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Modified tractors main source of goods transportation in Shangla.

Byline: Umar Bacha

SHANGLA -- Modified tractors are the main source of transporting goods to far-flung and mountainous areas of Shangla district, as no other means of transportation is possible on the dirt roads leading there.

'A trolley is fitted to the front, back and upper parts of the tractor. Driving such a tractor requires quite an expertise, but we do it with confidence by driving the vehicle on dirt roads leading to mountains,' Khurshid Ali, a local, told Dawn.

He said he had been driving the modified tractor for a year and normally he took two rounds to and from the villages in the mountains with each trip consuming three hours.

'I supply goods to Kaho Mayar, Doragh, Peza, Zara and Dulo villages, as only the tractor can ply on the dirt roads leading up into the mountains,' Fazal Jamil, another tractor driver, said.

Syed Rehman, an elder, said he booked a tractor for supply of flour, cement and other goods to his shop.

'About 400 such tractors supply goods to Shangla's hilly areas,' Ali Baaz Khan, a local, said. He said such a service existed only in Shangla because tractors were highly powerful and could afford load.

Fazal Hakeem, standing alongside his tractor being loaded with goods, said before the introduction of modified tractor service three years ago, the residents of upper parts of Shangla used to transport goods on their shoulders.

'We have rid the people of hardship of carrying goods on their shoulders by introducing the tractor-loader service,' he said.

Hakeem said they loaded the vehicle in a way that its fronts and backs remained balanced, otherwise, there was likelihood of accidents.

'It is our own invention to modify tractor for goods' transportation keeping in view the difficult roads leading to mountains,' explained a tractor driver.

He said people of about 68 village councils relied on tractors for transportation of goods, particularly construction material.

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Publication:Dawn (Karachi, Pakistan)
Date:Jun 10, 2019
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