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Mojo: Conjure Stories.

Edited by Nalo Hopkinson Aspect/Warner Books, April 2003 $13.95, ISBN 0-446-67929-1

Mojo: Conjure Stories further establishes the award-winning writer Nalo Hopkinson as a key player in the genre of speculative fiction.

In her latest collection, the Jamaican-born editor notes "the word 'mojo' ... refers to a small cloth bag with magical contents that is kept on a person as protection; but more generally, 'mojo' can simply mean magic.... And yes, it's tricky powerful, and dangerous if not used wisely."

The 19 stories are testaments to this kaleidoscopic definition. The talented mix of writers hails from various corners of the African Diaspora, and they bring with them tales fashioned from diverse points of their collective history. Their contributions take us on a range of journeys that track the core of our supernatural sensibilities.

The mojo tales are variedly frightening, mysterious, tongue-in-cheek, curious, exciting, didactic and deceptively simplistic, but almost always interesting. The believer or nonbeliever in the supernatural may be inclined to grab hold of their mojo or leave the night light on--just in case.
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Author:Carroll, Denolyn
Publication:Black Issues Book Review
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Sep 1, 2003
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