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Modigliani's 'Nu Couche' Sells for $170 Million.

It's a good day for the short-lived but prolific 20th century artist Amedeo Modigliani. But it's a bad day for anybody who ever hoped to buy a piece of his work for a sale price below nine digits.

On Monday, Modigliani's signature Nu Couche painting, deemed a "98-year old hymn to lust," was swept up in a Christie's auction for $170.4 million. The Tuscan-Sephardic Jewish artist, who used to go "around town declaring "I'm Jewish" as a calling card and picking fights with Parisian anti-Semites," wrote Tablet contributor Jonathan Wilson, has now (posthumously) joined the "Nine-Figure Club" (members also include Pablo Picasso, Francis Bacon, Alberto Giacometti, Andy Warhol, and Edvard Munch). According to Wilson, "Modigliani started off by exhibiting his painting "The Jewess" in the Salon des Independents in 1919 but quickly moved on to languorous nudes and alluring long-necked women." Clearly, his not-so-tznius pursuits earned him the golden ticket.

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Author:Vaitsblit, Hannah
Publication:Tablet Magazine
Date:Nov 10, 2015
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