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Disturbance Observer-Based Discrete Sliding-Mode Control for a Marine Diesel Engine with Variable Sampling Control Technique. Li, Xuemin; Liu, Yufei; Shu, Haoyu; Wang, Runzhi; Yang, Yunlong; Feng, Chunyue Jul 31, 2020 8970
Numerical Analysis of Self-Excited Combustion Instabilities in a Small MMH/NTO Liquid Rocket Engine. Qin, Jianxiu; Zhang, Huiqiang Jul 31, 2020 10066
Numerical Investigation of Water Film Evaporation with the Countercurrent Air in the Asymmetric Heating Rectangular Channel for Passive Containment Cooling System. Du, Kashuai; Hu, Po; Hu, Zhen Jul 31, 2020 11724
A level set method for simulating wrinkling of extruded viscoelastic sheets. Kabanemi, Kalonji K.; Marcotte, Jean-Philippe Jul 1, 2020 7718
Simulation Research on the Load Transfer Mechanism of Anchoring System in Soft and Hard Composite Rock Strata under Tensile Loading Conditions. Li, Ning; Ma, Zhanguo; Gong, Peng; Qi, Fuzhou; Wang, Tuo; Cheng, Shixing Jun 30, 2020 9122
The Evaluation Model of Network QoS Based on Intelligent Water Droplets Algorithm. Li, Fang; Wang, Yunlan; Li, Peng Jun 30, 2020 4342
A Holling Type II Discrete Switching Host-Parasitoid System with a Nonlinear Threshold Policy for Integrated Pest Management. He, Mengqi; Tang, Sanyi; Cheke, Robert A. Jun 30, 2020 7619
Constitutive Model of Lateral Unloading Creep of Soft Soil under Excess Pore Water Pressure. Huang, Wei; Wen, Kejun; Deng, Xiaojia; Li, Junjie; Jiang, Zhijian; Li, Yang; Li, Lin; Amini, Farshad Jun 30, 2020 5784
Fixed-Time Flocking Problem of a Cucker-Smale Model. Nie, Fen; Liu, Yicheng Jun 30, 2020 2846
Modeling of Complex Geological Body and Computation of Geomagnetic Anomaly. Jia, Zhuo; Liu, Sixin; Cheng, Siyuan; Zhao, Xueran; Zhang, Gongbo Jun 30, 2020 4021
Stability Analysis of a Reaction-Diffusion Heroin Epidemic Model. Zhang, Liang; Xing, Yifan Jun 30, 2020 6664
Theoretical Framework for Creep Effect Analysis of Axially Loaded Short CFST Columns under High Stress Levels. Li, Shiwei; Yang, Yongqing; Wen, Wangqing; Yan, Aiguo Jun 30, 2020 5564
Numerical and Experimental Study on Soil Plug Resistance of Open-Ended Pipe Pile with a Restriction Plate. Guo, Yuan; Dong, Shaoyang; Li, Jiale; Yu, Xiong (Bill) Jun 30, 2020 7509
Modeling the Influence of Nonclinic Visits on the Transmission of Respiratory Diseases. Bao, Yunting; Xu, Yanlong; Qi, Longxing; Zhai, Sulan Jun 30, 2020 5079
Electrical Impedance Tomography-Based Abdominal Subcutaneous Fat Estimation Method Using Deep Learning. Lee, Kyounghun; Yoo, Minha; Jargal, Ariungerel; Kwon, Hyeuknam Jun 30, 2020 8065
Order and Chaos in a Prey-Predator Model Incorporating Refuge, Disease, and Harvesting. Bahlool, Dahlia Khaled; Satar, Huda Abdul; Ibrahim, Hiba Abdullah Jun 30, 2020 9418
Simulation Analysis of Influencing Factors of Subsidence Based on Mining under Huge Loose Strata: A Case Study of Heze Mining Area, China. Zhu, Xianxiang; Zhang, Wenquan; Wang, Zaiyong; Wang, Chenghao; Li, Wei; Wang, Changhao Case study Jun 30, 2020 7823
Design Method and Verification of Electroosmosis-Vacuum Preloading Method for Sand-Interlayered Soft Foundation. Cui, Yunliang; Tu, Jianbo; Wang, Xinquan; Diao, Hongguo; Ge, Qianru Jun 30, 2020 6523
Shear damage mechanism and early warning study of shale standard layer casing/Mecanismo de dano por cizallamiento y estudio de alerta temprana de revestimiento de capa de lutita estandar. Wang, Suling; Wang, Xuefei; Chen, Minzhan; Dong, Kangxing; Jiang, Minzheng; Yang, Lei Jun 1, 2020 3202
Numerical Simulation of Mixed-Mode Fatigue Crack Growth for Compact Tension Shear Specimen. Fageehi, Yahya Ali; Alshoaibi, Abdulnaser M. May 31, 2020 4322
Numerical simulation of fluid-solid coupling in surrounding rock for river stope mining. Yuan, Haiping; Chen, Chenghao; He, Zhongming; Wang, Yixian May 31, 2020 5077
A Spatiotemporal Prey-Predator Discrete Model and Optimal Controls for Environmental Sustainability in the Multifishing Areas of Morocco. Bhih, Amine El; Benfatah, Youssef; Rhila, Soukaina Ben; Rachik, Mostafa; Laaroussi, Adil El Alami May 31, 2020 7385
A Discrete Mathematical Modeling and Optimal Control of the Rumor Propagation in Online Social Network. Bhih, Amine El; Ghazzali, Rachid; Rhila, Soukaina Ben; Rachik, Mostafa; Laaroussi, Adil El Alami May 31, 2020 5821
Dynamics of a Stochastic SIRS Epidemic Model with Regime Switching and Specific Functional Response. Koufi, Amine EL; Bennar, Abdelkrim; Yousfi, Noura May 31, 2020 4626
Integrating Dynamics into Design and Motion Optimization of a 3-PRR Planar Parallel Manipulator with Discrete Time Transfer Matrix Method. Si, Guoning; Chu, Mengqiu; Zhang, Zhuo; Li, Haijie; Zhang, Xuping May 31, 2020 11204
Numerical Investigation of Flow around Two Tandem Identical Trapezoidal Cylinders. Wang, Yupu; Cheng, Wenming; Du, Run; Wang, Shubiao; Deng, Yong May 31, 2020 7718
Polarization Navigation Simulation System and Skylight Compass Method Design Based upon Moment of Inertia. Liang, Huaju; Bai, Hongyang; Liu, Ning; Sui, Xiubao May 31, 2020 6108
Numerical Study on the Characteristics and Effects of Gap Flow in Two Parallel Rotating Disks. Wang, Jin; Xue, Qilong; Liu, Baolin; Li, Fangtao; Zhang, Zonghu Report May 31, 2020 6272
Transient Characteristics of Water-Jet Propulsion with a Screw Mixed Pump during the Startup Process. Han, Wei; Zhang, Teng; Su, You Liang; Chen, Ran; Qiang, Yan; Han, Yang May 31, 2020 4528
Numerical Algorithms for Calculating Temperature, Layered Stress, and Critical Current of Overhead Conductors. Liu, Yongdou; Chen, Zhiwei; Gu, Quan May 31, 2020 8291
Adaptive Predefined Performance Neural Control for Robotic Manipulators with Unknown Dead Zone. Shao, Shifen; Zhang, Kaisheng; Li, Jun; Wang, Jirong May 31, 2020 4539
A Novel Hypogenetic Chaotic Jerk System: Modeling, Circuit Implementation, and Its Application. Liu, Jiancheng; Rajagopal, Karthikeyan; Lei, Tengfei; Kacar, Sezgin; Aricioglu, Burak; Cavusoglu, Un May 31, 2020 4164
Impact of Temperature-Dependent Heat Source/Sink and Variable Species Diffusivity on Radiative Reiner-Philippoff Fluid. Sajid, T.; Sagheer, M.; Hussain, S. May 31, 2020 7613
Determination of an Optimal Oil Jet Nozzle Layout for Helical Gear Lubrication: Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Simulation, and Experimental Validation. Dai, Yu; Jia, Jifu; Ouyang, Bin; Bian, Jianeng May 31, 2020 8329
A Novel Design of a Neural Network-Based Fractional PID Controller for Mobile Robots Using Hybridized Fruit Fly and Particle Swarm Optimization. Ibraheem, Ghusn Abdul Redha; Azar, Ahmad Taher; Ibraheem, Ibraheem Kasim; Humaidi, Amjad J. May 31, 2020 9795
Asymptotic Behavior Analysis of a Fractional-Order Tumor-Immune Interaction Model with Immunotherapy. Yang, Wenbin; Feng, Xiaozhou; Liang, Shuhui; Wang, Xiaojuan May 31, 2020 6144
Asymptotic Dynamics of a Stochastic SIR Epidemic System Affected by Mixed Nonlinear Incidence Rates. Han, Ping; Chang, Zhengbo; Meng, Xinzhu May 31, 2020 6768
[H.sub.[infinity]] Filter Design for Networked Control Systems: A Markovian Jump System Approach. Wang, WanRu; Sun, LianKun; Gu, HongRu Apr 30, 2020 3592
Observer-Based Event-Triggered Circle Formation Control for First- and Second-Order Multiagent Systems. Xu, Peng; Xie, Guangming; Tao, Jin; Xu, Minyi; Zhou, Quan Apr 30, 2020 6282
Threshold Dynamics and Competitive Exclusion in a Virus Infection Model with General Incidence Function and Density-Dependent Diffusion. Tang, Xiaosong; Wang, Zhiwei; Yang, Jianping Apr 30, 2020 8849
The Diffusive Model for West Nile Virus on a Periodically Evolving Domain. Tarboush, Abdelrazig K.; Zhang, Zhengdi Apr 30, 2020 7864
Dynamics of Rabies Epidemics in Vampire Bats. Tian, Liang; Zhang, Juping Apr 30, 2020 5056
Periodic Solution of a Neutral Delay Leslie Predator-Prey Model and the Effect of Random Perturbation on the Smith Growth Model. Li, Tongtong; Zhao, Wencai Apr 30, 2020 6225
Dynamic Complexity of a Phytoplankton-Fish Model with the Impulsive Feedback Control by means of Poincare Map. Li, Dezhao; Liu, Yu; Cheng, Huidong Apr 30, 2020 7668
The Time-Dependent Failure Mechanism of Rocks and Associated Application in Slope Engineering: An Explanation Based on Numerical Investigation. Liu, Honglei; Li, Lianchong; Li, Shaohua; Yang, Weimin Apr 30, 2020 9127
Study and Verification of Large-Scale Parallel Mesh Generation Algorithm for Centrifugal Pump. Dong, Liang; i, Yuhang Zhang; Ge, Zhipeng; Dai, Cui.; Guo, Jinnan Report Apr 30, 2020 6763
Improved Beetle Antennae Search Algorithm-Based Levy Flight for Tuning of PID Controller in Force Control System. Fan, Yuqi; Shao, Junpeng; Sun, Guitao; Shao, Xuan Apr 30, 2020 11093
Digital Instantaneous Frequency Measurement of a Real Sinusoid Based on Three Sub-Nyquist Sampling Channels. Su, Yu; Jiang, Defu Apr 30, 2020 6494
A financial chaotic system control method based on intermittent controller. Lu, Xia Apr 30, 2020 5155
Application of Whale Optimization Algorithm to Inverse Scattering of an Imperfect Conductor with Corners. Lee, Kun-Chou; Lu, Pai-Ting Apr 30, 2020 5143
The Effect of Hamatum Curvature Angle on Carpal Tunnel Volumetry: A Mathematical Simulation Model. Alp, Nazmi Bulent; Kaleli, Tufan; Kalay, Onur Can; Karpat, Fatih; Akdag, Gokhan; Macunluoglu, Asli C Apr 30, 2020 3335
Mathematical Analysis of Rabies Infection. Bornaa, C.S.; Seidu, Baba; Daabo, M.I. Apr 30, 2020 7222
Mitigation Method of Rockfall Hazard on Rock Slope Using Large-Scale Field Tests and Numerical Simulations. Yoon, Jinam; Ban, Hoki; Hwang, Youngcheol; Park, Duhee Apr 30, 2020 2158
Resource Allocation and EE-SE Tradeoff for H-CRAN with NOMA-Based D2D Communications. Wang, Jingpu; Song, Xin; Dong, Li Apr 1, 2020 8443
Annealing Effects on GaAs/Ge Solar Cell after 150 keV Proton Irradiation. Fang, Meihua; Fei, Tao; Bai, Mengying; Guo, Yipan; Lv, Jingpeng; Quan, Ronghui; Lu, Hongbo; Liu, Hui Mar 31, 2020 3929
An Ignored Wind Generates More Electricity: A Solar Updraft Tower to a Wind Solar Tower. Watanabe, Koichi; Fukutomi, Sho; Ohya, Yuji; Uchida, Takanori Mar 31, 2020 3548
Numerical Simulation of the Cooling of Heated Electronic Blocks in Horizontal Channel by Mixed Convection of Nanofluids. Hssain, Mustapha Ait; Mir, Rachid; Hammami, Youness El Mar 31, 2020 4910
Instability Mechanism of Cavity-Bearing Formation under Tunnel Excavation Disturbance. Liu, Tao; Wang, Haotong; Su, Xiuting; Li, Kexian; Liu, Shiqun; Guo, Fengsong Mar 31, 2020 5774
Research on Bending Rigidity at Flange Connections of UHV Composite Electrical Equipment. Wang, Haibo; Cheng, Yongfeng; Lu, Zhicheng; Zhu, Zhubing; Zhang, Shujun Mar 31, 2020 5781
Deflection Calculation Based on SDOF Method for Axially Loaded Concrete-Filled Steel Tubular Members Subjected to Lateral Impact. Wang, Luming; Liu, Yanhui; Song, Jiahuan; Zhao, Shichun; Wang, Zhe; Zeng, Yue; Feng, Xingyu Mar 31, 2020 8993
3D Modeling and Mechanism Analysis of Breaking Wave-Induced Seabed Scour around Monopile. Liu, Xinsjinn; Liu, Cheng; Zhu, Xiaowei; He, Yong; Wang, Qisong; Wu, Zhiyuan Mar 31, 2020 7886
A Novel Analytical Solution for the Brazilian Test with Loading Arcs. Ramirez-Berasategui, R. Gutierrez-Moizan, M.; Santos-Cuadros, S.; Garcia-Fernandez, C.C. Mar 31, 2020 11082
LNG Tank Sloshing Simulation of Multidegree Motions Based on Modified 3D MPS Method. Wang, Chunhui; Guo, Chunyu; Han, Fenglei Mar 31, 2020 6723
Operation Motion Planning and Principle Prototype Design of Four-Wheel-Driven Mobile Robot for High-Voltage Double-Split Transmission Lines. Li, Hong Jun; Jiang, Wei; Yan, Yu; Zhang, An; Zuo, Gan Mar 31, 2020 6608
An Energy Solution for Predicting Buried Pipeline Response Induced by Tunneling Based on a Uniform Ground Movement Model. Shi, Xin; Rong, Chuanxin; Cheng, Hua; Cui, Linzhao; Kong, Jie Mar 31, 2020 6170
Prediction of Mining Subsidence in Shallow Coal Seam. Li, Gang; Yang, Qinghe Mar 31, 2020 4940
Seismic Response of Prestressed Anchors with Frame Structure. Ye, Shuaihua; Zhao, Zhuangfu Mar 31, 2020 6404
The Impulsive Model with Pest Density and Its Change Rate Dependent Feedback Control. Khan, Ihsan Ullah; Tang, Sanyi Mar 31, 2020 15473
Modeling Wolbachia Diffusion in Mosquito Populations by Discrete Competition Model. Li, Yijie; Guo, Zhiming; Xing, Yanyuan Mar 31, 2020 6139
Magnetorheological Elastomer Precision Platform Control Using OFFO-PID Algorithm. Guo, Ying-Qing; Zhang, Jie; He, Dong-Qing; Li, Jin-Bao Mar 31, 2020 5075
Anisotropy Effect of Masonry on the Behaviour and Bearing Capacity of Masonry Walls. Zulim, M. Smilovic; Radnic, J. Mar 31, 2020 5198
Bipartite Consensus of Heterogeneous Multiagent Systems Based on Distributed Event-Triggered Control. Wang, Xiaoyu; Liu, Kaien; Ji, Zhijian; Han, Shitao Mar 31, 2020 6558
Asymptotic Behavior of a Stochastic Delayed Model for Chronic Hepatitis B Infection. Wu, Bo; Jia, Jianwen Mar 31, 2020 5087
A Unified Approach for the Identification of Wiener, Hammerstein, and Wiener-Hammerstein Models by Using WH-EA and Multistep Signals. Zambrano, J.; Sanchis, J.; Herrero, J.M.; Martinez, M. Mar 31, 2020 15932
Fractional Sliding Mode Nonlinear Procedure for Robust Control of an Eutrophying Microalgae Photobioreactor. Rodriguez-Mata, Abraham Efraim; Luna, Ricardo; Perez-Correa, Jose Ricardo; Gonzalez-Huitron, Alejand Technical report Mar 1, 2020 6312
Gob-Side Entry Retaining Technology with Advanced Empty Hole Butterfly-Shaped Weakening in Three-Soft Coal Seam in China. Yang, Tao; Zhang, Jie Mar 1, 2020 8919
The Existence of Zero Waves for Nonsimplified Chromatography System. Lin, Maozhou; Guo, Lihui; Bai, Yinsong Mar 1, 2020 7469
Research on the Normal Use of a Plug Discharge Tunnel. Liu, Wen; Deng, Jun; Tian, Zhong; Zhang, Faxing Mar 1, 2020 6656
Bifurcation and Chaos of a Discrete Predator-Prey Model with Crowley-Martin Functional Response Incorporating Proportional Prey Refuge. Santra, P.K.; Mahapatra, G.S.; Phaijoo, G.R. Mar 1, 2020 6951
New Approach for Vibration Suppression through Restrictors on Towering Steel Columns with Supporting Frame. Tan, Wei; Fan, Xiantao; Xu, Le; Wang, Yang Mar 1, 2020 7834
Evolution Laws of Floor Stress and Stability of Floor Roadway Affected by Overhead Mining. Wang, Pu; Jiang, Lishuai; Ma, Changqing; Yuan, Anying Mar 1, 2020 6288
Numerical Simulation and Model of Deformation Features of Destabilized Mining Slope Under Fault-Controlled Conditions. Lv, Yiqing Mar 1, 2020 3527
Design of Groundwater Extraction in Open Cut Foundation Pit and Simplified Calculation of Ground Subsidence due to Dewatering in Sandy Pebble Soil Strata. Zhang, Lu; Zhou, Xiaojun; Pan, Yingdong; Zeng, Bowen; Zhu, Dongfeng; Jiang, Huaizu Mar 1, 2020 10774
Study on Control of Wall Deflection in Earth Stepped-Twin Retaining Wall Using Anchor Method by means of Numerical Simulation. Maehara, Kazuki; Hamanaka, Akihiro; Sasaoka, Takashi; Shimada, Hideki; Sakuma, Seiya Report Mar 1, 2020 4508
Numerical Simulation of the Supporting Effect of Anchor Rods on Layered and Nonlayered Roof Rocks. Yuan, Chao; Fan, Lei; Cui, Jian-Feng; Wang, Wei-Jun Mar 1, 2020 7543
Numerical Analysis of the Anisotropy and Scale Effects on the Strength Characteristics of Defected Rockmass. Liu, Xiabing; He, Shaohui; Wang, Dahai Mar 1, 2020 12349
Numerical Analysis of Fracture Behaviour on Marble Samples Containing Two Flaws. Zheng, Lifei; Huang, Dan; Li, Xiaoqing; Hu, Xuan Mar 1, 2020 6654
Study on Construction Influence of Shield Tunnel of Urban Rail Transit on Large-Section Mining Tunnel. Zhang, Junru; Ye, Lun; Yan, Congwen; Yan, Bo; Wei, Pengru; Feng, Jimeng Mar 1, 2020 9254
Improved Continuous Wavelet Transform for Modal Parameter Identification of Long-Span Bridges. Zhang, Mingjin; Huang, Xu; Li, Yongle; Sun, Hao; Zhang, Jingyu; Huang, Bin Mar 1, 2020 6988
Synchronization of a Dual-Mass Vibrating System with Two Exciters. Liu, Yunshan; Zhang, Xueliang; Gu, Dawei; Jia, Lei; Wen, Bangchun Mar 1, 2020 5567
Stationary Distribution and Periodic Solution of Stochastic Toxin-Producing Phytoplankton-Zooplankton Systems. Wei, Chunjin; Fu, Yingjie Mar 1, 2020 8100
State-Estimator-Based Asynchronous Repetitive Control of Discrete-Time Markovian Switching Systems. Liu, Xinghua; Ma, Guoqi; Pagilla, Prabhakar R.; Ge, Shuzhi Sam Mar 1, 2020 7024
Stability and Hopf Bifurcation of Three-Species Prey-Predator System with Time Delays and Allee Effect. Rihan, F.A.; Alsakaji, H.J.; Rajivganthi, C. Mar 1, 2020 6735
Analysis of a Delayed Free Boundary Problem with Application to a Model for Tumor Growth of Angiogenesis. Xu, Shihe; Zhang, Fangwei Mar 1, 2020 9209
Exploring the Benefits of Annular Rectangular Rib for Enhancing Thermal Efficiency of Nonpremixed Micro-Combustor. Wang, Hongcai; Fang, Hongru; Lou, Bingqian; Abubakar, Shitu; Li, Yuqiang; Meng, Lei Mar 1, 2020 7148
Research on the Effect of Particle Distribution on the Crack Propagation in Shaped Energy Blasting Based on the Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics. Guo, Pengfei; Zhang, Xiaohu; Du, Weisheng; Xiao, Xiaochun; Sun, Dingjie Jan 1, 2020 6768
Nonlinear Vibrations of a Rotor-Active Magnetic Bearing System with 16-Pole Legs and Two Degrees of Freedom. Zhang, W.; Wu, R.Q.; Siriguleng, B. Jan 1, 2020 8309
Modeling Rock Fracture Propagation and Water Inrush Mechanisms in Underground Coal Mine. Zhang, Shichuan; Shen, Baotang; Li, Yangyang; Zhou, Shengfan Jan 1, 2020 8077
Sound Transmission in the First Nonlinear Model of Middle Ear with an Active Implant. Rusinek, Rafal Jan 1, 2020 5697
Enhancing Ikeda Time Delay System by Breaking the Symmetry of Sine Nonlinearity. Gao, Xiaojing Jan 1, 2020 5557
Impulsive Switching Epidemic Model with Benign Worm Defense and Quarantine Strategy. Lai, Jiying; Gao, Shujing; Liu, Yujiang; Meng, Xinzhu Jan 1, 2020 6433
Secure Communication Scheme Based on a New 5D Multistable Four-Wing Memristive Hyperchaotic System with Disturbance Inputs. Yu, Fei; Zhang, Zinan; Li, Li; Shen, Hui; Huang, Yuan-yuan; Shi, Changqiong; Cai, Shuo; Song, Yun; D Jan 1, 2020 8090
Characteristic Analysis and Optimal Regulation of Primary Frequency Regulation Condition in Low Water Head Area Based on Hydraulic-Mechanical-Electrical Coupling Model of Pumped Storage Unit. Lv, Cong; Xu, Yanhe; Wu, Xin; Zhang, Qing Jan 1, 2020 9049
Spatiotemporal Patterns Formed by a Discrete Nutrient-Phytoplankton Model with Time Delay. Zhang, Feifan; Zhou, Wenjiao; Yao, Lei; Wu, Xuanwen; Zhang, Huayong Jan 1, 2020 7224
A Magnetometer-Only Attitude Determination Strategy for Small Satellites: Design of the Algorithm and Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing. Carletta, Stefano; Teofilatto, Paolo; Farissi, M. Salim Technical report Jan 1, 2020 7950
Numerical Simulation of the Formation of Vortices Around Rigid Cylinders as a Issue of Fluid-Structure Interaction Using Immersed Interface Method. Alizadeh, As'ad; Zekri, Hussein Jebrail; Jafarmadar, Samad Jan 1, 2020 4920
Force and Deformation Characteristics during the Reconstruction and Expansion of Shallow Single-Tube Tunnels into Large-Span Multiarch Tunnels. Jia, Yanling; Xia, Yongxu; Chen, Xindong; Zhou, Yongdi; Han, Xingbo; Zhou, Shaowen Jan 1, 2020 7411
Stability Analysis of an Alcoholism Model with Public Health Education and NSFD Scheme. An, Zhaofeng; Zhang, Suxia; Xu, Jinhu Jan 1, 2020 5806
A new global stable conclusion on a diffusive Leslie-Gower predator-prey system with additive Allee effect. Yang, Liu Jan 1, 2020 1671
Reconstruction of 3D Temperature Profile of Radiative Participatory Flame Based on Digital Refocusing Technique of Light Field Camera. Zhang, Biao; Wang, Chen; Liu, Yudong; Xu, Chuanlong; Qi, Qi Dec 31, 2019 6943
Experimental and Numerical Investigation on Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymer-Strengthened Concrete Beam after High-Temperature Action of Asphalt Paving Construction. Yuan, Xin; Zhu, Chaoyu; Zheng, Wei; Tang, Baijian Dec 31, 2019 6408
Numerical Simulation of Particle Breakage of Granular Assemblies in Discrete Element Analyses. Zhang, Tao; Zhang, Chi Dec 31, 2019 7334
Research on Corrosion Fatigue Performance and Multiple Fatigue Sources Fracture Process of Corroded Steel Wires. Wang, Ying; Zheng, Yuqian Dec 31, 2019 12070
Evaluation of the Active Support and Yielding Bearing Properties of Artificial Pillars Supporting a Stope Roof Using 3DEC Numerical Simulation. Li, Kunmeng; Li, Yuanhui; Jing, Hongdi Dec 31, 2019 4718
Numerical Simulations of the Hall-Petch Relationship in Aluminium Using Gradient-Enhanced Plasticity Model. Song, Yooseob; Yeon, Jaeheum; Na, Byoungjoon Dec 31, 2019 5121
Pose Estimation of a Noncooperative Target Based on Monocular Visual SLAM. Lei, Ting; Liu, Xiao-Feng; Cai, Guo-Ping; Liu, Yun-Meng; Liu, Pan Dec 31, 2019 7722
Research and Application of Radial Borehole Fracturing Based on Numerical Simulation. Li, Xiaolong; He, Jiayuan Dec 31, 2019 8121
Interaction of Cleat-Matrix on Coal Permeability from Experimental Observations and Numerical Analysis. Wang, Chunguang; Zang, Yuxiao; Wang, Linsen; Chen, Zhongwei; Cui, Guanglei; Fan, Kunkun; Liu, Weitao Dec 31, 2019 9649
Influence of Existing Defects on Mechanical Properties of NC Lining. Zhang, Sen; Ren, Zhihua; Ding, Zude; Wen, Jincheng; Yan, Zhixin Dec 31, 2019 7011
Analysis of Vascular Mechanical Characteristics after Coronary Degradable Stent Implantation. Ding, Hao; Zhang, Ying; Liu, Yujia; Shi, Chunxun; Nie, Zhichao; Liu, Haoyu; Gu, Yuling Dec 31, 2019 4517
Dynamics Analysis of a Stochastic Leslie-Gower Predator-Prey Model with Feedback Controls. Ren, Huailan; Zhao, Wencai Dec 31, 2019 5343
Hopf Bifurcation Analysis of a Synthetic Drug Transmission Model with Time Delays. Zhang, Zizhen; Yang, Fangfang; Xia, Wanjun Dec 31, 2019 5854
Bursting and Synchronization of Coupled Neurons under Electromagnetic Radiation. Hu, Xiaoyu; Liu, Chongxin Dec 31, 2019 5011
Mathematical Analysis and Clinical Implications of an HIV Model with Adaptive Immunity. Danane, Jaouad; Allali, Karam Nov 30, 2019 6408
Numerical Simulation and Experimental Analysis of Microstructure of Magnetorheological Fluid. Ji, Dongsheng; Luo, Yiping; Ren, Hongjuan; Wei, Dan; Shao, Jun Nov 30, 2019 7417
Mechanical Modeling of Roof Fracture Instability Mechanism and Its Control in Top-Coal Caving Mining under Thin Topsoil of Shallow Coal Seam. Gong, Peilin; Zhao, Tong; Yetilmezsoy, Kaan; Yi, Kang Nov 30, 2019 5340
Numerical Study on Zonal Disintegration of Deep Rock Mass Using Three-Dimensional Bonded Block Model. Tang, Qingteng; Xie, Wenbing; Wang, Xingkai; Su, Zhili; Xu, Jinhai Report Nov 30, 2019 6390
Mechanical Performance and Numerical Simulation of Basalt Fiber Reinforced Concrete (BFRC) Using Double-K Fracture Model and Virtual Crack Closure Technique (VCCT). Zhao, Yawei; Sun, Xinjian; Cao, Peng; Ling, Yifeng; Gao, Zhen; Zhan, Qibing; Zhou, Xinjie; Diao, Mus Nov 30, 2019 9457
A Fractional-Order Model for Zika Virus Infection with Multiple Delays. Rakkiyappan, R.; Latha, V. Preethi; Rihan, Fathalla A. Nov 30, 2019 7488
Dynamic Analysis of Stochastic Lotka-Volterra Predator-Prey Model with Discrete Delays and Feedback Control. Liu, Jinlei; Zhao, Wencai Nov 30, 2019 4966
A New 4D Chaotic System with Two-Wing, Four-Wing, and Coexisting Attractors and Its Circuit Simulation. Huang, Lilian; Zhang, Zefeng; Xiang, Jianhong; Wang, Shiming Nov 30, 2019 4412
Performance Analysis of Two-Way Relay NOMA Systems with Hardware Impairments and Channel Estimation Errors. Tian, Xinji; Li, Qianqian; Li, Xingwang; Zhang, Hui; Rabie, Khaled; Cavalcante, Charles Casimiro Nov 1, 2019 9152
Analysis of a Multiple Delays Model for Treatment of Cancer with Oncolytic Virotherapy. laaroussi, Adil El Alami; Hia, Mohamed El; Rachik, Mostafa; Ghazzali, Rachid Oct 31, 2019 5245
Shear Lag Effects in Angles Welded at Both Legs. Abedin, Mohammad; Maleki, Shervin; Kiani, Nafiseh; Shahrokhinasab, Esmail Oct 31, 2019 4713
Multiobjective Intelligent Cooperative Design for the Multilayer Interference Fit. Ning, Ke; Wang, Jianmei; Jiang, Hongwei; Xiang, Dan; Hou, Dingbang Oct 31, 2019 7558
Reinforcement Effects of Isolation Piles on the Adjacent Existing Tunnel in Building Construction. Yao, Aijun; Lu, Jian; Guo, Yanfei; Zhang, Jiantao; Guo, Haifeng Oct 31, 2019 11647
Study on Rules of Fault Stress Variation Based on Microseismic Monitoring and Numerical Simulation at the Working Face in the Dongjiahe Coal Mine. Ma, Ke; Yuan, Fuzhen; Zhuang, Duanyang; Li, Quansheng; Wang, Zhenwei Oct 31, 2019 7530
Numerical Simulation Virtual Test of Torsion Shear for Asphalt Mixture. Xie, Jun; Yang, Yougang Sep 30, 2019 8239
Accounting for Tube Hematocrit in Modeling of Blood Flow in Cerebral Capillary Networks. Botkin, Nikolai D.; Kovtanyuk, Andrey E.; Turova, Varvara L.; Sidorenko, Irina N.; Lampe, Renee Sep 30, 2019 6245
Design and Experimental Verification of a 1/20 Scale Model of Quayside Container Crane Using Distortion Theory. Li, Zhe; Ye, Fangping; Wu, Shiying Sep 30, 2019 4598
Numerical Simulation and Experiment on Impulse Noise in a Small Caliber Rifle with Muzzle Brake. Zhao, Xin Yi; Zhou, Ke Dong; He, Lei; Lu, Ye; Wang, Jia; Zheng, Qiu Sep 30, 2019 5495
Dynamic Analysis of Flexible Rotor Based on Transfer Symplectic Matrix. Deng, Hao; Fang, Xi; Wu, Huachun; Ding, Yiming; Yu, Jinghu; Zhang, Xiaoyu; Li, Hong; Liu, Chenwei Sep 30, 2019 5281
Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Pressure Field of Curved Shell Structure Subjected to Interior Blast. Ma, Jialu; Fan, Feng; Zhang, Lingxin; Wu, Chengqing; Zhi, Xudong Sep 30, 2019 5914
Analysis of Sluice Foundation Seepage Using Monitoring Data and Numerical Simulation. Xuefeng, Fan; Wu, Zhenyu; Lijun, Liu; Wen, Yanfeng; Yu, Shu; Zepeng, Zhao; Li, Zefa Sep 30, 2019 6257
Field Test and Numerical Simulation of Dynamic Compaction of High Embankment Filled with Soil-Rock. Zhang, Lu; Yang, Guangqing; Zhang, Dongliang; Wang, Zhijie; Jin, Jing Sep 30, 2019 4169
Recrystallization Microstructure Prediction of a Hot-Rolled AZ31 Magnesium Alloy Sheet by Using the Cellular Automata Method. Chen, Ming; Hu, Xiaodong; Zhao, Hongyang; Ju, Dongying Sep 30, 2019 6173
3D Temperature Distribution Reconstruction in Furnace Based on Acoustic Tomography. Kong, Qian; Jiang, Genshan; Liu, Yuechao; Sun, Jianhao Sep 30, 2019 6469
Coupled DEM-SPH Method for Interaction between Dilated Polyhedral Particles and Fluid. Ji, Shunying; Chen, Xiaodong; Liu, Lu Sep 30, 2019 5739
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Simulation Analysis on Water's Micro Seepage Laws under Different Pressure Gradients Using Computed Tomography Method. Zhou, Gang; Qiu, Lei; Zhang, Wenzheng; Xue, Jiao Jan 1, 2018 11634
Experimental and Numerical Study on the Behavior of Energy Piles Subjected to Thermal Cycles. Fei, Kang; Dai, Di Jan 1, 2018 7978
Microstudy of the Anisotropy of Sandy Material. Zhang, Kunyong; Zang, Zhenjun; Okine, Leslie; Torres, Jose Luis Chavez Jan 1, 2018 6683

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