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Mold release coating.

Mold Release Coating 7391 is a water-based, semi-permanent mold release that is said to provide a consistently cleaner mold due to less build-up on the mold surface. The part surface is also said to be smoother and defect-free. Release Coating 7391 can be used for up to 30 production runs between applications. Additionally, applications of Release Coating 7391 can be repeated without cleaning the mold each time, thus lengthening the life of the mold. Mold Release Coating 7391 is also said to replicate a truer surface quality of the mold, providing a closer reflection of the mold's low or high gloss appearance. This mold release coating can be applied using spray-on, wipe-on or the rotary motion of the mold. Customers have noted that use of this release agent means a more efficient process, less downtime and improved mold life, according to the company. Rotational molders are said to have a big investment in their molds, and this mold release coating is said to safeguard that investment. Mold Release Coating 7391 is available in five gallon pails or 55 gallon drums, and can be custom formulated. (Huron Technologies)
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Title Annotation:Suppliers Showcase: Materials
Publication:Rubber World
Date:Dec 1, 2006
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