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Modernisation of Serbia's fire-fighting equipment is necessary - Source.

Serbia's Head of the Sector for Emergency Situations and Deputy Minister of the Interior Predrag Maric warned today that since 2007 Serbia has faced with an increasing number of fires, where last year, killing 19 people.Maric said at the meeting of the National Headquarters for Emergency Situations that the average age of fire engines is 24.5 years, and that new, modernised equipment is necessary.Speaking on the condition of the Department of Emergency Management, he said that more than 3,000 firefighters work in Serbia and that a country of seven million people needs at least 7,000 firefighters.Maric mentioned last year's fire in the disco club "Contrast" in Novi Sad, which killed six people, noting that all night clubs in Serbia should meet the requirements for fire protection, which is now not the case.As a particular concern, he emphasised forest fires, which last year caused damage estimated at E50 million.The Head of the Sector for Emergency Situations said that the majority of forest fires emerge by human error.More than 2,000 acres of forest burnt on Tara last year, he recalled, adding that Serbia is late with the introduction of a single emergency number 112, which is used in Europe.The session of the National Headquarters for Emergency was chaired by the commander of the staff, Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Ivica Dacic. Government
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Publication:Balkan Business News
Date:Jul 17, 2013
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