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Detection and Classification of Early Decay on Blueberry Based on Improved Deep Residual 3D Convolutional Neural Network in Hyperspectral Images. Qiao, Shicheng; Wang, Qinghu; Zhang, Jun; Pei, Zhili Report Jun 30, 2020 7650
Fuzzy Classification of the Maturity of the Tomato Using a Vision System. Villasenor-Aguilar, Marcos J.; Botello-Alvarez, J. Enrique; Perez-Pinal, F. Javier; Cano-Lara, Miros Jul 31, 2019 5617
Traffic Sensing Methodology Combining Influence Line Theory and Computer Vision Techniques for Girder Bridges. Jian, Xudong; Xia, Ye; Lozano-Galanand, Jose A.; Sun, Limin Jun 30, 2019 7354
A Novel Text Sample Selection Model for Scene Text Detection via Bootstrap Learning. Kong, Jun; Sun, Jinhua; Jiang, Min; Hou, Jian Report Feb 1, 2019 7966
Adaptive V1-MT model for motion perception. Li, Shuai; Fan, Xiaoguang; Xu, Yuelei; Huang, Jinke Report Jan 1, 2019 4823
Ls-II: An Improved Locust Search Algorithm for Solving Optimization Problems. Camarena, Octavio; Cuevas, Erik; Perez-Cisneros, Marco; Fausto, Fernando; Gonzalez, Adrian; Valdivia Jan 1, 2018 10924
Advances in Variational and Partial Differential Equation-Based Models for Image Processing and Computer Vision. Barbu, Tudor; Marinoschi, Gabriela; Morosanu, Costica; Munteanu, Ionut Jan 1, 2018 904
A Low-Light Image Enhancement Method Based on Image Degradation Model and Pure Pixel Ratio Prior. Gu, Zhenfei; Chen, Can; Zhang, Dengyin Jan 1, 2018 9192
Characterization of Complex Image Spatial Structures Based on Symmetrical Weibull Distribution Model for Texture Pattern Classification. Liu, Jinping; He, Jiezhou; Tang, Zhaohui; Xu, Pengfei; Zhang, Wuxia; Gui, Weihua Jan 1, 2018 13974
Baggage Recognition in Occluded Environment using Boosting Technique. Khanam, Tahmina; Deb, Kaushik Report Nov 1, 2017 7922
Detecting appearance similarity from motion similarity using ALM method. Deepan, A. Amala; Vasuki, P.; Roomi, S. Mohamed Mansoor Report Apr 1, 2017 3539
Salient Object Detection Based on Background Feature Clustering. Huang, Kan; Zhang, Yong; Lv, Bo; Shi, Yongbiao Report Jan 1, 2017 4470
Moving Object Detection for Dynamic Background Scenes Based on Spatiotemporal Model. Yang, Yizhong; Zhang, Qiang; Wang, Pengfei; Hu, Xionglou; Wu, Nengju Report Jan 1, 2017 4689
Color Image Segmentation Using Fuzzy C-Regression Model. Chen, Min; Ludwig, Simone A. Jan 1, 2017 10480
TLS-Based Feature Extraction and 3D Modeling for Arch Structures. Xu, Xiangyang; Zhao, Xin; Yang, Hao; Neumann, Ingo Jan 1, 2017 5253
A "Tuned" Mask Learnt Approach Based on Gravitational Search Algorithm. Wan, Youchuan; Wang, Mingwei; Ye, Zhiwei; Lai, Xudong Report Jan 1, 2017 7528
A Single Image Dehazing Method Using Average Saturation Prior. Gu, Zhenfei; Ju, Mingye; Zhang, Dengyin Report Jan 1, 2017 10564
The model of direct relative orientation with seven constraints for geological landslides measurement and 3D reconstruction. Chen, Yifu; Xie, Zhong; Qiu, Zhenge; Zhang, Min; Zhong, Saishang Report Dec 1, 2016 4668
Pop-out: a new cognitive model of visual attention that uses light level analysis to better mimic the free-viewing task of static images. Mibulumukini, Makiese Report Jan 1, 2015 5198
Design of jitter compensation algorithm for robot vision based on optical flow and Kalman filter. Wang, B.R.; Jin, Y.L.; Shao, D.L.; Xu, Y. Report Jan 1, 2014 3737
An improved mixture-of-gaussians background model with frame difference and blob tracking in video stream. Yao, Li; Ling, Miaogen Report Jan 1, 2014 4265
Automatic defect detection in spring clamp production via machine vision. Zhu, Xia; Chen, Renwen; Zhang, Yulin Report Jan 1, 2014 4849

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