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Molder of Dreams.

Focus on the Family, 1989. 96 min. (Part I, 46 min.; Part II, 50 min.), color. Rental, $120 (VHS & 16 mm). Soon to be released on video for approximately $25. This video is offered in three versions: Teacher of the Year for public school audiences, Classroom of the Heart for junior and senior high school students and Molder of Dreams for Christian schools and church groups.

Guy Doud, Teacher of the Year in 1987, represents all teachers as he shares his gifts as a speaker and teacher in this moving video. Drawing on his experiences as a shy, overweight student, Doud recalls times when teachers humiliated him, as well as when they built him up and helped him discover his gifts as a speaker and his desire to become a teacher. In a dramatized sequence, Doud teaches interviewing and reporting skills in his high school classroom. The real lesson is compassion, however, as his students discover that they should embrace rather than avoid those who seem different. Emotion and quick humor mix in Doud's description of his visit to the White House to receive the National Teacher of the Year Award. At the conclusion of that meeting, President Reagan shared with Doud a poem about teachers, titled Molder of Dreams. The poet tells teachers, "You are the molder of dreams." All viewers can gain from Doud's candid, poignant and significantly instructive teacher lore.
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Author:Stanford, Beverly Hardcastle
Publication:Childhood Education
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Date:Jan 1, 1993
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