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Modelo expands its global penetration.

The Modelo Brewing Group announced it has become the world's 10th largest brewing organization after producing more than 2.1 billion liters of beer in 1991. The figures were reported by Valentin Diez, senior vice president of sales and marketing, at the company's annual sales convention for distributors.

Diez attributed the production gains to continuing penetration of the domestic Mexican market, and an international marketing program in five continents. According to Diez, the program was responsible for a 300-percent total sales increase in seven European countries last year.

New markets were also opened in Europe, Central and South America, the Pacific Rim, and South Africa, he said.

During the recent convention, Diez told distributors that "Mexico is going through an era of intense change" as its markets become more and more open

All told, the Modelo Group increased production by 7.4 percent during 1991, pushing the brewer's market share in Mexico to nearly 52 percent.
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Title Annotation:Modelo Brewing Group
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Mar 16, 1992
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