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Numerical Study of Natural Circulation Flow in Reactor Coolant System during a Severe Accident. Choi, Dae Kyung; Park, Won Man; Son, Sung Man; Lim, Kukhee; Cho, Yong Jin; Choi, Choengryul Report Aug 29, 2022 5800
Effect of Maxwell Velocity and Smoluchowski Temperature Jump Slip Conditions on Tangent Hyperbolic Nanofluid. Atif, S. M.; Emadifar, Homan; Günerhan, H.; Oyelami, F. H. Report Jun 29, 2022 5613
Design and Performance Test of an Indigenously Fabricated Sub-sonic Wind Tunnel. Adeel, Muhammad; Memon, Abdul Hameed; Zafar, Syed Raheel; Ishtiaq, Saad Bin; Ali, Muhammad Hassaan; Report May 1, 2022 4780
Analytical Simulation of Heat and Mass Transmission in Casson Fluid Flow across a Stretching Surface. Khan, Kashif Ali; Jamil, Faizan; Ali, Javaid; Khan, Ilyas; Ahmed, Nauman; Andualem, Mulugeta; Rafiq, Report Feb 15, 2022 5153
Performance Comparison of Different OpenCL Implementations of LBM Simulation on Commodity Computer Hardware. Tekic, Jelena; Tekic, Predrag; Rackovic, Milos Report Feb 1, 2022 5422
Study of Third-Grade Fluid under the Fuzzy Environment with Couette and Poiseuille Flows. Nadeem, Muhammad; Siddique, Imran; Ali, Rifaqat; Alshammari, Nawa; Jamil, Raja Noshad; Hamadneh, Naw Report Jan 17, 2022 7444
Caputo Time Fractional Model Based on Generalized Fourier's and Fick's Laws for Jeffrey Nanofluid: Applications in Automobiles. Ahmad, Jawad; Ali, Farhad; Murtaza, Saqib; Khan, Ilyas Report Aug 21, 2021 4935
A Study on the Cavitation Model for the Cavitating Flow Analysis around the Marine Propeller. Lee, Insu; Park, Sunho; Seok, Woochan; Rhee, Shin Hyung Report Jun 19, 2021 4809
Buoyancy Effect on a Micropolar Fluid Flow Past a Vertical Riga Surface Comprising Water-Based SWCNT-MWCNT Hybrid Nanofluid Subject to Partially Slipped and Thermal Stratification: Cattaneo-Christov Model. Mohammed Alshehri, Ahmed; Huseyin Coban, Hasan; Ahmad, Shafiq; Khan, Umair; Alghamdi, Wajdi Mohamad Report Jun 16, 2021 5093
Breaking Mechanism and Damage Evolution Rule of Ultra-High-Pressure Water Jet Impacting Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete. Liu, Jialiang; Chen, Yuelong; Zhu, Yujie Apr 14, 2021 5460
Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Impingement Heat Transfer in an Inline Array of Multiple Jets. Singh, Parampreet; Grover, Neel Kanth; Agarwal, Vivek; Sharma, Shubham; Singh, Jujhar; Sadeghzadeh, Report Apr 13, 2021 5909
Cross Flow Analysis over the Jet Pumps of a BWR-5 Reactor. Soto-Mendoza, G.; Armenta-Molina, A.; Pérez-Montejo, S.; Hernández-Gómez, L.H.; Ruiz-López, P.; Urri Report Mar 27, 2021 5786
A Posteriori Error Analysis for a Lagrange Multiplier Method for a Stokes/Biot Fluid-Poroelastic Structure Interaction Model. Wilfrid, Houédanou Koffi Report Mar 4, 2021 6424
Theoretical Study of Convection Heat Transfer and Fluid Dynamics in Microchannels with Arrayed Microgrooves. Hu, Hai-Ping Report Mar 3, 2021 5191
Numerical Simulation Study on Distribution of Bubble in Flow near Aerator Based on CFD-PBM Coupled Model in Tunnel. Lei, Jiaming; Zhang, Jianmin; Zhang, Lifang Report Feb 10, 2021 9847
Numerical Simulation Study on Distribution of Bubble in Flow near Aerator Based on CFD-PBM Coupled Model in Tunnel. Lei, Jiaming; Zhang, Jianmin; Zhang, Lifang Report Jan 1, 2021 9846
Analysis of Microscopic Main Controlling Factors for Occurrence of Movable Fluid in Tight Sandstone Gas Reservoirs Based on Improved Grey Correlation Theory. Lu, Xuefei; Dong, Fengjuan; Wei, Xiaolong; Wang, PengTao; Liu, Na; Ren, Dazhong Report Jan 1, 2021 4600
Topological Characteristics of Obstacles and Nonlinear Rheological Fluid Flow in Presence of Insulated Fins: A Fluid Force Reduction Study. Majeed, Afraz Hussain; Jarad, Fahd; Mahmood, Rashid; Saddique, Imran Report Jan 1, 2021 6065
Numerical Simulation on Flow Field and Design Optimization of a Generator Unit Based on Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis. Xu, Yingying; Tan, Libin; Yuan, Yuejin; Zhang, Man Report Jan 1, 2021 6495
Theoretical Study of Convection Heat Transfer and Fluid Dynamics in Microchannels with Arrayed Microgrooves. Hu, Hai-Ping Report Jan 1, 2021 5190
Cross Flow Analysis over the Jet Pumps of a BWR-5 Reactor. Soto-Mendoza, G.; Armenta-Molina, A.; Pérez-Montejo, S.; Hernández-Gómez, L.H.; Ruiz-López, P.; Urri Report Jan 1, 2021 5785
Dynamic Simulation of a Warship Control Valve Based on a Mechanical-Electric-Fluid Cosimulation Model. Han, Jiazhen; Xie, Yudong; Wang, Yong; Wang, Qixian Report Jan 1, 2021 8345
Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Impingement Heat Transfer in an Inline Array of Multiple Jets. Singh, Parampreet; Grover, Neel Kanth; Agarwal, Vivek; Sharma, Shubham; Singh, Jujhar; Sadeghzadeh, Report Jan 1, 2021 5909
Towards a Computational Fluid Dynamics-Based Fuzzy Logic Controller of the Optimum Windcatcher Internal Design for Efficient Natural Ventilation in Buildings. Balabel, Ashraf; Faizan, Mohammad; Alzaed, Ali Report Jan 1, 2021 3974
Prediction of process parameters of water-assisted injection molding based on inverse radial basis function neural network. Yang, Jiangen; Yu, Shengrui Report Dec 1, 2020 5714
3-D CFD simulation of oil shale drying in fluidized bed and experimental verification. Dong, Ruiting; Xia, Liangzhi; Wang, Haonan; Jiao, Dongsheng Dec 1, 2020 5565
Emission Modes in Electrospray Thrusters Operating with High Conductivity Ionic Liquids. Uchizono, Nolan M.; Collins, Adam L.; Thuppul, Anirudh; Wright, Peter L.; Eckhardt, Daniel Q.; Zieme Report Oct 1, 2020 8286
Multi-Fidelity Gradient-Based Strategy for Robust Optimization in Computational Fluid Dynamics. Serafino, Aldo; Obert, Benoit; Cinnella, Paola Oct 1, 2020 11964
Optimal Order Error Estimates of a Modified Nonconforming Rotated Q[sub.1] IFEM for Interface Problems. Yin, Pei; Yue, Hongyun; Guan, Hongbo Report Sep 23, 2020 4518
Assessment of Short Rectangular-Tab Actuation of Supersonic Jet Mixing. Ranjan, Abhash; Kaushik, Mrinal; Deb, Dipankar; Muresan, Vlad; Unguresan, Mihaela Sep 1, 2020 7234
Massively Parallel CFD Simulation Software: CCFD Development and Optimization Based on Sunway TaihuLight. Liu, Xiazhen; Lu, Zhonghua; Yuan, Wu; Ma, Wenpeng; Zhang, Jian Report Aug 31, 2020 7663
On Asymptotic Behavior of HLL-Type Schemes at Low Mach Numbers. Yu, Hang; Tian, Zhengyu; Yang, Fan; Li, Hua Report Aug 31, 2020 8184
The Liquid Maldistribution Analysis of the Trickle Bed Reactor with the CFD Method. Liu, Jinjin; Kai, Liu; Zhao, Tong; Bai, Chuanxin Report Aug 31, 2020 6853
Thermophoresis and Brownian Model of Pseudo-Plastic Nanofluid Flow over a Vertical Slender Cylinder. Hussain, Faizan; Hussain, Azad; Nadeem, Sohail Report Aug 31, 2020 4562
Scalable Block Preconditioners for Linearized Navier-Stokes Equations at High Reynolds Number. Zanetti, Filippo; Bergamaschi, Luca Report Aug 1, 2020 12384
SPH Simulation of Structures Impacted by Tailing Debris Flow and Its Application to the Buffering Effect Analysis of Debris Checking Dams. Zeng, Qing-Yun; Pan, Jian-Ping; Sun, Han-Zheng Report Jul 31, 2020 8281
The Analysis of Biomimetic Caudal Fin Propulsion Mechanism with CFD. Liu, Guijie; Liu, Shuikuan; Xie, Yingchun; Leng, Dingxin; Li, Guanghao Report Jul 31, 2020 6509
Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of Ventilation and Hen Environment in Cage-Free Egg Facility. Chen, Long; Fabian-Wheeler, Eileen E.; Cimbala, John M.; Hofstetter, Daniel; Patterson, Paul Jun 1, 2020 8349
Computational Evaluation of Surgical Design for Multisegmental Complex Congenital Tracheal Stenosis. Zhu, Limin; Gong, Xiaolei; Liu, Jinlong; Li, Youjin; Zhong, Yumin; Shen, Juanya; Xu, Zhuoming May 31, 2020 5655
Transient Characteristics of Water-Jet Propulsion with a Screw Mixed Pump during the Startup Process. Han, Wei; Zhang, Teng; Su, You Liang; Chen, Ran; Qiang, Yan; Han, Yang May 31, 2020 4528
Increasing Oxygen Mass Fraction in Blind Headings of a Plateau Metal Mine by Oxygen Supply Duct Design: A CFD Modelling Approach. Li, Zijun; Zhao, Shuqi; Li, Rongrong; Huang, Yilong; Xu, Yu; Song, Pinfang May 31, 2020 6436
Determination of an Optimal Oil Jet Nozzle Layout for Helical Gear Lubrication: Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Simulation, and Experimental Validation. Dai, Yu; Jia, Jifu; Ouyang, Bin; Bian, Jianeng May 31, 2020 8329
Non-Intrusive Visualization of Optically Inaccessible Flow Fields Utilizing Positron Emission Tomography. Bruggemann, Jeremy; Gross, Andreas; Pate, Stephen Report May 1, 2020 7624
Uncertainty Quantification Approach on Numerical Simulation for Supersonic Jets Performance. Cravero, Carlo; De Domenico, Davide; Ottonello, Andrea Report May 1, 2020 5772
LNG Tank Sloshing Simulation of Multidegree Motions Based on Modified 3D MPS Method. Wang, Chunhui; Guo, Chunyu; Han, Fenglei Mar 31, 2020 6723
Mass Balance Analysis of Air Change Rate (ACR) and Space Volume on Contaminant Dilution. Khankari, Kishor Report Jan 1, 2020 4480
Contraction and Capillary Flow of a Carbon Black Filled Rubber Compound. Stieger, Sebastian; Kerschbaumer, Roman Christopher; Mitsoulis, Evan; Fasching, Michael; Berger-Webe Jan 1, 2020 6310
Investigation of the Equivalent Test Condition for the Seismic Safety Assessment of a Spent Fuel Pool with regard to Sloshing Behavior. Park, Won Man; Son, Sung Man; Choi, Dae Kyung; Oh, Se Hong; Lee, Kang Hee; Kang, Heung Seok; Choi, C Dec 31, 2019 5131
Study on Performance of Mesoscopic Impactor Filters for Aerosol Removal. Zhang, Wei; Niu, Fenglei; Wang, Shiji; Wang, Haonan; Guo, Zhangpeng Report Dec 31, 2019 5937
Multiobjective Optimization Design and Experimental Investigation on the Axial Flow Pump with Orthogonal Test Approach. Zhang, Yuquan; Xu, Yanhe; Zheng, Yuan; Fernandez-Rodriguez, E.; Sun, Aoran; Yang, Chunxia; Wang, Jue Dec 31, 2019 8491
Experimental and CFD Investigation on Flow Behaviors of a NPP Pump under Natural Circulation Condition. Li, Weitong; Yu, Lei; Hao, Jianli; Li, Mingrui Nov 30, 2019 5108
Hydrodynamics of Compound Droplet Flowing in the Curved Minichannel. Sun, Meimei; Zhao, Miao; Gao, Wei Oct 31, 2019 3774
Modeling of Flocculation and Sedimentation Using Population Balance Equation. Shi, Zhipeng; Zhang, Genguang; Zhang, Yuzhuo; He, Tingting; Pei, Guoliang Oct 31, 2019 5508
Numerical Investigation on Pressure Pulsation Characteristics and Radial Force of a Deep-Sea Electric Lifting Pump at Off-Design Conditions. Kang, Yajuan; Liu, Shaojun; Zou, Weisheng; Hu, Xiaozhou Oct 31, 2019 6682
Numerical Simulation and Experiment on Impulse Noise in a Small Caliber Rifle with Muzzle Brake. Zhao, Xin Yi; Zhou, Ke Dong; He, Lei; Lu, Ye; Wang, Jia; Zheng, Qiu Sep 30, 2019 5495
A Meshless WCSPH Boundary Treatment for Open-Channel Flow over Small-Scale Rough Bed. Shi, Yang; Wei, Jiahua; Li, Shaowu; Song, Peng; Zhang, Bangwen Sep 30, 2019 9888
Coupled DEM-SPH Method for Interaction between Dilated Polyhedral Particles and Fluid. Ji, Shunying; Chen, Xiaodong; Liu, Lu Sep 30, 2019 5739
Numerical and Experimental Investigation of the Sealing Effect of a Specific Labyrinth Seal Structure. Yang, Shiping; Tan, Bosi; Deng, Xiaofen Jul 31, 2019 4701
Study of Numerical Simulation during ECAP Processing of Can Based on Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics. Niu, Xiaofeng; Wang, Chenchen; Chan, K.C.; Wang, Han; Feng, Shidong Report Jun 30, 2019 7208
Improved Performance Prediction of Marine Propeller: Numerical Investigation and Experimental Verification. Tan, Yue; Li, Jing; Li, Yuan; Liu, Chunbao Apr 30, 2019 4534
Numerical Investigations of Thermal Comfort inside Cruise Ships. Emad, Ahmed; Khalil, Essam E.; ElHarriry, Gamal; Aboudeif, Taher M. Jan 1, 2019 2091
Validating a Reduced-Order Model for Synthetic Jet Actuators Using CFD and Experimental Data. Persoons, Tim; Cressall, Rick; Alimohammadi, Sajad Report Dec 1, 2018 8714
COMPUTATIONAL FLUID DYNAMIC EVALUTATION OF AN AORTIC BENCH-TOP MODEL. Primeaux, Jonathan; Taylor, Charles; King, Jacob; Bergeron, Clint Report Apr 1, 2018 3598
Use CFD Modeling Tool to Study Impact of Energy-saving HVLS Fans on Fire Safety in Large Spaces. Chen, Xiaolei; Wang, Frank Report Jan 1, 2018 2860
Zone Specific Airflow Rate Optimization by Incorporating PI Controller in a General Purpose Commercial CFD Code. Page, Andrew; Kandra, Deepak Report Jan 1, 2018 1961
Dynamics of Semi Unidirectional Air Flows. Khankari, Kishor Report Jan 1, 2018 3247
On the Modeling of Flow Regimes around Cooling Towers. Khalil, Essam E.; Omar, Mohamed S.; Abdelmaksoud, Waleed Report Jan 1, 2018 3281
CFD Analysis of Dispersion of Particles and Gasses in Buildings for Optimal IAQ Sensor Positioning. Pei, Gen; Rim, Donghyun; Vannucci, Matthew Report Jan 1, 2018 3070
Simulation of Radiant Cooling Systems in Cleanroom Applications Using Computational Fluid Dynamics. Al Beltagy, Mohamed; El Baz, Ahmed; El Morsi, Mohamed; El Assy, Ahmed Report Jan 1, 2018 5182
Evaluation of CFD simulations with wind tunnel experiments: pressure coefficients at openings in sawtooth building/Avaliacao de simulacoes CFD atraves de experimentos no tunel de vento: coeficientes de pressao nas aberturas de edificios com sheds. Lukiantchuki, Marieli Azoia; Shimomura, Alessandra Prata; da Silva, Fernando Marques; Caram, Rosana Jan 1, 2018 4643
Full Downwind Turbine Simulations Using Actuator Line Method. Matiz-Chicacausa, A.; Lopez, Omar D. Report Jan 1, 2018 6313
Influences on Shotcrete Rebound from Walls with Random Roughness. Liu, Zhaoxia; Bian, Wenhui; Pan, Gang; Li, Pengcheng; Li, Wenxin Jan 1, 2018 7000
CFD Analysis of Urban Canopy Flows Employing the V2F Model: Impact of Different Aspect Ratios and Relative Heights. Nardecchia, Fabio; Bernardino, Annalisa Di; Pagliaro, Francesca; Monti, Paolo; Leuzzi, Giovanni; Gug Jan 1, 2018 9867
Evaluation of Offshore Wind Turbine Tower Dynamics with Numerical Analysis. Yurdanur Dagli, Begum; Tuskan, Yesim; Gokkus, Umit Jan 1, 2018 6034
Simulations of a Single-Phase Flow in a Compound Parabolic Concentrator Reactor. Perez, Tzayam; Nava, Jose L. Jan 1, 2018 5101
A Feasible Computational Fluid Dynamics Study for Relationships of Structural and Functional Alterations with Particle Depositions in Severe Asthmatic Lungs. Choi, Sanghun; Miyawaki, Shinjiro; Lin, Ching-Long Report Jan 1, 2018 5910
Numerical Simulation of One-Dimensional Fractional Nonsteady Heat Transfer Model Based on the Second Kind Chebyshev Wavelet. Zhao, Fuqiang; Xie, Jiaquan; Huang, Qingxue Jan 1, 2018 4275
Experimental and Numerical Study on Hydrodynamic Performance of an Underwater Glider. Liu, Yanji; Ma, Jie; Ma, Ning; Huang, Zhijian Report Jan 1, 2018 5804
Hydrodynamics of Droplet Impingement on a Thin Horizontal Wire. Zheng, Jiayi; Wang, Jing; Yu, Yanshun; Chen, Taotao Jan 1, 2018 6039
Loss Mechanism of Static Interstage Components of Multistage Centrifugal Compressors for Integrated Blade Design. Ji, Chunjun; Li, Chunyang; Fang, Junyi; Sun, Qi Report Jan 1, 2018 6896
Experiments and Numerical Simulation of Performances and Internal Flow for High-Speed Rescue Pump with Variable Speeds. Bai, Yuxing; Kong, Fanyu; Zhao, Fei; Wang, Jiaqiong; Xia, Bin; Hu, Qianlan Jan 1, 2018 6048
Control of Electro-osmotic Flow by Mixed Polymer Brushes: Molecular Dynamics Simulations. Yan, Guang; Cao, Qianqian; Xin, Jingtao; Luo, Fei; Zhu, Lianqing Report Dec 1, 2017 4513
Transient Dynamics Simulation of Airflow in a CT-Scanned Human Airway Tree: More or Fewer Terminal Bronchi? Qi, Shouliang; Zhang, Baihua; Teng, Yueyang; Li, Jianhua; Yue, Yong; Kang, Yan; Qian, Wei Report Jan 1, 2017 8338
Modelling of Electromagnetic Scattering by a Hypersonic Cone-Like Body in Near Space. Qian, Ji-Wei; Zhang, Hai-Li; Xia, Ming-Yao Jan 1, 2017 5716
A 3D Simulation of a Moving Solid in Viscous Free-Surface Flows by Coupling SPH and DEM. Qiu, Liu-Chao; Liu, Yi; Han, Yu Jan 1, 2017 4186
Lattice Boltzmann Method of a Flooding Accident at Gopeng, Perak, Malaysia. Shafiai, Siti Habibah; Shahruzzaman, Diana Bazila; Xien, Goh Juin; Latheef, Mohamed Report Jan 1, 2017 3745
Lattice Boltzmann Simulation of Natural Convection in an Annulus between a Hexagonal Cylinder and a Square Enclosure. Moutaouakil, L. El; Zrikem, Z.; Abdelbaki, A. Report Jan 1, 2017 4981
A Modified Floor Field Model and Pareto Optimum of Pedestrian Evacuation Efficiency. Xu, Yan; Tian, Li-Jun; Yong, Gui Jan 1, 2017 3084
A Comparative Study on Evaluation Methods of on Cartesian Grids. Nonomura, Taku; Onishi, Junya Report Jan 1, 2017 7648
Multispeed Lattice Boltzmann Model with Space-Filling Lattice for Transcritical Shallow Water Flows. Peng, Y.; Meng, J.P.; Zhang, J.M. Report Jan 1, 2017 2654
Influence of Geometry and Velocity of Rotating Solids on Hydrodynamics of a Confined Volume. Carvajal-Mariscal, Ignacio; Real-Ramlrez, Cesar A.; Sanchez-Silva, Florencio; de la Torre, Francisco Report Jan 1, 2017 6989
Numerical Study of Hydrodynamic Forces for AFM Operations in Liquid. Berthold, Tobias; Benstetter, Guenther; Frammelsberger, Werner; Rodriguez, Rosana; Nafria, Montserra Report Jan 1, 2017 6962
Study on Mechanism of Viscoelastic Polymer Transient Flow in Porous Media. (Research Article). Zhong, Huiying; Zhang, Weidong; Yin, Hongjun; Liu, Haoyang Report Jan 1, 2017 4035
A New Method Based on Laplace Transform and Its Application to Stability of Pipe Conveying Fluid. Wen, H.B.; Yang, Y.R.; Li, P.; Li, Y.D.; Huang, Y. Report Jan 1, 2017 4151
Numerical modeling for hexagonal and octagonal geometrical inclusions to estimate the Effective Thermal Conductivity (ETC) of two phase materials with the effect of natural convection. Raja, V. Prabhu; Kumar, A.P. Senthil; Karthikeyan, P. May 30, 2016 8399
A novel unified wall slip model for Poiseuille flow of polymer melt in the circular tube. Ren, Zhong; Huang, Xingyuan; Liu, Hesheng Report Mar 1, 2016 8840
Electromagnetic Field Theory for Invariant Beams Using Scalar Potentials. Rondon-Ojeda, Irving; Soto-Eguibar, Francisco Report Mar 1, 2016 4494
A numerical study of refrigerant dispersion in single and multiple connected spaces. Laughman, Christopher; Nabi, Saleh; Grover, Piyush Report Jan 1, 2016 8777
A new class of almost Ricci solitons and their physical interpretation. Duggal, K.L. Report Jan 1, 2016 5278
Fluid-Structure Simulations of a Ruptured Intracranial Aneurysm: Constant versus Patient-Specific Wall Thickness. Vofi, S.; Glafier, S.; Hoffmann, T.; Beuing, O.; Weigand, S.; Jachau, K.; Preim, B.; Thevenin, D.; J Jan 1, 2016 4363
Parameter Identifiability of Ship Manoeuvring Modeling Using System Identification. Luo, Weilin Jan 1, 2016 8141
Computational fluid dynamics simulation and theoretical study the air jet flow field of a wide slot positive pressure drawing assembly in the spunbonding nonwoven process. Zhao, Bo Report Jan 1, 2015 7938
CFD modeling of moisture transfer in porous material subject to dynamic change of boundary temperature. Chen, Lei; Lin, Chao-Hsin; Yin, Jiusheng; Wang, Shugang; Zhang, Tengfei Report Jul 1, 2014 3652
Effect of Wall Exhaust and Spill Locations on Indoor Air Quality in a Chemical Laboratory. Shaaban, Ayman A.; Morcos, Samy M.; Khalil, Essam E.; Fouad, Mahmoud A. Jun 22, 2014 2984
Comments on "analogies of ocean/atmosphere rotating fluid dynamics with gyroscopes: teaching opportunities". Gluhovsky, Alexander; Tong, Christopher Mar 1, 2014 1458
Liquid sloshing in a horizontal circular container with eccentric tube under external excitation. Nezami, Mohammad; Mohammadi, Mohammad Mehdi; Oveisi, Atta Report Jan 1, 2014 8014
An efficient sleepy algorithm for particle-based fluids. Nie, Xiao; Chen, Leiting; Xiang, Tao Jan 1, 2014 4501
Exact finite difference scheme and nonstandard finite difference scheme for burgers and burgers-fisher equations. Zhang, Lei; Wang, Lisha; Ding, Xiaohua Report Jan 1, 2014 5102
Discontinuous Galerkin immersed finite volume element method for anisotropic flow models in porous medium. Liu, Zhong-yan; Chen, Huan-zhen Report Jan 1, 2014 4484
Air flow distribution effects on thermal comfort in an air-conditioned enclosure. Khalil, Essam E.; Alhariry, Gamal; Mahfouz, Alaa O. Report Jul 1, 2013 2333
Air Flow Distribution Effects on Thermal Comfort in an Air-Conditioned Enclosure. Khalil, Essam E.; Alhariry, Gamal; Mahfouz, Alaa O. Jun 22, 2013 2200
High efficient numerical methods for viscous and nonviscous wave problems. Lv, Xiujie; Qin, Jinggang; Wang, Tongke Jan 1, 2013 4106
Fluid dynamics from Creaform. Oct 1, 2012 101
Thermal state and hydrodynamics of evaporating hydrocarbon droplets. 1. A possibility of natural circulation of the liquid in the droplet/Garuojanciu skysto angliavandenilio laseliu termine busena ir hidrodinamika. 1. Savaimines skyscio cirkuliacijos kilimo galimybe. Miliauskas, G.; Talubinskas, J.; Adomavicius, A.; Puida, E. Report Mar 1, 2012 3630
Spatial distribution of human respiratory droplet residuals and exposure risk for the co-occupant under different ventilation methods. Xiaoping, Li; Jianlei, Niu; Naiping, Gao Jul 1, 2011 6781
Beat the heat to optimize your IT equipment: thermodynamic modeling targets vulnerable hot spots in data centers. Penny, Janelle Feb 1, 2011 762
Editorial: computational fluid dynamics (CFD) challenges in simulating building airflows. Srebric, Jelena Editorial Nov 1, 2010 659
First dynamic model 'to explain' mystery of Mount Etna. Oct 8, 2010 387
Simulations of instability in fiber spinning of polymers. Gagov, Atanas; Leonov, Arkady I. Report Jul 1, 2010 6338
Setting up a comprehensive CFD model of a small two stroke engine for simulation. Hariharan, Ramamoorthy; Mahalakshmi, N.V.; Krishnamoorthy, Jeyachandran Report Nov 1, 2009 4525
A method to generate effective cooling load factors for stratified air distribution systems using a floor-level air supply. Hongtao, Xu; Naiping, Gao; Jianlei, Niu Report Sep 1, 2009 6860
A comparative study of the effect of initial turbulence on the performance of an open vertical refrigerated multi-deck--a numerical study and its experimental validation. Chen, Y.F.; Lin, H.W.; Hsieh, W.D.; Lin, J.Y.; Wang, C.C. Report Jul 1, 2009 4050
How to simplify computer simulated persons (CSPs) for modeling personal microenvironments: comparison and case studies. Yan, Wei; Yang, Xudong; Shan, Ming Report Jan 1, 2009 4267
Modeling of heat transfer processes in formation of EBCHM ingots. Zhuk, G.V. Report Oct 1, 2008 1878
Physical modeling of slag pool hydrodynamics in slab current-carrying mould: Part 1. Ingot melting. Tsykulenko, K.A. Report Jan 1, 2008 3030
Modeling sand core blowing: Simulation's next challenge. (Technology in Progress). Williams, Ken Apr 1, 2002 1892
Transport Modeling and Thermophysical Properties of Cellular Poly(urethane-isocyanurate). PENG, SHUO; FUCHS, ALAN Mar 1, 2001 2975
A helical channel model for single screw extruders. Yu, Quanping; Hu, Guo-Hua May 1, 1998 5327
Modeling the secondary cavity of two-cavity dies. Ruschak, Kenneth J.; Weinstein, Steven J. Dec 1, 1997 4130
A field equation for the distribution of striation thickness from impingement mixers. May, H.-O. Feb 1, 1996 1315
Numerical simulation of fluid flow and heat transfer in twin-screw extruders for non-Newtonian materials. Sastrohartono, Trihono; Jaluria, Yogesh; Karwe, Mikund V. Aug 15, 1995 4765

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