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Modern Biopharmaceuticals: Design, Development and Optimization, 4 vols. (CD-ROM included).


Modern biopharmaceuticals; design, development and optimization; 4v. (CD-ROM included)

Ed. by Jorg Knablein.



1886 pages




The four volumes of this work contain detailed articles by highly regarded researchers in both academe and industry (working mainly in Europe and the U.S., though some are in Israel and Asia) offering a comprehensive resource of the current state of research in the field. The articles are grouped into the themes of biopharmaceuticals in molecular medicine, their mode of action, their development and production, their use in diagnostics and imaging, advanced applications, the process from transcription to prescription, and related issues in healthcare. An initial chapter by Gary Walsh (U. of Limerick, Ireland) describes the current status of biopharmaceuticals with attention to approved products and the trends in approvals. Each article includes an initial abstract and list of abbreviations and concludes with a lengthy list of references. Several concluding articles examine future trends in the field, including business issues for biopharmaceutical companies. The CD-ROM contains videos and other related materials.

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