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Modern Arab Historiography: Historical Discourse and the Nation-State.

MODERN ARAB HISTORIOGRAPHY HISTORICAL DISCOURSE AND THE NATION-STATE By Youssef Choueiri published by RoutledgeCurzon ISBN 0 7007 1650 5 price 17.99 [pounds sterling] paperback

This book deals with a vital yet neglected ingredient in modern Arab culture. It is the only scholarly study of Arab historiography. It deals with Arab historians and intellectuals who had direct or indirect access to western education, knew a foreign language, and attempted to use academic techniques in their history writings. It is confined to a particular tendency of modern Arab historiography. Its main focus is that current of historical discourse which takes for its unit of study one specific Arab 'nation-state', and endeavours to endow its past with a distinctive national character. Thus other historical works are alluded to only briefly in order to illustrate a point or highlight a comparison. It discusses the development of modern Arab historiography and its study of the nation-state in the 19th century, and analyses the work of three contemporary Arab historians from Egypt, the Lebanon and Morocco. It covers the period 1820-to-today.
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Author:Rhodes, Fred
Publication:The Middle East
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Apr 1, 2004
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