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Gaussian Source Coding using a Simple Switched Quantization Algorithm and Variable Length Codewords. Peric, Zoran; Petkovic, Goran; Denic, Bojan; Stanimirovic, Aleksandar; Despotovic, Vladimir; Stoimen Report Nov 1, 2020 5148
Sparsity-Based DOA Estimation with Gain and Phase Error Calibration of Generalized Nested Array. Feng, Ziang; Hu, Guoping; Zhou, Hao Report Aug 31, 2020 5446
Thermal Imaging Fire Detection Algorithm with Minimal False Detection. Jeong, Soo-Young; Kim, Won-Ho May 1, 2020 6192
FIR to FIR Model Reduction with Linear Group Delay in Passband by SDP Optimization. Hu, Haijiang; Song, Shaojing; Zhang, Fengdeng Mar 31, 2020 2725
Studying Cortical Plasticity in Ophthalmic and Neurological Disorders: From Stimulus-Driven to Cortical Circuitry Modeling Approaches. Carvalho, Joana; Renken, Remco J.; Cornelissen, Frans W. Nov 30, 2019 9401
A Sparse Representation Method for Coherent Sources Angle Estimation with Uniform Circular Array. Su, Xiaolong; Liu, Zhen; Liu, Tianpeng; Peng, Bo; Chen, Xin; Li, Xiang Oct 31, 2019 4332
Numerical Simulation of One-Dimensional Fractional Nonsteady Heat Transfer Model Based on the Second Kind Chebyshev Wavelet. Zhao, Fuqiang; Xie, Jiaquan; Huang, Qingxue Jan 1, 2018 4275
Sampling Adaptive Learning Algorithm for Mobile Blind Source Separation. Huang, Jingwen; Sun, Jianshan Jan 1, 2018 3279
A Signal Processing Algorithm Based on 2D Matched Filtering for SSAR. Yang, Shouguo; Li, Yong; Zhang, Kunhui; Liu, Jianshe Jan 1, 2018 5349
Processing-Efficient Distributed Adaptive RLS Filtering for Computationally Constrained Platforms. Khan, Noor M.; Raza, Hasan Report Jan 1, 2017 4147
Impact Localization Method for Composite Plate Based on Low Sampling Rate Embedded Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors. Pang, Zhuo; Yuan, Mei; Song, Hao; Jiao, Zongxia Report Jan 1, 2017 5299
Modelling of the First-Order Time-Varying Filters with Periodically Variable Coefficients. Piwowar, Anna; Grabowski, Dariusz Report Jan 1, 2017 4147
A parametric framework for the development of bioelectrical applications: application to a bio-impedance signal simulator/Parameetriline raamistik bioelektriliste signaalide kasitlemiseks: rakendamine bioimpedantssignaalide simulaatori valjatootamisel. Muhammad, Yar; Annus, Paul; Moullec, Yannick Le; Rang, Toomas Report Dec 1, 2016 5828
A novel ECG signal processing and abnormal heart beat classification algorithm based on particle swarm optimization (PSO) model and the neural network. Liu, Lixun; Si, Yujuan; Wang, Yuemeng Nov 1, 2016 3881
Non-native Mobile Porting and Multi-platform Benchmarking of Blind Source Separation Algorithms. Offiah, Marvin Chibuzo; Borschbach, Markus Jan 1, 2016 5530
Analysis of LTE Physical Hybrid ARQ Control Channel. Milos, Jiri; Hanus, Stanislav May 1, 2014 2878
Performance Enhancement of Microwave Sub-Wavelength Imaging and Lens-Type DOA Estimation Systems by Using Signal Processing Techniques. Gu, Xiang; Mittra, Raj; Pelletti, Chiara; Jain, Sidharath; Zhang, Yunhua Apr 1, 2014 10381
Global Stability, Bifurcation, and Chaos Control in a Delayed Neural Network Model. Kundu, Amitava; Das, Pritha Jan 1, 2014 3253
Adaptive algorithm for estimation of two-dimensional autoregressive fields from noisy observations. Mahmoudi, Alimorad Report Jan 1, 2014 2938

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