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Experimental Study of Polarized Radar Scattering from the Tree Canopy at the Ka-Band. Ku, Chiung-Shen; Chang, Pao-Chi; Chang, Yang-Lang Report Sep 30, 2019 3641
DOA Estimation Performance Analysis and Verification of Dual Crossed-Loop/Monopole Antenna Array. Wang, Sijie; Wen, Biyang; Tian, Yingwei Sep 30, 2019 4371
Effective Processing of Radar Data for Bridge Damage Detection. Owerko, Tomasz; Kuras, Przemyslaw Apr 30, 2019 7251
Cross Validation Based Distributed Greedy Sparse Recovery for Multiview Through-the-Wall Radar Imaging. Qu, Lele; An, Shimiao; Sun, Yanpeng Apr 30, 2019 4993
Group Sparse Basis Pursuit Denoising Reconstruction Algorithm for Polarimetric Through-the-Wall Radar Imaging. Qu, Lele; An, Shimiao; Yang, Tianhong; Sun, Yanpeng Jan 1, 2018 4759
Improving Bias Estimation Precision via a More Accuracy Radar Bias Model. Yong, Xiaoju; Wu, Youli; Tu, Mingwu; Du, Xiaowei; Zhang, Shuang Jan 1, 2018 4661
Maneuvering Acceleration Estimation Algorithm Using Doppler Radar Measurement. Liu, Hongqiang; Zhou, Zhongliang; Yu, Lei Jan 1, 2018 5911
An Experimental Study and Concept Evaluation on Tree-Interior Imaging Radar Using Sinusoidal Template-Based Focusing Algorithm. Yilmaz, Betul; Gokkan, Serhat; Ozdemir, Caner Jan 1, 2017 4484
A New Shooting Bouncing Ray Method for Composite Scattering from a Target above the Electrically Large Scope Sea Surface. Lixin, Peng Peng Guo Report Jan 1, 2017 3345
Waveform Analysis and Optimization for Radar Coincidence Imaging with Modeling Error. Zhou, Xiaoli; Wang, Hongqiang; Cheng, Yongqiang; Qin, Yuliang; Chen, Haowen Jan 1, 2017 7512
Radar Target Classification Using an Evolutionary Extreme Learning Machine Based on Improved Quantum-Behaved Particle Swarm Optimization. Zhao, Feixiang; Liu, Yongxiang; Huo, Kai; Zhang, Zhongshuai Report Jan 1, 2017 5878
Electromagnetic Scattering of Electrically Large Ship above Sea Surface with SBR-SDFM Method. Guo, Lixin; Feng, Tiantian Jan 1, 2017 3056
Resource Allocation Schemes for Multiple Targets Tracking in Distributed MIMO Radar Systems. Song, Xiyu; Zheng, Nae; Bai, Ting Jan 1, 2017 5925
Multiband Radar Signal Coherent Processing Algorithm for Motion Target. Wang, Tingjing; Zhang, Ying; Zhao, Hua; Zhang, Yanxin Jan 1, 2017 3851
A Novel Target Tracking Algorithm for Simultaneous Measurements of Radar and Infrared Sensors. Ghazal, Milad; Doustmohammadi, Ali Aug 1, 2016 5728
Using FDFD technique in two-dimensional TE analysis for modeling clutter in wall penetrating radar. Insana, David; Rappaport, Carey M. Jan 1, 2014 4601
Enhancement of cross-borehole pulse radar signature on a partially water-filled tunnel. Jung, Ji-Hyun; Kim, Se-Yun Jan 1, 2014 5092
MIMO-based forward-looking SAR imaging algorithm and simulation. Meng, Ziqiang; Li, Yachao; Zhu, Shengqi; Quan, Yinghui; Xing, Mengdao; Bao, Zheng Jan 1, 2014 4029
Sparse representation denoising for radar high resolution range profiling. Li, Min; Zhou, Gongjian; Zhao, Bin; Quan, Taifan Jan 1, 2014 4597
Novel Data Acquisition Method for Interference Suppression in Dual-Channel SAR. Lin, Xiao-Hong; Xue, Guo-Yi; Liu, Pei-Guo Jan 1, 2014 5980
Two-Dimensional Microwave Tomographic Algorithm for Radar Imaging through Multilayered Media. Zhang, Wenji Jan 1, 2014 4712
Modeling and processing L-band ground based radar data for landslides early warning. Lagana, A.R.; Bevacqua, M.T.; Isernia, T. Jan 1, 2013 3565

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