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Modern application of Austrian thought.


Modern application of Austrian thought.

Ed. by Jurgen Backhaus.



376 pages



Routlege frontiers of political economy; 68


According to Backhaus (public finance and fiscal sociology, U. of Erfurt, Germany), Austrian economics is often considered a backward-looking non-empirical ideology. Disputing such a notion he presents this collection of 17 papers as a demonstration that Austrian economics provides an interesting approach to "most any conceivable subject in economics." Using the index of the Journal of Economic Literature as a guide, the volume seeks to cover each sub-discipline of economics currently taught at most Western universities. This includes general economics; microeconomics; macroeconomics and monetary economics; financial economics; public economics; health, education, and welfare; labor and demographic economics; industrial organization; business administration and business economics, including marketing and accounting; economic history; economic development, technological change, and growth; economic systems; and agricultural and natural resource economics--environmental and ecological economics.

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Date:May 1, 2006
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