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Moduli spaces and arithmetic geometry; proceedings.


Moduli spaces and arithmetic geometry; proceedings.

Moduli Spaces and Arithmetic Geometry (2004: Koyoto, Japan) Ed. by Shigeru Mukai et al.

Mathematical Society of Japan


432 pages



Advanced studies in pure mathematics; 45


In these proceedings from the September 2004 conference, which is dedicated to Professor Masaki Maruyama, contributors describe their research in algebraic geometry and number theory. Their topics include moduli spaces of twisted sheaves on a projective variety, integral Hodge classes on uni-ruled or Calabi-Yau threefolds, birational geometry of symplectic resolutions of nilpotent orbits, moduli stacks of second-rank Giesker bundles with a fixed determinate on a nodal curve, vector bundles on curves and theta functions, Abelian varieties with bounded modular height, the moduli of regular holonomic Dx-modules with natural parabolic stability, cohomology groups of stable quasi-Abelian degenerations, semi-stable extensions on arithmetic surfaces, cusp form motives, polarized K3 surfaces, rigid geometry and applications, and moduli of stable parabolic conventions with Riemann-Hilbert correspondence and other features. Distributed in the US by the American Mathematical Society.

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