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Modelo Especial now packaged in non-returnable bottle.

Modelo Especial now packaged in non-returnable bottle

Barton Beers, Ltd., has announced that it will soon introduce a non-returnable, six-pack bottle package for Modelo Especial, which was previously available only in six-pack cans. Barton has pegged the new packaging to be rolled out sometime in late summer, a spokesperson said.

"The introduction is designed to facilitate the integration of all four Modelo brands - Modelo Especial, Corona Extra, Corona Light, and Negra Modelo - in off-premise display activity," said Mike Mazzoni, executive vice president and general manager, Barton Beers. "The new package will allow us to position all four brands as beers with a distinct heritage, and to market each as a member of the great family of Modelo beers."

The decision to introduce the new package comes on the heels of an outstanding sales year for the brand, Mazzoni explained. During 1989, sales of Modelo Especial skyrocketed, increasing 50-percent and positioning the brand as one of the top 15 imported beers in Southern California, where 90 percent of all Modelo Especial is sold.

"Consumers are beginning to realize that the success of Mexican beer isn't just a fad, but that Mexico, and Cerveceria Modelo in particular, brews some of the best-tasting beers on the market," said Mazzoni.

Mazzoni added that Modelo Especial has been "nurtured in the limelight of Corona's success," helping the brand to find an appeal in America's imported beer market.

To help promote Modelo, Barton will introduce aggressive marketing efforts centered around the three primary holidays in U.S. Hispanic communities: Cinco de Mayo, Mexican Independence Day and the December holiday season.

Starting in July and running through September, a series of outdoor ads will appear in Hispanic areas of Southern California, associating Modelo with sports that are popular in the area.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jul 2, 1990
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