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Mold sealer eases release of low-VOC marine resins.

A new semi-permanent mold sealer can be applied to metal or composite molds for marine applications with unsaturated polyesters, vinyl esters, DCPD resins, epoxies, and rigid polyurethanes. Xtend XTR from Axel Plastics Research Laboratories, Inc., Woodside, N.Y., is said to offer superior mold protection and extended release performance. It is a solvent-based, wipe-on/wipe-off sealer that reportedly yields a high gloss, streak-free surface, and superior chemical resistance. Says global product manager Nancy Teufel, "Current low-VOC gelcoat formulations continue to trouble the marine market, with parts being more difficult to demold and fewer pulls being achieved before mold maintenance is required." According to Teufel, this new sealer addresses both problems. Deck molds, in particular, due to their deep draws and low draft angles, are very difficult to release and are frequently damaged in demolding. However, a major marine manufacturer who had difficulty demolding parts with a low-VOC resin system found that the new sealer consistently released decks more easily and required fewer coats of mold release on each pull. Tel: (800) 332-2935

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Title Annotation:KEEPING UP WITH: Composites
Publication:Plastics Technology
Date:Sep 1, 2007
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