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Mold releases for SMC and pultrusion.

Three new mold releases and a mold sealer were introduced by Axel Plastics Research Laboratories, Inc., Woodside, N.Y. For SMC, MoldWiz 1970JB is a concentrate that the user dilutes with water in a ratio of 19:1. One application of release is said to be adequate for three to 30 parts, depending on geometry.

For pultrusion, Axel's new INT-PUL24 is a polymeric internal release that is heat activated. It reportedly reduces resin viscosity but does not interfere with decorating, printing, bonding, plating, or wet-out of fillers and fibers. It comes in pellet, powder, or liquid form.

New MoldWiz INT-1945MCH is specifically for pultrusion of polyurethane. This neutral-pH product reportedly eliminates problems experienced with releases containing acidic lubricants, which can interfere with PUR curing. It also does not interact with molecular-sieve drying agents for polyols, avoiding foaming in mix tanks and baths.

Also new is Xtend S-19C mold sealer, said to offer better resistance to styrene monomer and other resin chemicals than the previous S-19B grade, plus improved release of low-VOC gel coats. Unlike other mold sealers, S-19C is reportedly easy to apply and needs no wiping or polishing to achieve a glossy finish without streaks or haze, even in hot, humid conditions. Tel: (718) 762-3300 * PTDirect: 343LP
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Title Annotation:KEEPING UP WITH: Composites
Publication:Plastics Technology
Date:Jul 1, 2005
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