevalence of Cryptococcus neoformans and Isolation of Other Opportunistic Fungi From Pigeon (Columba livid) Droppings in Northeast Iran. Ghaderi, Zahra; Eidi, Samaneh; Razmyar, Jamshid Report Dec 1, 2019 2777
Risk of superbug mutation revealed. Nov 30, 2019 113
Nuteez, Zesta peanut butter unfit for human consumption - Kebs. Nov 4, 2019 244
Biochemical Markers in the Urine Associated with Gastrointestinal Mold-Overgrowth Are Linked with Elevated Urinary Mycotoxins in Patients with Suspected Mold Illness. Shaw, William; Pratt-Hyatt, Matthew Nov 1, 2019 4643
Synergistic Effect of Entomopathogenic Fungi and Bacteria against Pulse Beetle, Callosobruchus chinensis. Iqbal, Mohsan; Shaheen, Farid Asif; Mahmood, Rashid; Rafique, Muhammad Khalid; Bodlah, Imran; Naz, F Report Oct 31, 2019 4461
Short Communication - Detection of Mycoflora from Marine Fishes of Karachi Fish Harbour and Ormara Region (Pakistan). Ikram, Naheed; Shoaib, Nafisa Report Oct 31, 2019 2779
A Rare Case of Chromoblastomycosis in a 12-year-old boy. Report Sep 30, 2019 1905
Environmental Services Provider Helps Commercial and Residential Properties Get Rid of Even the Worst Cases of Mold. Sep 24, 2019 733
Skin Prick Test Reactivity to Common Aeroallergens among Allergic Rhinitis Patients in Jordan. Shagahin, Hani M. Al-; Kharboush, Ibrahim F.; Zayadneh, Enas Al-; Alharazneh, Abdelrahman; Albataine Sep 1, 2019 4804
Invasive Mould Infections in Intensive Care Units: Epidemiology, Microbiologic Diagnosis and Antifungal Resistance/Yogun Bakimlarda Invazif Kuf Enfeksiyonlari: Epidemiyoloji, Mikrobiyolojik Tani ve Antifungal Direnc. Sig, Ali Korhan; Akdagli, Sevtap ARIKAN Aug 1, 2019 4788
HOSPITAL COUGHS UP PS450K TO KILL PESTS; Bug bill after pigeon droppings scandal. Jul 22, 2019 339
Space Station Mold Survives High Radiation. Jul 2, 2019 649
Dynamics of fungal community during silage fermentation of elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum) produced in northern Vietnam. Vu, Viet Ha; Li, Xiyang; Wang, Mengyuan; Liu, Rongmei; Zhang, Guojian; Liu, Wei; Xia, Baixue; Sun, Q Jul 1, 2019 7235
Physicochemical and microbiological stability of mixed nectar of orange and uvaia/ Estabilidade fisico-quimica e microbiologica de nectar misto de laranja e uvaza. Tomaz, Karla Silva; Ferreira, Mayara Rodrigues da Silva; Mesquita, Mercia da Silva; de Oliveira Filh Jul 1, 2019 4074
Colonization Frequency, Endophytic Infection Rate and Bioactivities of Microbes of Desert Medicinal Plants. Rehman, Suriya; Ansari, Mohammad Azam; Buhaimed, Abdullah; Ibrahim, Fatemah; Gani, Adil Report Jun 30, 2019 4468
Role of Enzymatic System of Screened Pleurots ostreatus IBL-02 in the Bio-Removal of Synthetic Dyes Effluent. Gulzar, Tahsin; Kiran, Shumaila; Abrar, Shazia; Rahmat, Muniba; Haque, Asma; Nosheen, Sofia; Ahmad, Technical report Jun 30, 2019 4840
Dangerous toxins widespread in Lebanese spices: study. May 16, 2019 673
Control mold when using air conditioning. May 8, 2019 368
A single application of fertiliser or manure to a cropping field has limited long-term effects on soil microbial communities. Celestina, C.; Sale, P.W.G.; Hunt, J.R.; Tang, C.; Franks, A.E. Report May 1, 2019 7550
More, Much More, Than Skin Deep: New research, new markets and of course, new products and ingredients, are giving new depth to this most important sector of surface chemistry. Branna, Tom May 1, 2019 3899
The Antimicrobial and Wound Healing Potential of Opuntia ficus indica L. inermis Extracted Oil from Tunisia. Khemiri, Ikram; Hedi, Badiaa Essghaier; Zouaoui, Najla Sadfi; Gdara, Neyla Ben; Bitri, Lotfi Apr 30, 2019 6532
Aerosol Transmission of Aspergillus fumigates in Cystic Fibrosis Patients in the Netherlands. Engel, Tobias G.P.; Erren, Ellen; Driessche, Koen S.J. Vanden; Melchers, Willem J.G.; Reijers, Moniq Apr 1, 2019 2170
T. rubrum probably not the cause in patients who fail terbinafine. Otto, M. Alexander Apr 1, 2019 328
How dangerous is mould on food? Mar 11, 2019 632
Comparative Physicochemical and Microbiological Assessment of Branded and Unbranded Whole Wheat Flours in Pakistan. Shahzad, Khurram; Nawaz, Shaista; Zahid, Saba; Saeed, Salman; Saleem, Yasar; Rashid, Abdul Ahid; Has Mar 1, 2019 5985
Australian Natural History Medallion 2018 Sarah Lloyd. Campbell, Maxwell Feb 1, 2019 696
Nuteez peanut butter unfit for human consumption. Jan 31, 2019 150
Newborn baby forced to sleep in 'freezing' house where 'mould grows in her cot'; Philip Ellis and Gayle Agnew have hit out at Sanctuary Housing in east Hull, Humberside, which claims mould in their two-bedroom property is only as a result of "condensation". Jan 30, 2019 593
RESULTS OF THE SECOND (2016) GOOSE POND FISH AND WILDLIFE BIODIVERSITY SURVEY, GREENE COUNTY, INDIANA. Ruch, Donald G.; Stoelting, Travis; Simpson, Barbara; Brodman, Robert; Cole, Linda; Fisher, Brant E. Report Jan 1, 2019 7923
Why do we have to live like this? Dec 12, 2018 576
EVALUATION OF MYCOTOXIN CONTENT IN SOYBEAN (Glycine max L.) GROWN IN RWANDA. Niyibituronsa, M.; Onyango, A.N.; Gaidashova, S.; Imathiu, S.M.; Uwizerwa, M.; Wanjuki, I.; Nganga, Report Dec 1, 2018 5530
Mycotoxin Testing Market Anticipated to Grow at a Significant Pace by 2027. Sep 28, 2018 227
Multidrug-Resistant Aspergillus fumigatus Carrying Mutations Linked to Environmental Fungicide Exposure--Three States, 2010-2017. Beer, Karlyn D.; Farnon, Eileen C.; Jain, Seema; Jamerson, Carol; Lineberger, Sarah; Miller, Jeffrey Sep 28, 2018 2754
Etiologic Diversity of Onychomycosis in Mexican Patients with Chronic-Degenerative Diseases. Munguia-Perez, R.; Rivera, A.; Duarte-Escalante, E.; Ortiz-Segura, G.; Castaneda-Antonio, D.; Avelin Case study Sep 1, 2018 2475
Control of Food Spoilage Molds Using Lactobacillus Bacteriocins. Garcha, S. Report Sep 1, 2018 3408
Is it a Cold or the Mold? Siek, Gordon; Kent, Veronica; Sherman, Joanne Report Sep 1, 2018 1591
Occurrence of Metarhizium rileyi (Farlow) Kepler, S. A. Rehner & Humber in Anticarsia gemmatalis Hubner (Lepidoptera: Erebidae) and Trichoplusia ni Hubner (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) larvae in Tamaulipas and Veracruz, Mexico. Ibarra-Vazquez, Sergio Eduardo; Arcos-Cavazos, Gerardo; Teran-Vargas, Antonio Palemon; Gonzalez-Gaon Report Sep 1, 2018 1249
Efficacy of entomopathogenic fungal products for biological control of spotted wing drosophila (Diptera: Drosophilidae) under laboratory conditions. Rhodes, Elena M.; Avery, Pasco B.; Liburd, Oscar E. Report Sep 1, 2018 2931
Get us out of here! Housing Mum and pregnant daughter's appeal. Jul 18, 2018 928
MYCOLOGICAL PATTERN OF DERMATOMYCOSES IN A TERTIARY CARE CENTRE IN NORTH EAST INDIA. Chongtham, Urvashi; Preeti, Gurumayum; Singh, Huidrom Lokhendro Report Mar 12, 2018 1708
Cellulolytic and lipolytic fungi isolated from soil and leaf litter samples from the Cerrado (Brazilian Savanna). de Melo, Mayara; Araujo, Ana Carolina V.; Chogi, Marianne A.N.; Duarte, Iolanda C.S. Mar 1, 2018 4855
ENTOMOPATHOGENIC FUNGI OF THE WINTER TICK IN MOOSE WALLOWS: A POSSIBLE BIO-CONTROL FOR ADULT MOOSE? Yoder, Jay A.; Dobrotka, Cameron J.; Fisher, Kelli A.; LeBarge, Anthony P.; Pekins, Peter J.; McLell Report Jan 1, 2018 8637
Biological Resistance and Application Properties of Particleboards Containing Nano-Zinc Oxide. Reinprecht, Ladislav; Izdinsky, Jan; Vidholdova, Zuzana Jan 1, 2018 6711
Biocontrol of Penicillium digitatum on Postharvest Citrus Fruits by Pseudomonas fluorescens. Wang, Zhirong; Jiang, Mengyao; Chen, Kewei; Wang, Kaituo; Du, Muying; Zalan, Zsolt; Hegyi, Ferenc; K Jan 1, 2018 7705
Effects of Sporidiobolus pararoseus Y16 on Postharvest Blue Mold Decay and the Defense Response of Apples. Zhao, Lina; Sun, Yiwen; Yang, Dongbiao; Li, Jun; Gu, Xiangyu; Zhang, Xiaoyun; Zhang, Hongyin Jan 1, 2018 5417
Fusarium Infection in a Kidney Transplant Recipient Successfully Treated with Voriconazole. Alkhunaizi, Ahmed M.; Bazzi, Ali M.; Rabaan, Ali A.; Ahmed, Elwaleed A. Case study Jan 1, 2018 2423
Fusarium Endophthalmitis, Unusual and Challenging Infection in an Acute Leukemia Patient. Baysal, Mehmet; Umit, Elif; Boz, Ibrahim Bekir; Kirkizlar, Onur; Demir, Muzaffer Jan 1, 2018 1751
Shield Global to Distribute Pure Shield Products. Dec 29, 2017 184
Your Christmas tree can be a health risk. Dec 19, 2017 409
Your Christmas tree can be a health risk. Dec 19, 2017 409
Efecto anticandida de hongos endofiticos aislados de Calotropis gigantea. Nath, Archana; Joshi, Santaram Dec 1, 2017 5309
Chemical Structure, Occurrence and Health Hazard Status of Ochratoxin A (OTA) in Cereal Food and Feeds of Pakistan: A Review. Achakzai, Abdul Kabir Khan; Yaqoob, Mohammad; Rahman, Mujeeb-Ur-; Barozai, Mohammad Younas Khan Report Oct 31, 2017 7086
Mycotoxins: The hidden threat of mold to our bodies and brains. Pratt-Hyatt, Matthew Report Oct 1, 2017 2491
How to GET RID OF THAT MOULD; It's Mould Awareness Month, so it's about time we tackled the manky stuff that's growing in crevices all over our houses. But don't just reach for the bleach, here's how to tackle it safely. Sep 17, 2017 672
Lethal and sub-lethal effects of Beauveria bassiana (Cordycipitaceae) strain NI8 on Chrysoperla rufilabris (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae). Portilla, Maribel; Snodgrass, Gordon; Luttrell, Randall Report Sep 1, 2017 6217
Hirsutella sp. (Hypocreales: Ophiocordycipitaceae) affecting the invasive social wasp Vespula vulgaris (Hymenoptera: Vespidae) in southern Chile. Montalva, Cristian; Rojas, Eladio; Valenzuela, Eduardo; Humber, Richard A. Report Sep 1, 2017 2698
Spectrum of fungal isolates in different clinical samples. Mohanty, Dibya Prasana; Sahu, Susanta Kumar; Hembram, Uday Report Aug 28, 2017 2921
Antifungal compounds extracted from rice bran fermentation applied to bakery product conservation/Compostos antifungicos extraidos da fermentacao de farelo de arroz e aplicados na conservacao de produto de panificacao. Christ-Ribeiro, Anelise; Bretanha, Cristiana Costa; Luz, Gregory Giacobbo; de Souza, Michele Moraes; Ensayo Jul 1, 2017 4455
Doctor's Life Dedicated to Uncovering Hidden Dangers. Jun 22, 2017 494
Climate Change is Extending Allergy Season, Here's What You Can Do To Calm Symptoms. May 15, 2017 575
Primer reporte y distribucion de Delastria rosea (Pezizales: Incertae sedis) en Mexico /New record and distribution of Delastria rosea (Pezizales: Incertae sedis) in Mexico. Gomez-Reyes, Victor Manuel; Gomez-Peralta, Marlene; Guerrero, Gonzalo Guevara Apr 1, 2017 3173
Mould sensitivities and mycotoxins--how to diagnose, accurately test and successfully treat using herbal medicine. Eastham-Hillier, Amina Report Mar 1, 2017 331
The Effect of Some Antiseptics on Molds and Yeasts Isolated from Wards in Al-Diwaniya Teaching Hospital, Iraq. Alsudani, Ali A. Report Mar 1, 2017 3677
Enhancement of Antagonism through Protoplast Fusion in Trichoderma spp. Chandrappa, B.P.; Basavarajappa, M.P. Report Mar 1, 2017 2898
CHECKLIST OF INDIANA FUNGI I: MACROFUNGI. Bates, Scott T.; Golday, Justin; Kunnen, Rachel L.; Pilla, Nathanael J. Report Jan 1, 2017 13937
Aspergillus Pericarditis with Tamponade in a Renal Transplant Patient. Biso, Sylvia; Lekkham, Rapeepat; Climaco, Antoinette Case study Jan 1, 2017 1913
EXPOSURE TO AIRBORNE FUNGI DURING SORTING OF RECYCLABLE PLASTICS IN WASTE TREATMENT FACILITIES. Cerna, Kristyna; Wittlingerova, Zdenka; Zimova, Magdalena; Janovsky, Zdenek Report Jan 1, 2017 4997
Ozone Safe Food, Inc. Announces the Installation of OSF Ozone Air Purification & Sanitation System f. Nov 15, 2016 1088
Control of stain and mold fungi on red alder pallet stock. Morrell, Jeffrey J.; Sanders, Dennis Report Nov 1, 2016 3474
Influences of mold fungi colonization on wheat straw-polypropylene composites. He, Chunxia; Yao, Xuexia; Xue, Jiao; Xiong, Jing; Zhao, Limei Report Nov 1, 2016 5017
Q & A; Gardening. Oct 30, 2016 132
Q & A; Gardening. Oct 30, 2016 132
Antimicrobial cellulose nanofiber coatings can control mold on fresh fruit. Oct 1, 2016 373
EMLab P&K's Atlanta Mold Lab Now AIHA-LAP, LLC Accredited for Mold Analysis. Sep 19, 2016 505
Bagpipe lung killed dad - but no-one told family; daughter's anger after cause of death revealed in medical journal. Sep 2, 2016 383
I know now that the pipes killed my father. Sep 2, 2016 463
THE CAPABILITY OF FUNGI ISOLATED FROM MOLDY DWELLINGS TO PRODUCE TOXINS. Jezak, Karolina; Kozajda, Anna; Sowiak, Malgorzata; Brzeznicki, Slawomir; Bonczarowska, Marzena; Sza Sep 1, 2016 6532
SKIRLED TO DEATH; Potentially deadly fungi and mould found in bagpipes. Aug 23, 2016 443
2 MINUTES ON... How you can avoid allergies - prevent mould spores. Jul 1, 2016 104
How you can avoid allergies - prevent mould spores; 2 MINUTES ON... Jul 1, 2016 104
Kenya dairy farmer perception of moulds and mycotoxins and implications for exposure to aflatoxins: a gendered analysis. Kiama, T.N.; Lindahl, J.F.; Sirma, A.J.; Senerwa, D.M.; Waithanji, E.M.; Ochungo, P.A.; Poole, E.J.; Report Jul 1, 2016 5532
A post-antibiotic era. Jun 6, 2016 558
Indoor air studies of fungi contamination in two kindergartens in Kavala, Greece. Lukaszuk, Cecylia; Krajewska-Kulak, E.; Chatzopulu, A.; Theodosopoulou, E.; Bousmoukilia, S. Report Jun 1, 2016 4134
Isavuconazole: a welcome addition. Slavin, Monica A.; Thursky, Karin A. Apr 1, 2016 234
Evaluation the quality of the oil waste to AI-Nasiriya refinery and possibility of treatment by some filamentous fungi. Hasan, Ihsan; Mhail, Noor; Ali, Saher Report Apr 1, 2016 3609
Fungus allergy and hypersensitivity in mold-related illness. McDaniel, Alan B. Report Apr 1, 2016 7045
OCCUPATIONAL EXPOSURE TO FUNGI AND PARTICLES IN ANIMAL FEED INDUSTRY/ ZAWODOWE NARAZENIE NA GRZYBY I CZASTKI STALE W PRZEMYSLE PASZOWYM. Viegas, Carla; Faria, Tiago; Carolino, Elisabete; Sabino, Raquel; Gomes, Anita Quintal; Viegas, Susa Report Mar 1, 2016 6477
Cloning, gene expression and characterization of xylanase coding gene from mesophilic filamentous fungus Trichoderma reesei (Hypocreaceae) in E.coli. Saravana Kumar, V.G.; Kalirajan, Jegatheesan Report Dec 1, 2015 5617
BACTERIAL AND FUNGAL AEROSOLS IN THE WORK ENVIRONMENT OF CLEANERS/AEROZOLE BAKTERYJNE I GRZYBOWE W SRODOWISKU PRACY FIRM SPRZATAJACYCH. Golofit-Szymczak, Malgorzata; Gorny, Rafal L.; Lawniczek-Walczyk, Anna; Cyprowski, Marcin; Stobnicka Report Nov 1, 2015 7238
Aislamiento e identificacion de hongos filamentosos en alimentos concentrados para mascotas domesticas (perros y gatos). Jose Munoz, Daniel; Rodriguez, Rossianny; Mota, Janeth Josefina; Suarez, Luis Rafael Nov 1, 2015 4557
Cell voltage molds developing brain tweaking electric charge fixed defects in frog embryos. Baggaley, Kate Apr 18, 2015 462
Rust preventive for molds. Mar 1, 2015 102
Assessment of antimicrobial activity of cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) essential oil combined with EDTA and polyethylene glycol in yogurt/Determinacao da atividade antimicrobiana do oleo essencial de canela (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) combinado com EDTA e polietilenoglicol no iogurte. Moritz, Cristiane Mengue Feniman; Rall, Vera Lucia Mores; Saeki, Margarida Juri; Fernandes, Ary, Jr. Jan 1, 2015 3813
Human Exposure to Mycotoxins : A Retrospective Review of Leading Toxins and Metabolites in Human Biological Matrices. Technical report Dec 31, 2014 9460
MTV star 'raffling off VAGINA MOLDS on a nude webcam site'; Alex Kim appears as a contestant on Are You The One but also has a secret life online as a webcam model for a popular adult site. Dec 8, 2014 143
Supply of 30 blocks to produce moulds of (part No. 1.2714) 56 Nice - MOV7. Oct 26, 2014 112
Moulds and fungi of autumn give dogs a bad itch. Oct 2, 2014 377
Mold and mycotoxins: often overlooked factors in chronic Lyme disease. Forsgren, Scott; Nathan, Neil; Anderson, Wayne Jul 1, 2014 9433
Effect of administering a diet contamined with fumonisins on the kidneys of wistar rats/Efeito da administracao de racao contaminada com a micotoxina fumonisinas sobre os rins de ratos wistar. Venancio, Jade Cabestre; Emerich, Samara Siqueira; Branquinho, Nayra Thais Delatorre; de Sousa, Fern Jul 1, 2014 5327
Mold and asthma. Report Jul 1, 2014 140
Disseminated aspergillosis in an autopsy case of young male. Swarnagowri, B.N.; Sangeetha, Shubha Jun 9, 2014 1280
Request for registration of suppliers to supply components for its appliances (butagas stoves), alternatively to extend services for the same such as metals plating, moulds works, also transport & forwarding the production to destinations inside & outside. Apr 8, 2014 153
Logical Circuits Built Using Living Slime Molds. Mar 28, 2014 419
Hurricane Katrina provides new source. Feb 1, 2014 348
New Use for Ice Ball Molds Discovered by a Great Balls of Ice Customer to Alleviate Plantar Fasciitis Pain. Jan 23, 2014 386
Overexpression of the synthetic chimeric Native-T-Phylloplanin-GFP genes optimized for monocot and dicot plants renders enhanced resistance to blue mold disease in tobacco (N. tabacum L.). Sahoo, Dipak K.; Raha, Sumita; Hall, James T.; Maiti, Indu B. Report Jan 1, 2014 6466
Applicability of the environmental relative moldiness index for quantification of residential mold contamination in an air pollution health effects study. Kamal, Ali; Burke, Janet; Vesper, Stephen; Batterman, Stuart; Vette, Alan; Godwin, Christopher; Chav Report Jan 1, 2014 4690
My knee was replaced by 3D moulds... now I am; real life stories. Dec 21, 2013 716
FB Displays & Designs Molds a Modern Look for Saint-Gobain. Dec 14, 2013 301
How we think about teaching molds learning. Oct 28, 2013 788
Breaking the mold: new strategies for fighting aflatoxins. Schmidt, Charles W. Report Sep 1, 2013 4764
Belgard molds Mega-Tandem wall block. Aug 1, 2013 265
Natural resistance of Tectona grandis wood in laboratory assay/Resistencia natural da madeira de Tectona grandis em ensaio de laboratorio. Motta, Javan Pereira; Oliveira, Jose Tarcisio da Silva; Paes, Juarez Benigno; Alves, Rejane Costa; D Report Aug 1, 2013 3101
Supply of (a) two air compressors, also (b) components to assemble 12 instruments to control molds' temperature. Jul 6, 2013 140
Supply of (a) spare parts for different fuelling pumps, (b) manufacturing and supply of plastic packs at third parties using the company's moulds, (c) fuelling hoses and guns, also (d) spare parts for Benit fuelling pumps. Deadlines 6/2, 6/3, 6/4 & 6/5/20. May 9, 2013 160
Moldy crawl space insulation. Brief article Apr 1, 2013 144
Moonlight molds supplies bridge-anchoring 'baskets'. Mar 1, 2013 295
Team build around home-grown talent; Stanley moulds a strong squad. Feb 6, 2013 557
"Trilongins" offer insight into mold toxicity. Weinhold, Bob Report Feb 1, 2013 1043
Different timing of whitefly control and soybean yield/Controle da mosca-branca em diferentes momentos e a produtividade da soja. Vieira, Simone Silva; Bueno, Regiane Cristina Oliveira de Freitas; Bueno, Adeney de Freitas; Boff, M Feb 1, 2013 4223
Molds are able to reproduce sexually. Jan 9, 2013 304
New! Textured rollers, slabs and sprig molds for handbuilding. Texture enhances your Line, Shape, Form, Value and glaze Color. Nov 1, 2012 318
Lucky strike: Cavignac & Associates owner's varied insurance career molds agency's recruitment, retention strategies. Toops, Laura Mazzuca Company overview Nov 1, 2012 1294
Lipolytic activity of some fungal species on castor oil. Negedu, Anthony; Ameh, J.B.; Umoh, V.J.; Atawodi, S.E. Report Oct 1, 2012 3502
Supply of a high energy digital accelerator complete with the physical calculations instrument, the cross sectional planning instrument, the moulds room, including related construction works on turnkey basis. Job is indivisible. Sep 26, 2012 135
Monitoring seasonal changes in microbial populations of spruce forest soil of the Northern Temperate Zone/Sesoonsed muutused parasvootme kuusemetsa mulla mikroobikoosluses. Grantina, Lelde; Bondare, Gunta; Janberga, Anna; Tabors, Guntis; Kasparinskis, Raimonds; Nikolajeva, Report Sep 1, 2012 8965
YOU BEAUTY! Miss Wales Sophie Moulds gets second place at Miss World. Aug 19, 2012 532
Infants exposed to specific molds at higher risk for asthma. Clinical report Aug 3, 2012 462
It's not always mold. Baker, Wane A. Jul 1, 2012 1445
Antifungal effects of two Lactobacillus rhamnosus strains against strains of Penicillium tested in vitro and in dairy product. El-Damerdash, Hassan A. May 1, 2012 5902
Concrete cure for carbon: CarbonCure Technologies of Halifax injects C[O.sub.2] directly into concrete moulds, thus sequestering the greenhouse gas within the finished product. Hamilton, Tyler May 1, 2012 1580
Sidon craftsman molds bamboo chairs fit to withstand a bar brawl. Apr 10, 2012 595
Microbiological sanitary aspects of pollen. Hani, Belhadj; Dalila, Bouamra; Saliha, Dahamna; Daoud, Harzallah; Mouloud, Ghadbane; Seddik, Khenno Report Apr 1, 2012 3327
Addressing the hazards of post-flood mold to public health. Burckhard, Braden A.; Uran, Luke W.; Bobyleva, Lioudmila I.; Bobylev, Mikhail M. Brief article Apr 1, 2012 279
Supply of different raw materials to produce so called royal shoes including soles, lining, support parts, threads and sewing requisites, moulds and forms, wrapping and finishing requisites in six lots. Mar 26, 2012 150
ODB moulds future Omani entrepreneurs. Nov 21, 2011 487
Effects of synbiotics containing anaerobic microbes and prebiotics on in vitro fermentation characteristics and in situ disappearance rate of fermented-TMR. Lee, Shin Ja; Shin, Nyeon Hak; Chu, Gyo Moon; Lee, Sung Sill Report Nov 1, 2011 7666
Explaining shrinkage: a series of tests show how each variable in chemically bonded molds affects shrinkage. Lowe, Kathleen; Showman, Ralph Oct 1, 2011 1366
Penicillium and Aspergillus dominate a collection of culturable molds from a tannery in Indiana. Treves, David S.; Martens, Candace M. Report Sep 22, 2011 2594
Effects of PGPR and AMF on growth of two bred cultivars of tomato. Zare, Mahdi; Ordookhani, Kourosh; Alizadeh, Omid Report Jul 1, 2011 4254
2010 Quarterly survey for Trichoderma Green Mold quarter 4. Pecchia, John A.; Beyer, David M.; Paley, Kimberley E. Jul 1, 2011 604
Health effects of dampness and mold. Brief article Jun 1, 2011 127
Respiratory and allergic health effects of dampness, mold, and dampness-related agents: a review of the epidemiologic evidence. Mendell, Mark J.; Mirer, Anna G.; Cheung, Kerry; Tong, My; Douwes, Jeroen Report Jun 1, 2011 10987
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Got mold? Buyer beware. Sylvester, Guy Column Mar 25, 2011 524
Investigation and analysis of air-cleaning biofilter hybrid biocharge quantitative and qualitative parameters/Oro valymo biofiltro misrios ikrovos kiekybiniu ir kokybiniu mikrobiologiniu parametru tyrimai. Zigmontiene, Ausra; Zarnauskas, Lukas Report Mar 1, 2011 5316
Slime molds adept at agriculture: some social amoebas engage in farming of bacterial food. Milius, Susan Brief article Feb 12, 2011 238
Mold and your health. Kalmanovich, Shay Dec 22, 2010 325
An evaluation on the impact of fungi on the post-harvested stored wheat grains. Mathew, Shiju; Thomas, George; Ahmad, Tufail Dec 1, 2010 2881
Supply of turbo moulds for vehicles. Sep 30, 2010 117
Results of a BioBlitz at Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve, Vanderburgh County, Indiana. Karns, Daryl R.; Ruch, Donald G.; Brodman, Robert D.; Castrale, John S.; Gammon, James R.; Rothrock, Aug 31, 2010 1572
Charlesworth moulds success. Jul 1, 2010 131
Morphological and fitossanitary characteristics in rose varieties on classification stage/Caracteristicas morfologicas e fitossanitarias de variedades de roseira na etapa de classificacao. Barguil, Beatriz Meireles; Viana, Francisco Marto Pinto; Mosca, Jose Luiz Report Jul 1, 2010 3084
Slimy, but smart. Brief article Mar 10, 2010 133
CARE rates Manika Moulds' INR331m debts at BBB-/PR3. Feb 24, 2010 156
Biodesulphurization of crude-oil using immobilized spores of Rhizopus nigricans. Majolagbe, O.N.; Oloke, J.K.; Adegunlola, G.A.; Adebayo, E.A.; Oyeyiola, A.G.; Ola, I.O. Report Jan 1, 2010 2118
Informe de un caso de sinusitis por Schizophyllum commune en enfermo inmuno-competente. Castro, Luz Angela; Alvarez, Maria Ines; Martinez, Ernesto Report Jan 1, 2010 1525
Hazardous mold found in flour mix. Klotter, Jule Brief article Oct 1, 2009 288
Presence of coliforms, molds and yeasts in organic honey samples of Africanized honeybees from Parana River islands/Presenca de coliformes, bolores e leveduras em amostras de mel organico de abelhas africanizadas das ilhas do alto rio Parana. Alves, Eloi Machado; de Toledo, Vagner de Alencar Arnaut; Marchini, Luis Carlos; Sereia, Maria Josia Report Oct 1, 2009 1504
Biological control of postharvest disease caused by Penicillium digitutum and P. italicum on stored citrus fruits by Shiraz Thyme essential oil. solaimani, Behnaz; Ramezani, Sadrollah; Rahemi, Majid; Saharkhiz, Mohammad Jamal Report Sep 1, 2009 3252
Chronic invasive aspergillosis caused by Aspergillus viridinutans. Vinh, Donald C.; Shea, Yvonne R.; Jones, Pamela A.; Freeman, Alexandra F.; Zelazny, Adrian; Holland, Clinical report Aug 1, 2009 2092
Dual-arm servo robot for stack molds. Jul 1, 2009 137
Mold growth on gypsum wallboard--a summary of three techniques. Menetrez, M.Y.; Foarde, K.K.; Webber, T.D.; Dean, T.R.; Betancourt, D.A. Report Jul 1, 2009 3604
Mites living on hissing cockroach may harbour allergy cure. Apr 30, 2009 457
Mississippi Academy of Sciences: Seventy-Third Annual Meeting--program corrections. Apr 1, 2009 1040
EPA approves Topsin for 2009. Mar 1, 2009 325
Collision sensors protect robots, molds & parts. Sep 1, 2008 92
Multiplying Metarhizium. Suszkiw, Jan Sep 1, 2008 1103
Clay molds another loss; Anderson hot with the bat. Jul 19, 2008 781
Castable urethane compounds for making precision molds and holding fixtures. Jul 1, 2008 120
Keep your washing machine fresh. Martin, Brett Brief article Jul 1, 2008 231
ANTIQUES: it's jelly, baby; It's not just for kids... the Victorians loved nothing better than a fancy jelly, and the moulds they came up with tomake them are lovely to decorate your kitchen. Jun 28, 2008 399
Football: Bilic moulds side capable of challenge; UEFA EURO 2008 Austria-Switzerland England's conquerors capable of producing shock. Jun 4, 2008 895
Two-stage ejector targets larger molds. Jun 1, 2008 123
Reneging on PAYGO; Congress molds budget rules to suit whims. Editorial May 7, 2008 321
Finland's Perlos Corporation acquires remaining shares in CIM Precision Molds. Feb 4, 2008 143
Yeasts and Moulds in the food factory. Feb 1, 2008 155
Clear the air: find, clean up and prevent mold in your home: mold growing inside your home can pose a health risk for occupants. But it can be controlled and prevented. Salares, Virginia Jan 1, 2008 986
Protection against moulds and yeast. Nov 1, 2007 207
Induction-heated molds boost LFI efficiency. Nov 1, 2007 279
Multiplying mold: can you determine if dust contains mold? Oct 1, 2007 488
TO THE TEST: Ice lolly moulds; TRICKS of the TRADE. Jul 29, 2007 291
Cricket: Title mission; Mold ace Drew sounds battle cry NORTH WALES LEAGUE. Jun 2, 2007 501
Clover recall over mould brings big shares tumble for Dairy Crest. May 30, 2007 392
round UP: Shares drop in mould scare. May 30, 2007 81
SPAGHETTI OOPS; EXCLUSIVE Mum distraught after finding tin of pasta treat is full of mould. May 29, 2007 561
Wiseman steals Mold's show. May 20, 2007 377
My To Do list is so long that some items (get glittering career, get a life, have-it-all) are even growing mould. May 19, 2007 563
Mold and Cefn face promotion decider; WELSH NATIONAL LGE. May 9, 2007 180
Mold 101. May 1, 2007 381
Cricket: Flying start; NORTH WALES LEAGUE Tudno hammer rivals Mold. Apr 30, 2007 598
NOT IN THE ME-FIRST MOLD. Apr 20, 2007 1162
Your MONEY: Liquid mould; MEAN BANKS PENALISE THE LAZY SAVER. Apr 17, 2007 294
Football: Alex four-midable; WELSH NATIONAL LG. Apr 2, 2007 153
Nicola's dad enters the Lions' Den for charity. Apr 1, 2007 210
Nic's dad enters the Lions' Den. Apr 1, 2007 147
Imazalil sulfate as an alternative spawn and supplement treatment for green mold disease. Romaine, C. Peter; Royse, Daniel J.; Schlagnhaufer, Carl Apr 1, 2007 1676
Does anaerobic compost contribute to the growth and development of Trichoderma Green Mold? Beyer, David M.; Paley, Kimberly; Kremser, Jacki; Pecchia, John Apr 1, 2007 1650
Will mold become the "next asbestos"? Gilkey, Eric Apr 1, 2007 425
Cheddarvision. Mar 31, 2007 372
WIN ...Dr D G Hessayon's Pest and Weed Expert book. Mar 31, 2007 130
What I love... and hate; By Les Dennis, host of upcoming show Now And Then. Mar 31, 2007 220
WALES: Joy for Weasel; Mold home for dog with no ears. Mar 31, 2007 508
Football: Nant must concentrate. Mar 31, 2007 256
Dad put in cells for contempt. Mar 31, 2007 193
NEWS DIGEST: Tasty viewing. Mar 30, 2007 86
LEGAL & FINANCE: Hagley Road base for broker Harries. Mar 30, 2007 147
WALES: 'One-man crimewave' gets 18 months. Mar 30, 2007 292
WALES: 'Bucket' back at wartime cottage; TV star Clive's nostalgic visit to evacuee home. Mar 30, 2007 353
WALES: Judge's concern over case delays. Mar 30, 2007 199
GO: THE BARD ALIVE. Mar 30, 2007 98
WHAT'S ON ... Mar 30, 2007 247
WALES: Woman stole pounds 3k from her employers. Mar 29, 2007 270
WALES: Ex-weapons plant up for property Oscar. Mar 29, 2007 175
Dining: The wine that broke the mould; Clive Platman looks at the Californian icons of Stag's Leap and Ridge Mar 28, 2007 914
Rugby Union: Premiership of the NORTH EAST WALES LEAGUE. Mar 28, 2007 284
Your Poem Times, They Are A Changing. Mar 24, 2007 126
Mold trial and short-run production services offered. Mar 22, 2007 144
Efficacy requirements for microbial resistant coatings. Horacek, Gary L. Cover story Mar 1, 2007 3393
Mold isn't gold: Texas Supreme Court concludes mold claims not covered. Zalma, Barry Mar 1, 2007 1349
Hot-runner upgrade for high-cavitation molds. Mar 1, 2007 81
Evaluating stucco-clad building wall systems through hygrothermal modeling. Walker, Christine E.; Kosar, Douglas Jan 1, 2007 7557
Rugby Union: Mold end Cofis' streak to go top. Dec 4, 2006 428
Use common sense when dealing with mold. Nov 1, 2006 407
Water mould scare. Oct 25, 2006 191
WALES: Rare fungus a boost for fields' defenders. Oct 24, 2006 342
WALES: Fungus foray seeks more unique finds; Chance to turn super sleuth in the woods. Oct 19, 2006 419
Football: MOLD Alex progress. Oct 16, 2006 89
Rugby Union: Bay and Mold join Caernarfon on top; N. WALES RUGBY. Oct 16, 2006 397
Your LIFE: Sorry, this fungi is an absolute beech; GARDENING. Oct 14, 2006 147
Rugby Union: Mold's unbeaten run is ended by determined Bay. Oct 9, 2006 399
Football: Everton are trying to break the mould. Oct 3, 2006 503
Rare fungi discovered at project. Oct 3, 2006 263
Fungus foray. Sep 27, 2006 428
food&drink: Win tickets to Mold's Supper Trail; YOUR GUIDE TO GOING OUT. Sep 26, 2006 399
Rugby Union: Champions Mold win derby clash but Cofis go top. Sep 25, 2006 508
I'm a fungi to be with! Sep 13, 2006 499
Rugby Union: Winning starts to season for holders; Mold and Llandudno still on form. Sep 4, 2006 575
Mold is a threat in all climates. Sep 1, 2006 182
Removal of copper, chromium, and arsenic from CCA-treated wood by organic acids released by mold and staining fungi. Kartal, Nami, S. Sep 1, 2006 3709
Burkhill: It's just win or bust now; Mold boys 'must win' last five for title chance NORTH WALES LEAGUE. Aug 26, 2006 375
Cricket: Mold are still alive in league title hunt; NORTH WALES LEAGUE. Aug 21, 2006 362
Lawn Tennis: Mold ace Herd's double joy in Clwyd tournament. Aug 9, 2006 183
Fungi convert waste starch into value. Hinter, Geraldine Aug 1, 2006 595
TRICKS OF THE TRADE: TO THE TEST:Ice lolly moulds. Jul 30, 2006 247
Experts examine danger of mold in office buildings. Jul 12, 2006 384
Cricket: Free scoring Tudno to good for Mold. Jul 10, 2006 444
A killer smell: mold toxin destroys olfactory cells in mice. Wakefield, Julie Jul 1, 2006 380
New bax[R] system yeast and mould assay helps to ensure 'good taste'. Jul 1, 2006 415
Cricket: Back in business; Wiseman sees Mold return to summit NORTH WALES LEAGUE. Jun 26, 2006 484
Golf: Mold face champs; 56 teams are battling for ladies crown at Wrexham. Jun 13, 2006 303
U.S. EPA announces new Web course on mold. Jun 1, 2006 217
Mold worries: what every building professional should know. Silicato, Steven R. Jun 1, 2006 2183

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