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Molding press. (Equipment).

This state-of-the-art rubber injection molding press is designed for fully automatic molding production of rubber-to-metal bonded gas meter seals that require no secondary finishing. In a molding operation for producing flash-free seals, spring rings inserts are installed by a positioning plate into a 64-cavity mold. The waste is minimized by using a 16-drop cold runner. The tear-off tings have a defined connection to the part and are separated in the mold. A secondary, semi-automatic operation is required to install a metal ring on the inside diameter of the part. The middle plate of the mold moves out for automatic demolding of parts and sprues. The cleaning of the mold is accomplished by a newly developed brush system. To ease accessibility for changing the molds, the brush is swung away. Central to this system is a MHF-1500/250 rubber injection molding press with a maximum clamping force of 275 tons. The clamp unit is hydraulic. The entire cavity area is supported by the clamping piston, maximizing the rigidity of the mold. Shot size is a maximum of 1,500 cc. Total cycle time is 150 seconds. (Starlinger North America, 921 AEC Dr., Wood Dale, IL 60191)
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Comment:Molding press. (Equipment).(from Starlinger North America)
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Date:Dec 22, 2001
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