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HBKU-CSE professor applies game theory to solve PPE supply challenges. Feb 3, 2021 528
SOCMTD: Selecting Optimal Countermeasure for Moving Target Defense Using Dynamic Game. Hu, Hao; Liu, Jing; Tan, Jinglei; Liu, Jiang Report Oct 1, 2020 8205
Studying Political Violence Using Game Theory Models: Research Approaches and Assumptions. Wajzer, MateuszaCukier-Sygula, Monika Report Jun 1, 2020 5762
Multi-UUV Cooperative Dynamic Maneuver Decision-Making Algorithm Using Intuitionistic Fuzzy Game Theory. Liu, Lu; Zhang, Lichuan; Zhang, Shuo; Cao, Sheng May 31, 2020 5861
A Naming Game-Based Method for the Location of Information Source in Social Networks. Yang, Xue; Zhu, Zhiliang; Yu, Hai; Zhao, Yuli May 31, 2020 4885
Optimal Reinsurance-Investment Problem under a CEV Model: Stochastic Differential Game Formulation. Li, Danping; Chen, Ruiqing; Li, Cunfang May 31, 2020 7903
Complexity Analysis of a 3-Player Game with Bounded Rationality Participating in Nitrogen Emission Reduction. Zhang, Jixiang; Xi, Xuan May 31, 2020 7784
Research on Ecological Restoration Mechanism of Rare-Earth Mines Based on Evolutionary Game. Yan, Guangli; Xue, Fei; Li, Zhongxue Apr 30, 2020 7745
Evolutionary Game Dynamics of the Competitive Information Propagation on Social Networks. Yang, Xue; Zhu, Zhiliang; Yu, Hai; Zhao, Yuli; Guo, Li Jan 1, 2020 6956
The Race Card: From Gaming Technologies to Model Minorities. Brief article Jan 1, 2020 118
Investigations of Nonlinear Triopoly Models with Different Mechanisms. Askar, S.S.; khedhairi, A. Al- Dec 31, 2019 6569
Optimal Network Defense Strategy Selection Based on Markov Bayesian Game. Wang, Zengguang; Lu, Yu; Li, Xi; Nie, Wei Nov 1, 2019 10535
A Bankruptcy Game for Optimize Caching Resource Allocation in Small Cell Networks. Zhang, Liying; Wang, Gang; Wang, Fuxiang May 1, 2019 7550
IAR-GT: An Incentive Aware Routing based on Game Theory for Selfish Opportunistic Networks. Li, Li; Zhong, Xiaoxiong; Jiang, Yong Report Jan 1, 2019 7678
When Immediate Responses Fail. Dothan, Shai Oct 1, 2018 14954
Evolutionary game theory-based power control for uplink NOMA. Riaz, Sidra; Kim, Jihwan; Park, Unsang Jun 1, 2018 4611
Network Security Situation Assessment Method Based on Markov Game Model. Li, Xi; Lu, Yu; Liu, Sen; Nie, Wei Report May 1, 2018 4654
Hybrid-clustering game Algorithm for Resource Allocation in Macro-Femto HetNet. Ye, Fang; Dai, Jing; Li, Yibing Report Apr 1, 2018 6957
Research on Taxi Driver Strategy Game Evolution with Carpooling Detour. Zhang, Wei; He, Ruichun; Ma, Changxi; Gao, Mingxia Jan 1, 2018 5494
A Privacy Protection Model of Data Publication Based on Game Theory. Kuang, Li; Zhu, Yujia; Li, Shuqi; Yan, Xuejin; Yan, Han; Deng, Shuiguang Jan 1, 2018 7973
A Novel Differential Game Model-Based Intrusion Response Strategy in Fog Computing. An, Xingshuo; Lin, Fuhong; Xu, Shenggang; Miao, Li; Gong, Chao Jan 1, 2018 4718
Dynamic Price Competition between a Macrocell Operator and a Small Cell Operator: A Differential Game Model. Romero, Julian; Sanchis-Cano, Angel; Guijarro, Luis Jan 1, 2018 6263
Optimization of the Pricing Strategies between Container Terminals under Deregulation. Dong, Gang Jan 1, 2018 7069
Credibilistic Loss Aversion Nash Equilibrium for Bimatrix Games with Triangular Fuzzy Payoffs. Cui, Chunsheng; Feng, Zhongwei; Tan, Chunqiao Jan 1, 2018 9080
The Impact of Price on the Profits of Fishermen Exploiting Tritrophic Prey-Predator Fish Populations. Bentounsi, Meriem; Agmour, Imane; Achtaich, Naceur; Foutayeni, Youssef El Report Jan 1, 2018 4775
Extension Model for Safety Appraisal of Existing Concrete Members Based on an Improved Comprehensive Weighting Method. Zhou, Hengyu; Yuan, Yongbo; Liu, Chenlong; Wu, Chao; Zhang, Mingyuan Report Jan 1, 2018 9662
Multiparty Evolutionary Game Model in Coal Mine Safety Management and Its Application. Lu, Rongwu; Wang, Xinhua; Yu, Hao; Li, Dan Jan 1, 2018 7328
Entropy based Multi-objective Matrix Game Model with Fuzzy Goals. Samanta, Bablu Report May 1, 2017 3226
Sustainable equilibrium in a stock market: Agent-based modeling with evolutionary game theory applied to traders. Karabiyik, Tugba; Akal, Orhan; Aktas, Elvan Report Mar 22, 2017 8464
Queuing Game Theory Based Optimal Routing Scheme for Heterogeneous Users over Space Information Networks. Guo, Chao; Gong, Cheng; Xu, Haitao; Yao, Zhiyong Report Jan 1, 2017 5437
Study on Selfish Node Incentive Mechanism with a Forward Game Node in Wireless Sensor Networks. Jaoufi, Mohammed Ahmed Ahmed Al-; Liu, Yun; Zhang, Zhen-Jiang; Uden, Lorna Jan 1, 2017 7495
Optimal Computing Resource Management Based on Utility Maximization in Mobile Crowdsourcing. Meng, Haoyu; Zhu, Ying; Deng, Ruilong Report Jan 1, 2017 6776
Studying Different Pricing Schemes Using Different Game Models in CRN: Market-Equilibrium and Non-Cooperative Model. Salem, A. Abdelaziz; Shokair, Mona; Elkordy, Mohamed; El Halafawy, Said Sep 1, 2016 4427
A Novel Target Tracking Algorithm for Simultaneous Measurements of Radar and Infrared Sensors. Ghazal, Milad; Doustmohammadi, Ali Aug 1, 2016 5728
Agent-Based Modeling. Khazaii, Javad Feb 1, 2016 1103
Equilibrium Investment Strategy for DC Pension Plan with Inflation and Stochastic Income under Heston's SV Model. Sun, Jingyun; Li, Zhongfei; Li, Yongwu Report Jan 1, 2016 8669
Monetary neutrality under evolutionary dominance of bounded rationality. Lima, Gilberto Tadeu; Silveira, Jaylson Jair Report Apr 1, 2015 17929
Evolutionary game theoretic modeling and repetition of media distributed shared in P2P-based VANET. Wu, Di; Liu, He; Bi, Yingrong; Zhu, Hongsong Report Jan 1, 2014 8734
The OSI network model explained. Barker, David Oct 1, 2012 1031
To copy or not to copy, that is the question: the game theory approach to protecting fashion designs. Wong, Tedmond Mar 1, 2012 22449
Modelling in healthcare. Brief article Dec 1, 2010 124
The magic circle; principles of gaming & simulation, 3d rev.ed. Book review Aug 1, 2010 192
Dynamic noncooperative game models for deregulated electricity markets. Book review May 1, 2010 145
Models of conflict and cooperation. Brief article Mar 1, 2010 101
The role of reciprocity in international law. Parisi, Francesco; Ghei, Nita Mar 22, 2003 13460
Equilibria in Campaign Spending Games: Theory and Data. ERIKSON, ROBERT S.; PALFREY, THOMAS R. Sep 1, 2000 11475
Abstention in elections with asymmetric information and diverse preferences. Feddersen, Timothy J.; Pesendorfer, Wolfgang Jun 1, 1999 15614
Game theory and professional mixed-strategy models. Flanagan, Thomas Jun 1, 1998 5998
Two-stage R&D competition: an elasticity characterization. Vonortas, Nicholas S. Apr 1, 1996 2907
Wage and employment negotiations between a union and a firm in a dynamic context. Bandyopadhyay, Sudeshna C. Oct 1, 1995 4813

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