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Modified Polymer Components, Inc.

Modified Polymer Components, Inc.

242 Humboldt Court

Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Phone: 408-733-8900

Fax: 408-733-8905




Year Founded: 1989

Number of Employees: 150

Number of Facilities: 1

Annual Sales: Proprietary



Modified Polymer Components, Inc. is owned and operated by the Taylor family. M.P.C. was founded in 1989. With the help of many contributing team members, Modified Polymer Components has established itself as an internationally recognized innovator and supplier in the medical device and diagnostic industries. The company was started in the San Francisco Bay Area to service the medical device industry by providing tubing modifications and custom components. Everyone at Modified Polymer Components is dedicated to great customer service, high quality, and innovative solutions to challenging technical problems. Roughly ninety of our one hundred fifty employees are precision assemblers. One of Modified Polymer Components strategies has been to keep a lean organization that can be responsive, flexible, and able to adjust to economic and industry wide fluctuations.


Modified Polymer Components primarily services the Medical and Diagnostic industry. The biotech industry makes up a smaller percentage of the business. Modified Polymer Components also provides components for the semiconductor, aerospace and other related industries.


M.P.C. was established as a custom secondary operations house. Modified Polymer Components often starts with product development. Our engineers are experienced in working with developers and creators. All of the engineers at Modified Polymer Components are familiar with AutoCAD and Solidworks. There is an in house machine shop where all of the engineers create molds, fixtures and equipment. Modified Polymer Components also has established relationships with high quality CNC and EDM machine specialists. When the engineering process is finished, Modified Polymer Components is there to provide manufacturing capabilities to meet almost any scale of production. Our manufacturing group does plastics forming operations, plastic assemblies, metal assemblies, plastic to metal subassemblies, soldering and more. Quality and accuracy are very important to our organization as a result we have multiple optical magnification measurement systems. We have machinery to meet most needs of the medical component buyer; automated tube cutting services, laminar flow hoods, fume hood operations, ultrasonic cleaning capabilities... Endoliner[R] is the only product designed, patented and produced by Modified Polymer Components as a commercial product. The Endoliner[R] product line is comprised of PTFE tubes, wire reinforced to give them greater kink resistance and flexibility. They are used extensively in the Endoscope repair industry. Modified Polymer Components is ISO 9001 and 13485 Certified by Kema. We have been ISO certified since 2001. All manufacturing meets or exceeds the standards for GMP. We have the honor of being a "dock to stock" vendor for many of our customers. Modified Polymer Components can help manage material inventory and handle any size project with customer supplied materials or as a completely turn key project.
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Publication:Medical Product Outsourcing
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Date:Dec 15, 2010
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