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Modern Security and Loss Prevention Management.

Modern Security and Loss Prevention Management

Purpura has written an exceptional text for college students in a security and loss prevention (S&LP) class. In Modern Security and Loss Prevention Management, he provides an excellent philosophical and theoretical overview of the S&LP field and substantiates his belief that the best way for the S&LP professional to survive is to maintain a broad-based, interdisciplinary approach to the problem of loss.

As a college educator, consultant, author of other S&LP publications, and former law enforcement and security practitioner, Purpura is certainly qualified to write this book.

The book is well organized and divided into six parts covering topics such as improving management capabilities, information management and protection, law, and the future. Chapters within these sections exemplify the interdisciplinary nature of the text with information on budgeting, marketing, human relations, civil and criminal liability, and labor relations.

Rather than provide answers to S&LP problems, Purpura serves food for thought and inspires students to mix disciplines creatively for solutions to selected case studies. Readers can also judge 11 cases, then turn to the end of the chapters to compare their decisions with those handed down by the courts. Instructors are sure to appreciate these problems, which provide excellent homework assignments.

In the final chapter on technological impact and future challenges, Purpura looks to the 21st century where "we must maintain an attitude that transforms insurmountable problems into challenges that have solutions." He predicts increased use of technology by security personnel. Because of the evolving cashless society, he also believes security and law enforcement training will cover areas unheard of today.

Although this is not a reference text, I recommend it for anyone in S&LP because of its aim of professionalizing the discipline. The emphasis on today's successful S&LP executives as businesspeople who specialize in S&LP is inspiring. For those entering security from related fields such as law enforcement, Modern Security and Loss Prevention Management should help them make the transition to thinking like a businessperson.
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Author:Custer, Neal B.
Publication:Security Management
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jan 1, 1990
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