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Modern day slavery; Your say.

WITH the recent announcement from Ian Duncan Smith that all people on unemployment will be made to work a massive 30 hours for the benefits awarded to them, this almost classed as modern day slavery or even a chain gang.

Britain had abolished slavery in 1833, and America around 1865 after General Grant had defeated Robert E Lee.

The southern states then created a punishment to replace the slaves. The chain gang was born but later classed as a inhumane by the penal reform movement.

Move forward to 2011 England, this new coalition Government now want to be bring a de-funked system which could strip a person of dignity, and respect.

As Jimmy Nail once sang "you do a day's work you get a day's pay" and I am all for people to do work. For the going rate of 75p a hour would just have employers exploiting the less well-off in this country.

This idea should be returned to the old filing cabinet from whence it came.

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Sep 16, 2011
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