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Nationwide Energy Saving Analysis for Office Buildings with Occupant Centric Building Controls. Pang, Zhihong; Zhang, Jian; Chen, Yan; Cheng, Hwakong; O'Neill, Zheng; Dong, Bing Jul 1, 2020 4021
Dynamic HVAC Operations with Real-Time Vision-Based Occupant Recognition System. Lu, Siliang; Aziz, Azizan Report Jan 1, 2018 2803
Implementation of an adaptive occupancy and building learning temperature setback algorithm. Gunay, H. Burak; O'Brien, William; Beausoleil-Morrison, Ian; Bursill, Jayson Report Jan 1, 2016 6477
Gray-box modeling of multistage direct-expansion units to enable control system optimization. Cai, Jie; Braun, James E. Report Jul 1, 2015 6544
Aerogel-coated Metal Foams for Dehumidification Applications. Nawaz, Kashif; Schmidt, Shelly J.; Jacobi, Anthony M. Dec 22, 2014 3111
An Integrated System of Vapor-Compression Chiller and Absorption Heat Pump for Efficiency Improvement: System Modeling and Performance Analysis. Kung, Yi-Shu; Qu, Ming; Peng, Steve Dec 22, 2014 3554
Use Calibrated Whole Building Energy Model to Disaggregate Retrofit Savings for Two Medium Sized Office Buildings. Xu, Ke; Wagner, Scott; Freihaut, James; Stutman, Mark; Delgoshaei, Payam Jun 22, 2014 3726
Identification of multimodel LPV models with asymmetric gaussian weighting function. You, Jie; Lu, Jiangang; Zhu, Yucai; Yang, Qinmin; Zhu, Jianhua; Huang, Jiangyin; Sun, Youxian Report Jan 1, 2014 5260
Development and validation of a dynamic air handling unit model, Part 2. Li, Shun; Zhou, Xiaohui; Wen, Jin; Klaassen, Curtis J. Report Jan 1, 2010 9605
Validation of a coupled multizone-CFD program for building airflow and contaminant transport simulations. Wang, Liangzhu; Chen, Qingyan Mar 1, 2007 5474
PCA-FDA-based fault diagnosis for sensors in VAV systems. Du, Zhimin; Jin, Xinqiao; Wu, Lizhou Mar 1, 2007 6034

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