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Dynamic monitoring algorithm of natural resources in scenic spots based on MODIS Remote Sensing technology/Algoritmo de monitoreo dinamico de recursos naturales en lugares escenicos con base en la tecnologia de deteccion remota MODIS. Li, Maolin Mar 1, 2021 7299
COVID-19 Infections in U.S. Nearly 3X Greater Than Reported, University Model Estimates. Andrew G. Simpson Feb 12, 2021 988
Indoor 3D Dynamic Reconstruction Fingerprint Matching Algorithm in 5G Ultra-Dense Network. Zhang, Yuexia; Jin, Jiacheng; Liu, Chong; Jia, Pengfei Report Jan 1, 2021 8297
A Multimodal Fusion Method Based on a Rotation Invariant Hierarchical Model for Finger-based Recognition. Zhong, Zhen; Gao, Wanlin; Wang, Minjuan Report Jan 1, 2021 4696
ADAPTIVE IMAGE DENOISING SOLUTION. Nicolae, Mihai; Vlasceanu, Giorgiana Violeta; Boiangiu, Costin-Anton Dec 1, 2020 2479
Top 10 Data Science Algorithms - A Beginner Should Know. Nov 11, 2020 1124
QC Ware announces research collaboration with Total to explore quantum optimization algorithms. Nov 10, 2020 157
Gaussian Source Coding using a Simple Switched Quantization Algorithm and Variable Length Codewords. Peric, Zoran; Petkovic, Goran; Denic, Bojan; Stanimirovic, Aleksandar; Despotovic, Vladimir; Stoimen Report Nov 1, 2020 5148
New research shows whisky cask investment market outperforming Bitcoin; Whisky sector analysts have developed what has been described as a "pioneering data modelling algorithm" that targets the high-performing cask market. Scott Reid Oct 8, 2020 672
A Clustering Routing Algorithm Based on Improved Ant Colony Optimization Algorithms for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks. Xiao, Xingxing; Huang, Haining Oct 1, 2020 9118
Model-Based Real-Time Motion Tracking Using Dynamical Inverse Kinematics. Rapetti, Lorenzo; Tirupachuri, Yeshasvi; Darvish, Kourosh; Dafarra, Stefano; Nava, Gabriele; Latella Oct 1, 2020 7858
Multi-Task FaceBoxes: A Lightweight Face Detector Based on Channel Attention and Context Information. Qi, Shuaihui; Yang, Jungang; Song, Xiaofeng; Jiang, Chen Report Oct 1, 2020 5118
Deep Learning Based Security Model for Cloud based Task Scheduling. Devi, K.; Paulraj, D.; Muthusenthil, B. Sep 1, 2020 5613
Assessing 3 Outbreak Detection Algorithms in an Electronic Syndromic Surveillance System in a Resource-Limited Setting. Alsentzer, Emily; Ballard, Sarah-Blythe; Neyra, Joan; Vera, Delphis M.; Osorio, Victor B.; Quispe, J Sep 1, 2020 2857
Active Mass Damper tor Reducing Wind and Earthquake Vibrations of a Long-Period Bridge. Chang, Seongkyu Sep 1, 2020 5873
Dimensional Synthesis for Multi-Linkage Robots Based on a Niched Pareto Genetic Algorithm. Wu, Hu; Li, Xinning; Yang, Xianhai Report Sep 1, 2020 6876
An Image Hashing Algorithm for Authentication with Multi-Attack Reference Generation and Adaptive Thresholding. Du, Ling; He, Zehong; Wang, Yijing; Wang, Xiaochao; Ho, Anthony T.S. Report Sep 1, 2020 9100
Simulated Annealing with Exploratory Sensing for Global Optimization. Almarashi, Majid; Deabes, Wael; Amin, Hesham H.; Hedar, Abdel-Rahman Report Sep 1, 2020 16289
A Mixed-Integer and Asynchronous Level Decomposition with Application to the Stochastic Hydrothermal Unit-Commitment Problem. Colonetti, Bruno; Finardi, Erlon Cristian; Oliveira, Welington de Report Sep 1, 2020 8651
FPGA Implementation of [A.sup.*] Algorithm for Real-Time Path Planning. Zhou, Yuzhi; Jin, Xi; Wang, Tianqi Aug 31, 2020 6757
Coordinated Optimization of Departure Time Domains of Multiple Trains at a Station Based on Passenger Satisfaction. Tian, Zhiqiang; Zhang, Rui; Sun, Guofeng; Cheng, Di Aug 31, 2020 5511
Adaptive Super-Twisting Sliding Mode Control for Mobile Robots Based on High-Gain Observers. Liu, Haitao; Nie, Jianhao; Sun, Jian; Tian, Xuehong Aug 31, 2020 5767
A Novel Parallel Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for Warehouse Path Planning. Yu, Junqi; Li, Ruolin; Feng, Zengxi; Zhao, Anjun; Yu, Zirui; Ye, Ziyan; Wang, Junfeng Aug 31, 2020 6090
FaceFilter: Face Identification with Deep Learning and Filter Algorithm. Alghaili, Mohammed; Li, Zhiyong; Ali, Hamdi A.R. Report Aug 31, 2020 5204
Improved Error Reduction and Hybrid Input Output Algorithms for Phase Retrieval by including a Sparse Dictionary Learning-Based Inpainting Method. Su, Jian-Jia; Tien, Chung-Hao Aug 31, 2020 6552
A Modified ESC Algorithm for MPPT Applied to a Photovoltaic System under Varying Environmental Conditions. Njomo, Arnaud Flanclair Tchouani; Kenne, Godpromesse; Douanla, Rostand Marc; Sonfack, Lionel Leroy Aug 31, 2020 5743
Spread Sea Clutter Suppression in HF Hybrid Sky-Surface Wave Radars Based on General Parameterized Time-Frequency Analysis. Wang, Zhuo-Qun; Li, Ya-Jun; Shi, Jun-Nan; Wang, Peng-Fei; Liu, Ai-Hua; Xia, Xin-Fan; Chen, De-Hong Aug 31, 2020 6740
Does Determination of Initial Cluster Centroids Improve the Performance of K-Means Clustering Algorithm? Comparison of Three Hybrid Methods by Genetic Algorithm, Minimum Spanning Tree, and Hierarchical Clustering in an Applied Study. Pourahmad, Saeedeh; Basirat, Atefeh; Rahimi, Amir; Doostfatemeh, Marziyeh Aug 31, 2020 5689
A Robust Direct Parameter Identification of Exponentially Damped Low-Frequency Oscillation in Power Systems. Zhaobi, Chu; Yuanyuan, Pan; Haiyan, Tang; Min, Zhu; Xueping, Dong Aug 31, 2020 5462
Data Fusion Algorithm for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Extreme Learning Machine Optimized by Particle Swarm Optimization. Li, Cao; Yong, Ca; Yinggao, Yue Aug 31, 2020 9287
Virtual Time-Inverse OFDM Underwater Acoustic Channel Estimation Algorithm Based on Compressed Sensing. Yun, Li; Xihua, Chen; Sanlin, Sun; Zhicheng, Tan; Xing, Yao Aug 31, 2020 5421
Plant Disease Identification Based on Deep Learning Algorithm in Smart Farming. Guo, Yan; Zhang, Jin; Yin, Chengxin; Hu, Xiaonan; Zou, Yu; Xue, Zhipeng; Wang, Wei Aug 31, 2020 6150
Optimal Trajectory Planning of Grinding Robot Based on Improved Whale Optimization Algorithm. Wang, Ting; Xin, Zhijie; Miao, Hongbin; Zhang, Huang; Chen, Zhenya; Du, Yunfei Report Aug 31, 2020 3937
A PSD Maps Estimation Algorithm for Underlay Cognitive Radio Networks Based on the Convolutional Neural Network. Han, Xu; Xue, Lei; Xu, Ying Report Aug 31, 2020 5446
Convergence of Slice-Based Block Coordinate Descent Algorithm for Convolutional Sparse Coding. Li, Jing; Yu, Hui; Wei, Xiao; Wang, Jinjia Report Aug 31, 2020 5614
Convergence Analysis of an Improved BFGS Method and Its Application in the Muskingum Model. Yang, Tianshan; Li, Pengyuan; Wang, Xiaoliang Report Aug 31, 2020 6714
An Improved Adaptive Kalman Filter for Underwater SINS/ DVL System. Wang, Di; Xu, Xiaosu; Hou, Lanhua Report Aug 31, 2020 6054
Application of Discrete Wavelet Transform in Shapelet-Based Classification. Yan, Lijuan; Liu, Yanshen; Liu, Yi Report Aug 31, 2020 8775
Multiobjective Design Optimization Framework for Multicomponent System with Complex Nonuniform Loading. Zhang, Hong; Bai, Guangchen; Song, Lukai Report Aug 31, 2020 8134
A Novel Adaptive H-Infinity Cubature Kalman Filter Algorithm Based on Sage-Husa Estimator for Unmanned Underwater Vehicle. Yang, Rui; Zhang, Aijun; Zhang, Lifei; Hu, Ye Report Aug 31, 2020 5148
Range-Based Positioning with Self-Adapting Fireworks Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks. Huang, Meigen; Yu, Bin Report Aug 31, 2020 6053
An Adjustment Method for the Suspender Tension of CFSTTTHAB Based on Influence Matrix of Single Suspender. Wang, Longlin; Wang, Hua; Li, Litao; Hao, Tianzhi; Wu, Changxia Aug 31, 2020 4898
Structural Damage Identification Based on the Wavelet Transform and Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm. Guo, Jia; Guan, Deqing; Zhao, Jianwei Aug 31, 2020 11400
Approximate Analytical Solution for a Coupled System of Fractional Nonlinear Integrodifferential Equations by the RPS Method. Al e'damat, Ayed Aug 31, 2020 4797
Constrained Uncertain System Stabilization with Enlargement of Invariant Sets. Hamdi, Walid; Bey, Wissal; Braiek, Naceur Benhadj Aug 31, 2020 5480
On the Security Analysis of a Hopfield Chaotic Neural Network-Based Image Encryption Algorithm. Hu, Yingchun; Yu, Simin; Zhang, Zeqing Aug 31, 2020 6276
Multimodal Control by Variable-Structure Neural Network Modeling for Coagulant Dosing in Water Purification Process. Zhang, Jun; Luo, Da-Yong Aug 31, 2020 5049
An Innovative Excited-ACS-IDGWO Algorithm for Optimal Biomedical Data Feature Selection. Segera, Davies; Mbuthia, Mwangi; Nyete, Abraham Report Aug 31, 2020 12404
Semantic Integration of Sensor Knowledge on Artificial Internet of Things. Huang, Yikun; Xue, Xingsi; Jiang, Chao Aug 31, 2020 5011
Physarum-Inspired Autonomous Optimized Routing Protocol for Coal Mine MANET. Jiang, Haifeng; Liu, Xiaoxiao; Xiao, Shuo; Tang, Chaogang; Chen, Wei Aug 31, 2020 8030
A Data Encryption and Fast Transmission Algorithm Based on Surveillance Video. Qiu, Shi; Cui, Ying; Meng, XianJia Aug 31, 2020 5514
An Intelligent Adaptive Algorithm for Servers Balancing and Tasks Scheduling over Mobile Fog Computing Networks. Li, Xuejing; Qin, Yajuan; Zhou, Huachun; Chen, Du; Yang, Shujie; Zhang, Zhewei Aug 31, 2020 7370
Lithium-Ion Battery Parameters and State of Charge Joint Estimation Using Bias Compensation Least Squares and the Alternate Algorithm. Xiong, Wei; Mo, Yimin; Yan, Cong Report Aug 31, 2020 7791
Study on the Application Scheme of Aerodynamic Coefficient Identification Based on the Differential Evolution Algorithm. Liu, Pengfei; Cao, Hongsong; Feng, Shunshan; Liu, Hengzhu; Du, Ye Report Aug 31, 2020 5252
Fuzzy Covering-Based Three-Way Clustering. Yang, Dandan Report Aug 31, 2020 7986
Analysis of Electrical Distribution Network Voltage Configuration with Mixed Integer Linear Programming Algorithm and Genetic Algorithm I Terms of Energy Cost. Akbulut, Leyla; Tezcan, Suleyman Sungur; Cosgun, Ahmet Report Aug 2, 2020 4485
Evacuating Robots from a Disk Using Face-to-Face Communication. Czyzowicz, J.; Georgiou, K.; Kranakis, E.; Narayanan, L.; Opatrny, J.; Vogtenhuber, B. Report Aug 1, 2020 10244
TLSA: A Two Level Scheduling Algorithm for Multiple packets Arrival in TSCH Networks. Asuti, Manjunath G.; Basarkod, Prabhugoud I. Aug 1, 2020 9907
A Solution to Privacy Preservation in Publishing Human Trajectories. Li, Xianming; Sun, Guangzhong Aug 1, 2020 9685
Comparison of Variable Selection Methods for Time-to-Event Data in High-Dimensional Settings. Gilhodes, Julia; Dalenc, Florence; Gal, Jocelyn; Zemmour, Christophe; Leconte, Eve; Boher, Jean-Mari Jul 31, 2020 8615
Energy Efficiency for Data Offloading in D2D Cooperative Caching Networks. Wang, Weiguang; Li, Hui; Zhang, Wenjie; Wei, Shanlin Jul 31, 2020 6721
Adaptive Double-Threshold Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Algorithm Based on History Energy Detection. Yu, Shanshan; Liu, Ju; Wang, Jing; Ullah, Inam Jul 31, 2020 6641
Central DOA Estimation Method for Exponential-Type Coherent Distributed Source Based on Fourth-Order Cumulant. Li, Hao; Cui, Weijia; Ba, Bin; Xu, Haiyun; Zhang, Yankui Jul 31, 2020 6114
Power Allocation for Reducing PAPR of Artificial-Noise-Aided Secure Communication System. Hong, Tao; Zhang, Geng-xin Report Jul 31, 2020 8898
LWS-Based Time-Domain Synthetic Algorithm with Constant Amplitude in Radar Transmit Waveform. Wang, Bin; Li, Shumin; Xin, Fengming Report Jul 31, 2020 7706
Multi-Innovation Stochastic Gradient Parameter and State Estimation Algorithm for Dual-Rate State-Space Systems with d-Step Time Delay. Gu, Ya; Zhu, Quanmin; Liu, Jicheng; Zhu, Peiyi; Chou, Yongxin Jul 31, 2020 6501
Nonlinear Structural Fusion for Multiplex Network. Ning, Nianwen; Long, Feiyu; Wang, Chunchun; Zhang, Youjie; Yang, Yilin; Wu, Bin Jul 31, 2020 11470
Deep Q-Network with Predictive State Models in Partially Observable Domains. Yu, Danning; Ni, Kun; Liu, Yunlong Report Jul 31, 2020 6015
The Fuzzy PI Controller for PMSM's Speed to Track the Standard Model. Quynh, Nguyen Vu Report Jul 31, 2020 6103
A Biological Immune Mechanism-Based Quantum PSO Algorithm and Its Application in Back Analysis for Seepage Parameters. Tan, Jiacheng; Xu, Liqun; Zhang, Kailai; Yang, Chao Report Jul 31, 2020 7344
Research on Probability Mean-Lower Semivariance-Entropy Portfolio Model with Background Risk. Wu, Qi; Gao, Yuelin; Sun, Ying Report Jul 31, 2020 7876
JPEG Lifting Algorithm Based on Adaptive Block Compressed Sensing. Zhu, Yongjun; Liu, Wenbo; Shen, Qian; Wu, Yin; Bao, Han Report Jul 31, 2020 9090
The Optimization of Feature Selection Based on Chaos Clustering Strategy and Niche Particle Swarm Optimization. Duan, Longzhen; Yang, Shuqing; Zhang, Dongbo Report Jul 31, 2020 6025
Research on Mathematical Model of Cost Budget in the Early Stage of Assembly Construction Project Based on Improved Neural Network Algorithm. Lin, Xin; Lu, Yinan Report Jul 31, 2020 4211
Initial Tracking Parameter Estimation of Magnetic Ship Based on PSO. Ma, Jianfei; Ding, Kai; Yan, Bing; Dong, Wen Report Jul 31, 2020 4113
On the 3D Track Planning for Electric Power Inspection Based on the Improved Ant Colony Optimization and [A.sup.*] Algorithm. Huang, Zheng; Zhai, Xuefeng; Wang, Hongxing; Zhou, Hang; Zhao, Hongwei; Feng, Mingduan Report Jul 31, 2020 6722
A Lightweight Cryptography Algorithm for Secure Smart Cities and IOT. Abed, Ahmed Mohsin; Boyaci, Ali Report Jul 14, 2020 3746
Investigating the Effectiveness of Adaptive Step Size LMS Algorithms for the Use with VOIP Applications. Hameed, Alaa Am; Ajlouni, Nairn; Orman, Zeynep; Ozyavas, Adem Report Jul 14, 2020 3803
Development and Validation of a Simulation Testbed for the Intelligent Building Agents Laboratory (IBAL) using TRNSYS. Pradhan, Ojas; Pertzborn, Amanda; Zhang, Liang; Wen, Jin Jul 1, 2020 2657
Speaker Adaptation Using i-Vector Based Clustering. Kim, Minsoo; Jang, Gil-Jin; Kim, Ji-Hwan; Lee, Minho Jul 1, 2020 6092
A Survey on Content Aware Image Resizing Methods. Garg, Ankit; Negi, Ashish Jul 1, 2020 11430
Discrete Dynamics-Based Parameter Analysis and Optimization of Fuzzy Controller for Inverted Pendulum Systems Based on Chaos Algorithm. Xia, Xingguo; Xia, Jianwei; Gang, Mingyi; Zhang, Qingfeng; Wang, Jing Jun 30, 2020 4338
The Evaluation Model of Network QoS Based on Intelligent Water Droplets Algorithm. Li, Fang; Wang, Yunlan; Li, Peng Jun 30, 2020 4342
Abnormal User Detection Based on the Correlation Probabilistic Model. Yang, Xiaohui; Sun, Ying Jun 30, 2020 7007
Earthquake Response Analysis of Tall Reinforced Concrete Chimneys considering Eccentricity. Jiang, Yingchun; Liu, Tielin; Bai, Yikui Jun 30, 2020 14868
A Robust Extended Kalman Filter Applied to Ultrawideband Positioning. Wang, Chuanyang; Han, Houzeng; Wang, Jian; Yu, Hang; Yang, Deng Jun 30, 2020 6240
Probabilistic Forecasting Method of Metro Station Environment Based on Autoregressive LSTM Network. Tian, Qing; Li, Bo; Qu, Hongquan; Pang, Liping; Zhao, Weihang; Han, Yue Jun 30, 2020 7842
Hydrologic Time Series Anomaly Detection Based on Flink. Ye, Feng; Liu, Zihao; Liu, Qinghua; Wang, Zhijian Jun 30, 2020 6601
Improved Quantum-Behaved Particle Swarm Algorithm Based on Levy Flight. Zheng, Song; Zhou, Xinwei; Zheng, Xiaoqing; Ge, Ming Jun 30, 2020 5122
Energy Consumption Prediction for 3-RRR PPM through Combining LSTM Neural Network with Whale Optimization Algorithm. Gao, Yin; Chen, Ke; Gao, Hong; Zheng, Hongmei; Wang, Lei; Xiao, Ping Jun 30, 2020 7846
Design and Verification of Aeroengine Rotor Speed Controller Based on U-LADRC. Chen, Jiajie; Wang, Jiqiang; Liu, Yunxiao; Hu, Zhongzhi Jun 30, 2020 5815
Design on Universal Circuit Breaker via Improved Gray Wolf Optimization Algorithm. Dai, Shuidong; Xia, Kewen; Shi, Lili; Xie, Min Jun 30, 2020 7616
An Improved Recursive Total Least Squares Estimation of Capacity for Electric Vehicle Lithium-Iron Phosphate Batteries. Wang, Shaohua; Yang, Yue; Guo, Konghui Jun 30, 2020 6054
Improved TLBO-JAYA Algorithm for Subset Feature Selection and Parameter Optimisation in Intrusion Detection System. Aljanabi, Mohammad; Ismail, Mohd Arfian; Mezhuyev, Vitaly Jun 30, 2020 10337
A Method for Solving LiDAR Waveform Decomposition Parameters Based on a Variable Projection Algorithm. Wang, Ke; Liu, Guolin; Tao, Qiuxiang; Wang, Luyao; Chen, Yang Jun 30, 2020 6934
Adaptive Weight Update Algorithm for Target Tracking of UUV Based on Improved Gaussian Mixture Cubature Kalman Filter. Wang, Hongjian; Wang, Ying; Li, Cun; Li, Juan; Li, Qing; Ban, Xicheng Jun 30, 2020 6537
Parameter Identification of ARX Models Based on Modified Momentum Gradient Descent Algorithm. Tu, Quan; Rong, Yingjiao; Chen, Jing Jun 30, 2020 5136
Layered Concept Lattice Model and Its Application to Build Rapidly Concept Lattice. Wu, Xia; Zhang, Jialu; Zhong, Jiaming Jun 30, 2020 10462
Assessment of Waterlogging Risk in the Deep Foundation Pit Projects Based on Projection Pursuit Model. Wu, Han; Wang, Junwu Jun 30, 2020 8593
Channel Estimation Performance Analysis of FBMC/OQAM Systems with Bayesian Approach for 5G-Enabled IoT Applications. Wang, Han; Du, Wencai; Wang, Xianpeng; Yu, Guicai; Xu, Lingwei Jun 30, 2020 5230
A Hybrid Mobile Node Localization Algorithm Based on Adaptive MCB-PSO Approach in Wireless Sensor Networks. Wu, Hua; Liu, Ju; Dong, Zheng; Liu, Yang Jun 30, 2020 9228
A Multichannel fNIRS System for Prefrontal Mental Task Classification with Dual-level Excitation and Deep Forest Algorithm. Chen, Cheng; Wen, Yizhen; Cui, Shaoyang; Qi, Xiangao; Liu, Zhenhong; Zhou, Linfeng; Chen, Mingyi; Zh Jun 30, 2020 5885
Improved ASM-TER Training Sequence Detection and Fine Doppler Frequency Estimation Methods from a Satellite. Zhang, Peixin; Wang, Jianxin; Ren, Peng; Yang, Shushu; Song, Haiwei Jun 30, 2020 5416
Aerodynamic Shape Optimization of a Missile Using a Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm. Cumnu, Ahmet; Guzelbey, Ibrahim Halil; Ogucu, Orkun Jun 30, 2020 5872
An Improved Method of Particle Swarm Optimization for Path Planning of Mobile Robot. Li, Xun; Wu, Dandan; He, Jingjing; Bashir, Muhammad; Liping, Ma Jun 30, 2020 7738
Task Allocation Optimization Scheme Based on Queuing Theory for Mobile Edge Computing in 5G Heterogeneous Networks. Xue, Jianbin; Wang, Zesen; Zhang, Yonggang; Wang, Lu Report Jun 30, 2020 8476
Real-Time Interpretation Model of Reservoir Characteristics While Underbalanced Drilling Based on UKF. He, Miao; Zhang, Yihang; Xu, Mingbiao; Li, Jun; Song, Jianjian Jun 30, 2020 7013
Energy Efficiency Maximization for Energy Harvesting Bidirectional Cooperative Sensor Networks with AF Mode. Xu, Siyang; Song, Xin; Xia, Lin; Xie, Zhigang Jun 1, 2020 7391
Hybrid Bees Approach Based on Improved Search Sites Selection by Firefly Algorithm for Solving Complex Continuous Functions. Nemmich, Mohamed Amine; Debbat, Fatima; Slimane, Mohamed Jun 1, 2020 11267
Trajectory Tracking Control of Robot Manipulators Based on U-Model. Ma, Xianghua; Zhao, Yang; Di, Yiqun May 31, 2020 3920
A Genetic Optimization Algorithm Based on Adaptive Dimensionality Reduction. Kuang, Tai; Hu, Zhongyi; Xu, Minghai May 31, 2020 4207
Multi-UUV Cooperative Dynamic Maneuver Decision-Making Algorithm Using Intuitionistic Fuzzy Game Theory. Liu, Lu; Zhang, Lichuan; Zhang, Shuo; Cao, Sheng May 31, 2020 5861
A Novel Design of a Neural Network-Based Fractional PID Controller for Mobile Robots Using Hybridized Fruit Fly and Particle Swarm Optimization. Ibraheem, Ghusn Abdul Redha; Azar, Ahmad Taher; Ibraheem, Ibraheem Kasim; Humaidi, Amjad J. May 31, 2020 9795
Data Aggregation in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks by Using Local Tree Reconstruction Algorithm. Zhang, Zhaohui; Li, Jing; Yang, Xiaoli May 31, 2020 7027
Epigenome-Wide Tobacco-Related Methylation Signature Identification and Their Multilevel Regulatory Network Inference for Lung Adenocarcinoma. Dong, Yan-Mei; Li, Ming; He, Qi-En; Tong, Yi-Fan; Gao, Hong-Zhi; Zhang, Yi-Zhi; Wu, Ya-Meng; Hu, Jun May 31, 2020 7184
An Algorithm of Reinforcement Learning for Maneuvering Parameter Self-Tuning Applying in Satellite Cluster. Wang, Xiao; Shi, Peng; Wen, Changxuan; Zhao, Yushan May 31, 2020 10582
GIS-Based Niche Hybrid Bat Algorithm for Solving Optimal Spatial Search. Du, Guoming; Chen, Yangbo; Sun, Wei May 31, 2020 8452
Longwall Retreat and Creep Measurement Based on UWB Radar Imaging Method. Wang, Shijia; Wang, Shibo; Liu, Wanli May 31, 2020 7802
Application of Polynomial Chaos Expansion to Optimize Injection-Production Parameters under Uncertainty. Zhang, Liang; Li, ZhiPing; Li, Hong; Adenutsi, Caspar Daniel; Lai, FengPeng; Wang, KongJie; Yang, Se May 31, 2020 7511
Numerical Algorithms for Calculating Temperature, Layered Stress, and Critical Current of Overhead Conductors. Liu, Yongdou; Chen, Zhiwei; Gu, Quan May 31, 2020 8291
A Novel Method for Matching Reservoir Parameters Based on Particle Swarm Optimization and Support Vector Machine. Yin, Rongwang; Li, Qingyu; Li, Peichao; Lu, Detang May 31, 2020 4884
Multiattribute Group Decision-Making Method Using a Genetic K-Means Clustering Algorithm. Qingguo, Liu; Xinxue, Liu; Jian, Wu; Yaxiong, Li May 31, 2020 14638
Prediction of Residual Gas Content during Coal Roadway Tunneling Based on Drilling Cuttings Indices and BA-ELM Algorithm. Yang, Zhenhua; Zhang, Hongwei; Li, Sheng; Fan, Chaojun May 31, 2020 5239
Dynamic Interference Optimization in Cognitive Radio Networks for Rural and Suburban Areas. Alonso, Rodney Martinez; Plets, David; Deruyck, Margot; Martens, Luc; Nieto, Glauco Guillen; Joseph, May 31, 2020 11319
A Fast and Accurate Analytical Method for Parameter Determination of a Photovoltaic System Based on Manufacturer's Data. Ndegwa, Robinson; Simiyu, Justus; Ayieta, Elijah; Odero, Nicodemus May 31, 2020 12155
Optimally Designed PID Controller for a DC-DC Buck Converter via a Hybrid Whale Optimization Algorithm with Simulated Annealing. Hekimoglu, BaranEkinci, Serdar Report May 1, 2020 4622
A Hybrid Model of 2d-DCT and 2d-Mycielski Algorithm for Hourly Global Solar Irradiation. Fidan, Mehmet; Sertsoz, Mine; Kurban, Mehmet May 1, 2020 7069
Thermal Imaging Fire Detection Algorithm with Minimal False Detection. Jeong, Soo-Young; Kim, Won-Ho May 1, 2020 6192
Exploring the Performance of the Improved Nearest-Neighbor Algorithms for Solving the Euclidean Travelling Salesman Problem. Raya, Lilysuriazna; Saud, Safaa Najah; Shariff, Siti Hadijah; Bakar, Khairun Nisa Abu Report May 1, 2020 2740
Frontier Strategy with GA based Task Scheduler for Autonomous Robotic Exploration Systems. Ibrahim, Mohd Faisal; Huddin, Aqilah Baseri; Hussain, Aini; Zaman, Mohd Hairi Mohd Report May 1, 2020 3504
Investigation of the iCC Framework Performance for Solving Constrained LSGO Problems. Vakhnin, Alexey; Sopov, Evgenii Report May 1, 2020 5922
p-Refined Multilevel Quasi-Monte Carlo for Galerkin Finite Element Methods with Applications in Civil Engineering. Blondeel, Philippe; Robbe, Pieterjan; Van hoorickx, Cedric; Francois, Stijn; Lombaert, Geert; Vandew Report May 1, 2020 12895
Numerical Solution of Fractional-Order HIV Model Using Homotopy Method. Aljhani, Sami; Noorani, Mohd Salmi Md; Alomari, A.K. Apr 30, 2020 5382
Cost-Effective Resource Provisioning for Real-Time Workflow in Cloud. Wu, Lei; Ding, Ran; Jia, Zhaohong; Li, Xuejun Apr 30, 2020 11718
Local Path Planning for Unmanned Surface Vehicle Collision Avoidance Based on Modified Quantum Particle Swarm Optimization. Xia, Guoqing; Han, Zhiwei; Zhao, Bo; Wang, Xinwei Apr 30, 2020 10626
Improved Laplacian Biogeography-Based Optimization Algorithm and Its Application to QAP. Zhang, Xinming; Wang, Doudou; Chen, Haiyan; Mao, Wentao; Liu, Shangwang; Liu, Guoqi; Dou, Zhi Apr 30, 2020 17056
Application of Whale Optimization Algorithm to Inverse Scattering of an Imperfect Conductor with Corners. Lee, Kun-Chou; Lu, Pai-Ting Apr 30, 2020 5143
A New Model for Reassignment of Tasks to Available Employees in Iraq's Firms. Alsaad, Dhurgam Kalel Ibrahim; Ghanbari, Reza; Sohrabi, Ali Akbar; Moghadam, Khatere Ghorbani Apr 30, 2020 4426
A Novel Adaptive Active Disturbance Rejection Control Strategy to Improve the Stability and Robustness for a Wind Turbine Using a Doubly Fed Induction Generator. Laghridat, Hammadi; Essadki, Ahmed; Annoukoubi, Maha; Nasser, Tamou Apr 30, 2020 7201
Improving Dam Seepage Prediction Using Back-Propagation Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm. Zhang, Xuan; Chen, Xudong; Li, Junjie Apr 30, 2020 5447
Reinforcement Learning-Based Genetic Algorithm in Optimizing Multidimensional Data Discretization Scheme. Chen, Qiong; Huang, Mengxing; Xu, Qiannan; Wang, Hao; Wang, Jinghui Apr 30, 2020 8497
Study and Verification of Large-Scale Parallel Mesh Generation Algorithm for Centrifugal Pump. Dong, Liang; i, Yuhang Zhang; Ge, Zhipeng; Dai, Cui.; Guo, Jinnan Report Apr 30, 2020 6763
Improved Beetle Antennae Search Algorithm-Based Levy Flight for Tuning of PID Controller in Force Control System. Fan, Yuqi; Shao, Junpeng; Sun, Guitao; Shao, Xuan Apr 30, 2020 11093
Digital Instantaneous Frequency Measurement of a Real Sinusoid Based on Three Sub-Nyquist Sampling Channels. Su, Yu; Jiang, Defu Apr 30, 2020 6494
Pattern Synthesis of Time-Modulated Sparse Array by an OPM-CVX Algorithm. Liang, Lei; Jiang, Yachao; Liu, Jialing; Li, Hailin; Zhou, Jianjiang Apr 30, 2020 8530
Hybrid Consensus Algorithm Optimization: A Mathematical Method Based on POS and PBFT and Its Application in Blockchain. Wu, Yaqin; Song, Pengxin; Wang, Fuxin Apr 30, 2020 7955
Improved Chaotic Quantum-Behaved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Fuzzy Neural Network and Its Application. Pen, Yuexi; Lei, Kejun; Yang, Xi; Peng, Jinzhang Apr 30, 2020 5868
Resource Allocation and EE-SE Tradeoff for H-CRAN with NOMA-Based D2D Communications. Wang, Jingpu; Song, Xin; Dong, Li Apr 1, 2020 8443
Fruit Morphological Measurement Based on Three-Dimensional Reconstruction. Wang, Yawei; Chen, Yifei Apr 1, 2020 6648
Success History-Based Position Adaptation in Fuzzy-Controlled Ensemble of Biology-Inspired Algorithms. Akhmedova, Shakhnaz; Stanovov, Vladimir; Erokhin, Danil; Semenkina, Olga Report Apr 1, 2020 16321
STRUCTURAL FRAMEWORK OF THE ZELTEN PLATFORM, SOUTH SIRTE BASIN, LIBYA USING POTENTIAL FIELDS MODELLING. Eshanibli, Abdelhakim; Khalil, Amin; Younis, Abdellatif; Ghanoush, Hussin Apr 1, 2020 4243
Robust Day-Ahead Dispatch for Integrated Power-Heat-Gas Microgrid considering Wind Power Uncertainty. Liu, Yang; Ye, Yanli; Chen, Xianbang; Li, Huaqiang; Huang, Yuan Mar 31, 2020 7114
Study on Microscopic Roadbed Grouting Mechanism Based on CFD-DEM Coupling Algorithm. Yang, Changwei; Guo, Jinhao; Lian, Jing; Wang, Zhimeng Mar 31, 2020 4433
A Two-Stage Scheduling RPC Based on Time-Varying Coefficient Information of State-Dependent ARX Model. Zhou, Feng; Zhu, Peidong; Xie, Minghua; Wu, Jun; Cao, Lihua Mar 31, 2020 6962
Passive Radar Source Localization Based on Cuckoo Search NVTDOA. Niu, Gang; Gao, Jie; Du, Tai-hang Mar 31, 2020 8422
The Inverse Solution Algorithm and Trajectory Error Analysis of Robotic Arm Based on MQACA-RBF Network. Cheng, Xu; Zhao, Ming Mar 31, 2020 6442
Intelligent Control of a Photovoltaic Generator for Charging and Discharging Battery Using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System. Ndiaye, El Hadji Mbaye; Ndiaye, Alphousseyni; Faye, Mactar; Gueye, Samba Mar 31, 2020 5084
Numerical Simulation of the Cooling of Heated Electronic Blocks in Horizontal Channel by Mixed Convection of Nanofluids. Hssain, Mustapha Ait; Mir, Rachid; Hammami, Youness El Mar 31, 2020 4910
A Classification and Novel Class Detection Algorithm for Concept Drift Data Stream Based on the Cohesiveness and Separation Index of Mahalanobis Distance. Li, Xiangjun; Zhou, Yong; Yu, Ziyan Jin Peng; Zhou, Shun Mar 31, 2020 5740
A Multiobjective Optimal Operation of a Stand-Alone Microgrid Using SAPSO Algorithm. Zhang, Guoping; Wang, Weijun; Du, Jie; Liu, Hua Mar 31, 2020 10379
Optimal Reactive Power Flow for Large-Scale Power Systems Using an Effective Metaheuristic Algorithm. Duong, Thanh Long; Duong, Minh Quan; Phan, Van-Duc; Nguyen, Thang Trung Mar 31, 2020 7940
Control Algorithm for Equal Current Sharing between Parallel-Connected Boost Converters in a DC Microgrid. Shebani, Muamer M.; Iqbal, M. Tariq; Quaicoe, John E. Mar 31, 2020 5124
Evaluation Method of Multiobjective Functions' Combination and Its Application in Hydrological Model Evaluation. Huo, Jiuyuan; Liu, Liqun Mar 31, 2020 16060
Robot Path Planning Based on Genetic Algorithm Fused with Continuous Bezier Optimization. Ma, Jianwei; Liu, Yang; Zang, Shaofei; Wang, Lin Mar 31, 2020 5315
Modeling and Prediction of Momentum Wheel Speed Data. Li, Jichao; Wang, Xiaxia; Chen, Chaobo; Gao, Song Mar 31, 2020 3153
Research on Quantitative Remote Sensing Monitoring Algorithm of Air Pollution Based on Artificial Intelligence. Liu, Yun; Jing, Yuqin; Lu, Yinan Mar 31, 2020 4568
Magnetorheological Elastomer Precision Platform Control Using OFFO-PID Algorithm. Guo, Ying-Qing; Zhang, Jie; He, Dong-Qing; Li, Jin-Bao Mar 31, 2020 5075
Distribution Network Reconfiguration for Power Loss Reduction and Voltage Profile Improvement Using Chaotic Stochastic Fractal Search Algorithm. The, Tung Tran; Ngoc, Dieu Vo; Anh, Nguyen Tran Mar 31, 2020 7839
A Unified Approach for the Identification of Wiener, Hammerstein, and Wiener-Hammerstein Models by Using WH-EA and Multistep Signals. Zambrano, J.; Sanchis, J.; Herrero, J.M.; Martinez, M. Mar 31, 2020 15932
On Constructing Strongly Connected Dominating and Absorbing Set in 3-Dimensional Wireless Ad Hoc Networks. Liang), Jiarong; Yi, Meng; Zhang, Weiguang; Li, Yanyan; Liang, Xinyu; Qin, Bin Mar 31, 2020 10950
Research on Improved Deadbeat Control Strategy Based on Interpolation Prediction and Online Inductance Identification. Fu, Zhihe; Xie, Huangsheng; Xue, Jiaxiang; Luo, Haisong; Lin, Zhuangbin Mar 1, 2020 7148
New Courteous Algorithm for Uplink Scheduling in LTE-Advanced and 5G Networks. Tata, Chafika; Fellag, Nassima; Kadoch, Michel Mar 1, 2020 8927
A Genetic Algorithm-Based Soft Decision Fusion Scheme in Cognitive IoT Networks with Malicious Users. Khan, Muhammad Sajjad; Gul, Noor; Kim, Junsu; Qureshi, Ijaz Mansoor; Kim, Su Min Mar 1, 2020 5712
Prediction Model for Information Dissemination in Social Network Media Based on Triangle Ring Attractor. Zheng, Zhe; Zhou, Chunliang; Meng, Xiangpei; Wang, Le; Xu, Ying Mar 1, 2020 7042
Dimensional and Layout Optimization Design of Multistage Gear Drives Using Genetic Algorithms. Han, Lin; Liu], Geng; Yang, Xiaohui; Han, Bing Mar 1, 2020 8981
A Doubly Constrained TV Algorithm for Image Reconstruction. Qiao, Zhiwei; Redler, Gage; Epel, Boris; Halpern, Howard Mar 1, 2020 9211
Multitechnique Concise Robust Control for the Insulation Containment Space Pressure Control of LNG Carrier. Su, Zuojing; Zhang, Xianku; Han, Xu Mar 1, 2020 4678
An Optimized RBF Neural Network Based on Beetle Antennae Search Algorithm for Modeling the Static Friction in a Robotic Manipulator Joint. Wang, Yuxiang; Chen, Zhangwei; Zu, Hongfei; Zhang, Xiang Mar 1, 2020 4004
Leader-Following Multiple Unmanned Underwater Vehicles Consensus Control under the Fixed and Switching Topologies with Unmeasurable Disturbances. Yan, Zheping; Wu, Yi; Liu, Yibo; Ren, Hongliang; Du, Xue Mar 1, 2020 12075
Design, Implementation, and Validation of Robust Fractional-Order PD Controller for Wheeled Mobile Robot Trajectory Tracking. Zhang, Lichuan; Liu, Lu; Zhang, Shuo Mar 1, 2020 5683
A Stacking Ensemble for Network Intrusion Detection Using Heterogeneous Datasets. Rajagopal, Smitha; Kundapur, Poornima Panduranga; Hareesha, Katiganere Siddaramappa Mar 1, 2020 6099
Optimization of Central Pattern Generator-Based Torque-Stiffness-Controlled Dynamic Bipedal Walking. Suliman, William; Albitar, Chadi; Hassan, Lama Mar 1, 2020 6515
Cat Swarm Optimization Algorithm: A Survey and Performance Evaluation. Ahmed, Aram M.; Rashid, Tank A.; Saeed, Soran Ab. M. Mar 1, 2020 14655
Multiperspective Light Field Reconstruction Method via Transfer Reinforcement Learning. Cai, Lei; Luo, Peien; Zhou, Guangfu; Xu, Tao; Chen, Zhenxue Mar 1, 2020 7360
A Quality Control Method Based on an Improved Kernel Regression Algorithm for Surface Air Temperature Observations. Ye, Xiaoling; Kan, Yajin; Xiong, Xiong; Zhang, Yingchao; Chen, Xin Mar 1, 2020 8135
A new visual tracking approach based on salp swarm algorithm for abrupt motion tracking. Zhang, Huanlong; Liu, Junfeng; Nie, Zhicheng; Zhang, Jie; Zhang, Jianwei Mar 1, 2020 7332
Unbalance Suppression for AMB Rotor System Using APF-SRF Algorithm. Xu, Yuanping; Wu, Haitong; Guan, Xudong Mar 1, 2020 5008
Improved Continuous Wavelet Transform for Modal Parameter Identification of Long-Span Bridges. Zhang, Mingjin; Huang, Xu; Li, Yongle; Sun, Hao; Zhang, Jingyu; Huang, Bin Mar 1, 2020 6988
Robust Optimization of Planar Constrained Mechanical System with Varying Joint Clearance Size Based on Sensitivity Analysis. Gao, Yong; Zhang, Fang; Li, Yuanyuan Mar 1, 2020 11047
Application of Algorithms with Variable Greedy Heuristics for k-Medoids Problems. Kazakovtsev, Lev; Rozhnov, Ivan Mar 1, 2020 5709
Research on the Recognition Algorithm of Important Nodes in Complex Network. Su, Yue Report Mar 1, 2020 3436
Adaptive Tolerance Dehazing Algorithm Based on Dark Channel Prior. Yang, Fan; Tang, ShouLian Feb 1, 2020 6974
A New Object Tracking Framework for Interest Point Based Feature Extraction Algorithms. Guler, Zafer; Cinar, Ahmet; Ozbay, Erdal Feb 1, 2020 5997
A many-objective optimization WSN energy balance model. Wu, Di; Geng, Shaojin; Cai, Xingjuan; Zhang, Guoyou; Xue, Fei Feb 1, 2020 8448
Robust Real-time Detection of Abandoned Objects using a Dual Background Model. Park, Hyeseung; Park, Seungchul; Joo, Youngbok Feb 1, 2020 7076
Artificial Immunity Based Wound Healing Algorithm for Power Loss Optimization in Smart Grids. Cinar, Mehmet; Kaygusuz, Asim Feb 1, 2020 5803
Efficient Payload Compression in IP-based Wireless Sensor Network: Algorithmic Analysis and Implementation. Islam, Md. Motaharul; Soualihou, Ngnamsie N.; Siddiquee, Arham A. Jan 1, 2020 5530
Spectral Three-Term Constrained Conjugate Gradient Algorithm for Function Minimizations. Ahmed, Huda I.; Kawaz, Rana Z. Al-; Bayati, Abbas Y. Al- Jan 1, 2020 2208
SDN-Based Centralized Downlink Scheduling with Multiple APs Cooperation in WLANs. Lei, Jianjun; Wang, Ying; Xia, Ying Jan 1, 2020 9620
Research on Loading and Unloading Resource Scheduling and Optimization of Rail-Road Transportation in Container Terminal Based on "Internet +"--for Ghana Container Port Development Planning. Zhang, Qi; Kwabla, Adjei Courage; Zhuang, Yanhui; Ling, Mingjun; Wei, Yuguang; Yang, Hao Jan 1, 2020 7689
Design, Optimization, and Experiment on a Bioinspired Jumping Robot with a Six-Bar Leg Mechanism Based on Jumping Stability. Zhang, Ziqiang; Chang, Bin; Zhao, Jing; Yang, Qi; Liu, Xingkun Jan 1, 2020 11266
Modified Atom Search Optimization Based on Immunologic Mechanism and Reinforcement Learning. Fu, Yanming; Li, Zhuohang; Qu, Chiwen; Chen, Haiqiang Jan 1, 2020 13333
A New Iterative Algorithm Based on Correction of Sensitivity Matrix for Electrical Resistance Tomography. Chen, Yutong; Han, Yan; Yang, Wuqiang; Li, Kun Jan 1, 2020 4376
Analysis on Guide Vane Closure Schemes of High-Head Pumped Storage Unit during Pump Outage Condition. Zhang, Yuquan; Xu, Yanhe; Zheng, Yuan; Rodriguez, E. Fernandez; Liu, Huiwen; Feng, Jun Jan 1, 2020 5581
Optimization of Interplanetary Trajectories Using the Colliding Bodies Optimization Algorithm. Del Monte, Marco; Meles, Raffaele; Circi, Christian Jan 1, 2020 5808
Characteristic Analysis and Optimal Regulation of Primary Frequency Regulation Condition in Low Water Head Area Based on Hydraulic-Mechanical-Electrical Coupling Model of Pumped Storage Unit. Lv, Cong; Xu, Yanhe; Wu, Xin; Zhang, Qing Jan 1, 2020 9049
Markov Chain Monte Carlo Based Energy Use Behaviors Prediction of Office Occupants. Yan, Qiao; Liu, Xiaoqian; Deng, Xiaoping; Peng, Wei; Zhang, Guiqing Report Jan 1, 2020 7686
A Magnetometer-Only Attitude Determination Strategy for Small Satellites: Design of the Algorithm and Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing. Carletta, Stefano; Teofilatto, Paolo; Farissi, M. Salim Technical report Jan 1, 2020 7950
Genetic Algorithm Optimization Analysis for Temperature Control System using Cascade Control Loop Model. Chew, I.M.; Wong, F.; Bono, A.; Nandong, J.; Wong, K.I. Jan 1, 2020 4642
Dynamic Synchronous Phasor Measurement Algorithm Based on Compressed Sensing. Yu, Huanan; Li, Yongxin; Du, Yao Jan 1, 2020 6813
An Adaptive Watermark Detection Algorithm for Vector Geographic Data. Wang, Yingying; Yang, Chengsong; Ren, Na; Zhu, Changqing; Rui, Ting; Wang, Dong Jan 1, 2020 6725
Dragonfly Algorithm and Its Applications in Applied Science Survey. Rahman, Chnoor M.; Rashid, Tarik A. Dec 31, 2019 16120
Performance Analysis of Target Depth Classification Algorithm Based on Sea Experiment Data. Zhao, Anbang; Bi, Xuejie; Li, Nansong; Zhang, Minghui; Piao, Shengchun Dec 31, 2019 7993
A Two-Layer Task Assignment Algorithm for UAV Swarm Based on Feature Weight Clustering. Fu, Xiaowei; Feng, Peng; Li, Bin; Gao, Xiaoguang Dec 31, 2019 7378
Pose Estimation of a Noncooperative Target Based on Monocular Visual SLAM. Lei, Ting; Liu, Xiao-Feng; Cai, Guo-Ping; Liu, Yun-Meng; Liu, Pan Dec 31, 2019 7722
Application of Improved Naive Bayesian-CNN Classification Algorithm in Sandstorm Prediction in Inner Mongolia. Tiancheng, Li; Qing-dao-er-ji, Ren; Ying, Qiu Dec 31, 2019 5751
General Improvements of Heuristic Algorithms for Low Complexity DOA Estimation. Chen, Haihua; Li, Haoran; Yang, Mingyang; Xiang, Changbo; Suzuki, Masakiyo Dec 31, 2019 5654
EPVNE: An Efficient Parallelizable Virtual Network Embedding Algorithm. Li, Yuanzhen; Zhang, Yingyu Report Dec 31, 2019 7661
Application of Kriging Algorithm Based on ACFPSO in Geomagnetic Data Interpolation. Zhou, Zhijian; Zhang, Meng; Wang, Yanzhang; Wang, Chao; Ma, Ming Dec 31, 2019 5070
GMM-MUD: An Effective Multiuser Detection Algorithm for DS-UWB-Based Space Formation Flying Systems. Ma, Bo; Wu, Mingyang; Wu, Zhilu; Yin, Zhendong; Shen, Tao Dec 31, 2019 5678
A Simplified Inverse Dynamics Modelling Method for a Novel Rehabilitation Exoskeleton with Parallel Joints and Its Application to Trajectory Tracking. Fang, Qianqian; Li, Ge; Xu, Tian; Zhao, Jie; Cai, Hegao; Zhu, Yanhe Dec 31, 2019 5528
Combined Economic and Emission Dispatch Problem of Wind-Thermal Power System Using Gravitational Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm. Jiang, Shanhe; Zhang, Chaolong; Wu, Wenjin; Chen, Shijun Dec 31, 2019 14434
A New System Reliability Optimization Model Based on Swapping Existing Components. Li, Yuxiong; Huang, Xianzhen; En, Xinong; Ding, Pengfei Dec 31, 2019 7988
Tikhonov Regularized Variable Projection Algorithms for Separable Nonlinear Least Squares Problems. Fu, Zhengqing; Guo, Lanlan Dec 31, 2019 5103
Traffic Model and On-Ramp Metering Strategy under Foggy Weather Conditions Using T-S Fuzzy Systems. Sun, Changle; Gao, Hongyan Dec 31, 2019 7867
Generic Controller Adaptive Load Balancing (GCALB) for SDN Networks. Aly, Wael Hosny Fouad Dec 31, 2019 4867
Environment Mapping Algorithm Using Semantic Description and Constrained Delaunay Triangulation. Figurowski, Daniel; Dworak, Pawel Dec 1, 2019 2860
In-Field Estimation of Orange Number and Size by 3D Laser Scanning. Mendez, Valeriano; Perez-Romero, Antonio; Sola-Guirado, Ruben; Miranda-Fuentes, Antonio; Manzano-Agu Dec 1, 2019 8163
Influential Node Identification in Command and Control Networks Based on Integral k-Shell. Wang, Yunming; Chen, Bo; Li, Weidong; Zhang, Duoping Nov 30, 2019 10619
Gaussian Quantum Bat Algorithm with Direction of Mean Best Position for Numerical Function Optimization. Huang, Xingwang; Li, Chaopeng; Pu, Yunming; He, Bingyan Nov 30, 2019 8379
A Novel Signal Detection Algorithm for Underwater MIMO-OFDM Systems Based on Generalized MMSE. Zhao, Gaoli; Wang, Jianping; Chen, Wei; Song, Junping Nov 30, 2019 5752
Size Projection Algorithm: Optimal Thresholding Value Selection for Image Segmentation of Electrical Impedance Tomography. Li, Kun; Yang, Na; Wang, Jian; Han, Yan; Nie, Peng-Fei; Zhang, Min Nov 30, 2019 5758
Mechanical Characteristics of Fully Grouted and Antiseismic Bolts considering Transverse Deformation in Underground Caverns. Yang, Buyun; Xiao, Ming; Liu, Guoqing; Chen, Juntao Nov 30, 2019 8088
Artificial Bee Colony Optimization of NOx Emission and Reheat Steam Temperature in a 1000MW Boiler. Gao, Xian-hua; Su, Zhi-gang Nov 30, 2019 8506
Parameter Sensitivity and Inversion Analysis for a Concrete Face Rockfill Dam Based on CS-BPNN. Chen, Yue; Gu, Chongshi; Shao, Chenfei; Qin, Xiangnan Nov 30, 2019 6794
Correlation Analysis Algorithm-Based Multiple-Input Single-Output Wiener Model with Output Noise. Jia, Li; Li, Yangyang; Li, Feng Nov 30, 2019 7363
Loading Capability Enhancement of Existing Unbalanced Distribution System with Distributed Generation. Gupta, Atma Ram; Kumar, Ashwani; Kumar, Amit Nov 1, 2019 5724
Peak Points Detection Using Spline Interpolation Based on FPGA Implementation. Colak, Alperen Mustafa; Manabe, Taito; Kamasaka, Ryo; Shibata, Yuichiro; Kurokawa, Fujio Nov 1, 2019 5594
Hybrid Artificial Neural Network by Using Differential Search Algorithm for Solving Power Flow Problem. Abaci, Kadir; Yamacli, Volkan Nov 1, 2019 5425
Reproducibility Experimentation among Computer-Aided Inspection Software from a Single Point Cloud. Jbira, Ibtissem; Tahan, Antoine; Bonsaint, Serge; Mahjoub, Mohamed Ali; Louhichi, Borhen Oct 31, 2019 5892
Stochastic Inversion Method for Concrete Dams on the Basis of Bayesian Back Analysis Theory. Gu, Chongshi; Cao, Xin; Xu, Bo Oct 31, 2019 6284
Robust Optimization of Industrial Process Operation Parameters Based on Data-Driven Model and Parameter Fluctuation Analysis. Li, Taifu; Liao, Zhiqiang Oct 31, 2019 4851
CAD Model Segmentation Algorithm Using the Fusion of PERT and Spectral Technology. Hao, Li; Mo, Rong; Wei, Binbin Oct 31, 2019 6764
Multiobjective Intelligent Cooperative Design for the Multilayer Interference Fit. Ning, Ke; Wang, Jianmei; Jiang, Hongwei; Xiang, Dan; Hou, Dingbang Oct 31, 2019 7558
Picking Path Optimization of Agaricus bisporus Picking Robot. Hu, Xiaomei; Pan, Zhaoren; Lv, Shunke Oct 31, 2019 10596
DSLA: Dynamic Sampling Localization Algorithm Based on Virtual Anchor Node. Chen, Yanru; Yan, Bingshu; Wei, Liangxiong; Guo, Min; Yin, Feng; Luo, Qian; Wang, Wei; Chen, Liangyi Report Oct 1, 2019 7985
Optimal Design of Multiband Microstrip Antennas by Self-Renewing Fitness Estimation of Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm. Fan, Xiaohong; Tian, Yubo; Zhao, Yi Sep 30, 2019 4945
Control Design of the Wave Compensation System Based on the Genetic PID Algorithm. Zhou, Mingjian; Wang, Yuqin; Wu, Haibing Sep 30, 2019 6344
Numerical Simulation Virtual Test of Torsion Shear for Asphalt Mixture. Xie, Jun; Yang, Yougang Sep 30, 2019 8239
A Novel Trust Model Based on Node Recovery Technique for WSN. Qi, Ping; Wang, Fucheng; Hong, Shu Sep 30, 2019 7835
Multiobjective Optimization Design for Structural Parameters of TBM Disc Cutter Rings Based on FAHP and SAMPGA. Lin, Laikuang; Xia, Yimin; Wu, Dun Sep 30, 2019 9625
Angular and CP-Violation Analyses of [bar.B] [right arrow] [D.sup.*+] [l.sup.-][[bar.v].sub.l] Decays at Hadron Collider Experiments. Marangotto, Daniele Sep 30, 2019 11495
Seismic Damage and Collapse Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Frame Structures Using a Component-Classification Weighted Algorithm. Su, Jizhi; Liu, Boquan; Xing, Guohua; Ma, Yudong; Huang, Jiao Sep 30, 2019 12665
Wind Turbine Clustering Algorithm of Large Offshore Wind Farms considering Wake Effects. Zhang, Binbin; Liu, Jun Sep 30, 2019 3443
Indoor Path Planning using Harmonic Functions via Half-Sweep Arithmetic Mean Method. Saudi, Azali; Sulaiman, Jumat Sep 1, 2019 2936
A Constrained Multi-objective Computation Offloading Algorithm in the Mobile Cloud Computing Environment. Liu, Li; Du, Yuanyuan; Fan, Qi Sep 1, 2019 6925
Performance Analysis of Modified Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm for Multi-document Summarization Problem. Rautray, Rasmita; Dash, Rasmita; Dash, Rajashree Report Sep 1, 2019 5187
Multi-objective Comprehensive Optimal Management of Construction Projects Based on Particle Algorithm. Wang, Zijing Report Sep 1, 2019 3819
Comparing Predictive Performances of TreeBased Data Mining Algorithms and MARS Algorithm in the Prediction of Live Body Weight from Body Traits in Pakistan Goats. Celik, Senol Report Aug 31, 2019 5131
Numerical Simulation Study on Flow and Fracture of Granular Materials. Liu, Mingqing; Liu, Jun; Liu, Guangkun; Shan, Peng; Xiao, Zhimin; Zhao, Futian Report Aug 31, 2019 7956
Three-Dimensional Localization Algorithm of WSN Nodes Based on RSSI-TOA and Single Mobile Anchor Node. Zhang, Lieping; Yang, Zhenyu; Zhang, Shenglan; Yang, Huanhuan Aug 31, 2019 4995
Improved Malware Detection Model with Apriori Association Rule and Particle Swarm Optimization. Adebayo, Olawale Surajudeen; Aziz, Normaziah Abdul Aug 31, 2019 7522
Open-Closed-Loop PD Iterative Learning Control with a Variable Forgetting Factor for a Two-Wheeled Self-Balancing Mobile Robot. Dong, Jian; He, Bin; Zhang, Chenghong; Li, Gang Aug 31, 2019 4034
Universal Algorithm Set to Boost Microscopes. Aug 27, 2019 513
A Novel Power Curve Modeling Framework for Wind Turbines. Yesilbudak, Mehmet Aug 1, 2019 9652
Estimation of Spatial Channel Model in a Wireless Ultra-Wide-Area Backhaul Network using the Deterministic Ray Tube Method. Yun, Daljae; Kim, Youngdam; Jung, Inil; Jung, Haewon; Kang, Hoon Aug 1, 2019 3921
Structure of conflict graphs in constrained alignment problems and algorithms. Alkan, Ferhat; Biyikoglu, Turker; Demange, Marc; Erten, Cesim Report Aug 1, 2019 19598
Symmetry Properties of Nested Canalyzing Functions. Rosenkrantz, Daniel J.; Marathe, Madhav V.; Ravi, S.S.; Stearns, Richard E. Report Aug 1, 2019 9947
An Improved Convolutional Neural Network Algorithm and Its Application in Multilabel Image Labeling. Cao, Jianfang; Wu, Chenyan; Chen, Lichao; Cui, Hongyan; Feng, Guoqing Report Jul 31, 2019 7110
Harvested Energy Maximization of SWIPT System with Popularity Cache Scheme in Dense Small Cell Networks. Peng, Xuefei; Li, Jiandong Jul 31, 2019 6273
Distributed Link Scheduling Algorithm Based on Successive Interference Cancellation in MIMO Wireless Networks. Wu, Junhua; Lin, Dandan; Li, Guangshun; Liu, Yuncui; Yin, Yanmin Jul 31, 2019 8377
An Improved KF-RBF Based Estimation Algorithm for Coverage Control with Unknown Density Function. Zuo, Lei; Yan, Maode; Guo, Yaoren; Ma, Wenrui Jul 31, 2019 6968
An Improved Squirrel Search Algorithm for Optimization. Zheng, Tongyi; Luo, Weili Jul 31, 2019 13657
A State Feedback Controller Based on GCC Algorithm against Wind-Induced Motion for High-Rise Buildings with Parametric Uncertainties. Li, Zuohua; Chen, Chaojun; Teng, Jun; Dong, Junkai; Lin, Beichun Jul 31, 2019 5946
Vibration Control of Blade Section Based on Sliding Mode PI Tracking Method and OPC Technology. Liu, Tingrui Jul 31, 2019 5985
Exploring Multicriteria Elicitation Model Based on Pairwise Comparisons: Building an Interactive Preference Adjustment Algorithm. Vasconcelos, Giancarllo Ribeiro; Mota, Caroline Maria de Miranda Jul 31, 2019 10683
Spatial Reasoning Based on 3D-ICSRM Model. Liu, Yongshan; Gong, Xiang; Kong, Dehan Jul 31, 2019 5721
Parameter Identification and State of Charge Estimation of NMC Cells Based on Improved Ant Lion Optimizer. Zhang, Kai; Ma, Jian; Zhao, Xuan; Liu, Xiaodong; Zhang, Yixi Jul 31, 2019 9921
A Robust Bias-Correction Fuzzy Weighted C-Ordered-Means Clustering Algorithm. Zhang, Wenyuan; Huang, Tianyu; Chen, Jun Jul 31, 2019 11203
Superresolution 2D DOA Estimation for a Rectangular Array via Reweighted Decoupled Atomic Norm Minimization. Liu, Ming-Ming; Dong, Chun-Xi; Dong, Yang-Yang; Zhao, Guo-Qing Jul 31, 2019 8460
An Improved Critical-Edge Model for Finding Optimal Contraflow Links Considering the Influence of Intersections. Mo, Junwen; Gao, Mingxia; Liu, Liqiao Report Jul 31, 2019 4398
Backbone colouring and algorithms for TDMA scheduling. Bensmail, Julien; Blanc, Thibaut; Cohen, Nathann; Havet, Frederic; Rocha, Leonardo Report Jul 1, 2019 15850
A New Algorithm to Measure the Convergence of PSO with an Application to Hydronic Design in Buildings. Bravo, Ramiro H.; Flocker, Forrest W. Jul 1, 2019 5234
An Improved Convergence Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm with Random Sampling of Control Parameters. Sun, Lijun; Song, Xiaodong; Chen, Tianfei Jun 30, 2019 5500
Recurrent Neural Network-Based Model Predictive Control for Multiple Unmanned Quadrotor Formation Flight. Zhang, Boyang; Sun, Xiuxia; Liu, Shuguang; Deng, Xiongfeng Jun 30, 2019 8940
Adaptive Electromagnetic Field Optimization Algorithm for the Solar Cell Parameter Identification Problem. Kucukoglu, Ilker Jun 30, 2019 12100
An Improved Grey Wolf Optimization Algorithm with Variable Weights. Gao, Zheng-Ming; Zhao, Juan Jun 30, 2019 8116
A Modified Dragonfly Optimization Algorithm for Single- and Multiobjective Problems Using Brownian Motion. Aci, Cigdem Inan; Gulcan, Hakan Jun 30, 2019 10782
Multiobjective Optimal Control for Hydraulic Turbine Governing System Based on an Improved MOGWO Algorithm. Xia, Xin; Ji, Jie; Li, Chao-Shun; Xue, Xiaoming; Wang, Xiaolu; Zhang, Chu Jun 30, 2019 6352
A Quaternion-Based Robust Adaptive Spherical Simplex Unscented Particle Filter for MINS/VNS/GNS Integrated Navigation System. Jia, Ke; Pei, Yifei; Gao, Zhaohui; Zhong, Yongmin; Gao, Shesheng; Wei, Wenhui; Hu, Gaoge Jun 30, 2019 7581
Multiobjective Simulated Annealing: Principles and Algorithm Variants. Amine, Khalil Jun 30, 2019 9221
Raindrop Size Distribution Retrieval Using Joint Dual-Frequency and Dual-Polarization Microwave Links. Song, Kun; Liu, Xichuan; Gao, Taichang; He, Binsheng Jun 30, 2019 4884
Semi-Active Vibration Control of a Non-Collocated Civil Structure using Evolutionary-Based BELBIC. Cesar, Manuel Braz; Coelho, Joao Paulo; Goncalves, Jose Jun 1, 2019 8164
Physical Match. Naiman, Aaron E.; Farber, Eliav; Stein, Yossi Jun 1, 2019 5810
Improved CoSaMP Reconstruction Algorithm Based on Residual Update. Lu, Dongxue; Sun, Guiling; Li, Zhouzhou; Wang, Shijie Jun 1, 2019 2482

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