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Modern love; personal relationships in twentieth-century Britain. (reprint, 2003).


Modern love; personal relationships in twentieth-century Britain. (reprint, 2003)

Collins, Marcus.

Univ. of Delaware Press


294 pages




Collins (history, Emory U.) analyzes the concept of mutuality, wherein the sexes are brought together in the basis of an intimate equality comprised of mixed social participation, companionable marriage and shared sexual pleasure. He examines utopians such as Edward Carpenter, Havelock Ellis and Olive Schreiner, describing how they rejected what we now describe as Victorian patriarchy and prudery and promoted relationships based on equality, and describes the ways in which mutuality was tested in the first half of the twentieth century in youth clubs, marriage, and in studies of male sexuality and women's emancipation. He then describes the fallout, which included the challenges of second-wave feminism in the second half of the century and the most recent phenomenon of being "alone together."

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