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Boris Johnson says there was 'no interest to declare' over pal Jennifer Arcuri; The PM dodged five questions over his relationship with the model turned tech entrepreneur before giving his answer. Mikey Smith Sep 29, 2019 387
Vany Vicious' story of becoming a leading tattoo model and entrepreneur from an anxious teen. Sep 3, 2019 517
MODELLING INTERNATIONALIZATION OF HIGH GROWTH FIRMS: MICRO LEVEL APPROACH. Korsakiene, Renata; Kozak, Vratislav; Bekesiene, Svajone; Smaliukiene, Rasa Jan 1, 2019 10497
Love Island's Megan Barton-Hanson posts naked videos of herself online for [pounds sterling]15 a month; The entrepreneurial model, 24, has been making cash from posing for x-rated videos and photos online. Jun 10, 2018 399
UNN gears towards replicating foreign science model. Feb 11, 2018 302
Access to finance: innovative firms' perceptions in post-transition EU members. Botric, Valerija; Bozic, Ljiljana Jan 1, 2017 7143
Instructional cases: introduction to the special issue. Sherman, Herbert Column Jun 1, 2016 1915
Case study of institutional growth in entrepreneurship at Medgar Evers College. Billy, Iris; Egbe, Emmanuel; Rolle, JoAnn; Knox, Edwin; Ford, Wallace; Karsh, Becky Report Jun 1, 2016 5101
Bahrain entrepreneurship model approved by Cyprus. Jan 22, 2015 245
Model for measuring the entrepreneurship of the population/Gyventoju verslumo matavimo modelis. Beinoraite, Sarune; Drejeris, Rolandas Report Sep 1, 2014 5682
The emergence of evidence-based entrepreneurship. Frese, Michael; Rousseau, Denise M.; Wiklund, Johan Report Mar 1, 2014 3707
The relationship between entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurial intentions: a meta-analytic review. Bae, Tae Jun; Qian, Shanshan; Miao, Chao; Fiet, James O. Report Mar 1, 2014 17426
On cultural and macroeconomic contingencies of the entrepreneurial orientation-performance relationship. Saeed, Saadat; Yousafzai, Shumaila Y.; Engelen, Andreas Report Mar 1, 2014 20206
Determinants of entrepreneurial intent: a meta-analytic test and integration of competing models. Schlaegel, Christopher; Koenig, Michael Report Mar 1, 2014 21228
A qualitative approach to evidence-based entrepreneurship: theoretical considerations and an example involving business clusters. Rauch, Andreas; van Doorn, Robert; Hulsink, Willem Report Mar 1, 2014 16691
Creating the future together: toward a framework for research synthesis in entrepreneurship. van Burg, Elco; Romme, A. Georges L. Report Mar 1, 2014 13572
Shouting from the ivory tower: a marketing approach to improve communication of academic research to entrepreneurs. Steffens, Paul R.; Weeks, Clinton S.; Davidsson, Per; Isaak, Lauren Report Mar 1, 2014 13052
Joint pricing and purchasing decisions for the dual-channel newsvendor model with partial information. Zhou, Jixiang; Wang, Yong; Yan, Xiaoming Report Jan 1, 2014 7245
UN to discuss Bahrain Model programme. Jun 5, 2013 138
Entrepreneurship in the informal economy; models, approaches and prospects for economic development. Brief article Apr 1, 2013 183
A causal model of the entrepreneurial intentions of college students. Trebar, Robert J. Jan 1, 2013 4056
A research proposal to examine entrepreneurship in family business. Duran-Encalada, Jorge A.; San Martin-Reyna, Juan M.; Montiel-Campos, Hector Jul 1, 2012 7964
Matt hopes to be model for entrepreneurs. Apr 22, 2011 406
A commentary on Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (ed. Wim Naude). Strom, Robert J. Critical essay Apr 1, 2011 1624
The entrepreneurship-innovation nexus in Development. Naude, Wim; Szirmai, Adam Report Mar 1, 2011 2260
Toward a systematic framework for an entrepreneurial university: a study in Iranian context with an IPOO model. Salamzadeh, Aidin; Salamzadeh, Yashar; Daraei, Mohammad Reza Report Jan 1, 2011 3222
Knowledge diffusion and innovation; modelling complex entrepreneurial behaviours. Book review Nov 1, 2010 137
Poverty, entrepreneurship, and development. Chang, Ha-Joon Report Oct 1, 2010 2245
Utilizing the Technology Acceptance Model to assess the employee adoption of information systems security measures. Jones, Cynthia M.; McCarthy, Richard V.; Halawi, Leila Technical report Apr 1, 2010 4925
A psychological model of entrepreneurial decision making. Miao, Qing; Liu, Ling Report Apr 1, 2010 1677
Moving ideas from academia to marketplace. Gwynne, Peter Nov 1, 2009 1491
Small-business group formation as an entrepreneurial development model. Lechner, Christian; Leyronas, Christophe Report May 1, 2009 11394
Individual entrepreneurial intent: construct clarification and development of an internationally reliable metric. Thompson, Edmund R. Report May 1, 2009 14919
Intuition versus analysis? Testing differential models of cognitive style on entrepreneurial self-efficacy and the new venture creation process. Kickul, Jill; Gundry, Lisa K.; Barbosa, Saulo D.; Whitcanack, Laney Report Mar 1, 2009 7212
Suggestions for the New Social Entrepreneurship Initiative: Focus on Building a Body of Research-Proven Programs, Shown to Produce Major Gains in Education, Poverty Reduction, Crime Prevention, and Other Areas. Report Jan 1, 2009 128
Conceptualizing corporate entrepreneurship strategy. Ireland, R. Duane; Covin, Jeffrey G.; Kuratko, Donald F. Jan 1, 2009 13618
Applying the stewards of place model: integrating teaching, research and service through entrepreneurship education. White, Rebecca J.; Hertz, Giles T.; D'Souza, Rodney R. Jan 1, 2004 4133
A new methodology for modeling entrepreneurial activity: Genetic Algorithms. (Anthology). Ortega, Raquel Jun 1, 2003 439
Exploring the practice of corporate venturing: some common forms and their organizational implications. Miles, Morgan P.; Covin, Jeffrey G. Mar 22, 2002 9733
The economic philosophy of Marcus Garvey. Carter, Shawn Mar 22, 2002 3099
Model of corporate entrepreneurship: intrapreneurship and exopreneurship. Chang, Jane Jan 1, 2000 11673
Entrepreneurial environmentalism: a new approach for the new millennium. Blumenauer, Earl Jan 1, 2000 6192
The Pursuit of Managerial Entrepreneurship: Does Organization Matter? Moon, Myung Jae Jan 1, 1999 8668
Competitive advantage through specialty franchising. Preble, John F.; Hoffman, Richard C. Jan 1, 1998 6310
Metaphors and mental models: sensemaking and sensegiving in innovative and entrepreneurial activities. Hill Robert C.; Levenhagen, Michael Nov 1, 1995 7818
The entrepreneurial decision: economic theory and empirical evidence. Eisenhauer, Joseph G. Jun 22, 1995 6633
Entrepreneurial processes as virtuous and vicious spirals in a changing opportunity structure: a paradoxical perspective. Ropo, Arja; Hunt, James G. Mar 22, 1995 9301
Environments for entrepreneurship development: key dimensions and research implications. Gnyawali, Devi R.; Fogel, Daniel S. Jun 22, 1994 7618
The influence of self-efficacy on the development of entrepreneurial intentions and actions. Boyd, Nancy G.; Vozikis, George S. Jun 22, 1994 6334
A conceptual model of entrepreneurship as firm behavior: a critique and extension. Zahra, Shaker A. Jun 22, 1993 5860
A network model of organization formation. Larson, Andrea; Starr, Jennifer A. Jan 1, 1993 4685
An interactive model of the corporate entrepreneurship process. Hornsby, Jeffrey S.; Naffziger, Douglas W.; Kuratko, Donald F.; Montagno, Ray V. Jan 1, 1993 3806
A model of venture creation in new industries. VanderWerf, Pieter A. Jan 1, 1993 4247

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