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Articles from Modelling and Simulation in Engineering (January 1, 2018)

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A Computational Fractional Signal Derivative Method. Salinas, Matias; Salas, Rodrigo; Mellado, Diego; Glaria, Antonio; Saavedra, Carolina Report 4694
An Efficient Position Tracking Smoothing Algorithm for Sensorless Operation of Brushless DC Motor Drives. Alex, Surya Susan; Daniel, Asha Elizabeth Report 4008
Analysis and Optimization of Passenger Flowlines at Zhongchuan High-Speed Railway Station. Wang, Hualan; Wang, Baoli; Xu, Jiaying; Hu, Zunjie Report 2788
Application and Development of Enhanced Chaotic Grasshopper Optimization Algorithms. Saxena, Akash; Shekhawat, Shalini; Kumar, Rajesh Report 9534
Assessment of Transient Stability through Coherent Machine Identification by Using Least-Square Support Vector Machine. Soni, Bhanu Pratap; Saxena, Akash; Gupta, Vikas; Surana, S.L. Report 6765
Climate Responsive Design Simulation and Modelling for Industrial Heritage. Castilla, Manuel V. Report 4093
Collapse Analysis of Transmission Tower Subjected to Earthquake Ground Motion. Long, Xiaohong; Wang, Wei; Fan, Jian Report 9205
Cross Layer Optimization and Simulation of Smart Grid Home Area Network. Chhaya, Lipi K.; Sharma, Paawan; Kumar, Adesh; Bhagwatikar, Govind Report 3775
Data-Driven Modeling of a Commercial Photovoltaic Microinverter. Abbood, Hayder D.; Benigni, Andrea Report 6079
Design of Optimal QFT Controller and Prefilter for Buck Converter Using Metaheuristic Algorithms. Katal, Nitish; Narayan, Shiv Report 9462
Discrete Event Simulation-Based Reliability Evaluation of a Traffic Signal Controller. Jang, Joong Soon; Park, Sang C. Report 3107
Effect of Friction Coefficient on Relative Slippage of Fuel Cell Stack under Mechanical Impact Condition. Hou, Yongping; Wang, Leiqi; Zhang, Jianwen; Hao, Dong Report 3471
Full Downwind Turbine Simulations Using Actuator Line Method. Matiz-Chicacausa, A.; Lopez, Omar D. Report 6313
Hydrodynamic Modeling of a Tropical Tidal River Using the Dynamic Estuary Model (DYNHYD5): A Case Study in Sibu Laut River, Sarawak, Malaysia. Soo, Chen-Lin; Ling, Teck-Yee; Nyanti, Lee Report 3768
Influences of Flow Attack Angles and Flow Directions on Heat Transfer Rate, Pressure Loss, and Thermal Performance in Heat Exchanger Tube with V-Wavy Surface. Boonloi, Amnart; Jedsadaratanachai, Withada Report 6901
Interpolation Algorithm and Mathematical Model in Automated Welding of Saddle-Shaped Weld. Xue, Lianghao; Wei, Min; Yang, Tao; Lu, Yongxin; Shi, Ningqiang; Zhang, Zhiyang Report 3294
Mathematical Modelling of a Friction Stir Welding Process to Predict the Joint Strength of Two Dissimilar Aluminium Alloys Using Experimental Data and Genetic Programming. Yunus, Mohammed; Alsoufi, Mohammad S. Report 9694
Model-Based Testing Applied to Software Components of Satellite Simulators. da Silva, Paulo Diego Barbosa; Ambrosio, Ana Maria; Villani, Emilia Report 7483
Modelling of Wind Pressure Coefficients on C-Shaped Building Models. Mallick, Monalisa; Mohanta, Abinash; Kumar, Awadhesh; Raj, Vivek Report 4376
New Iterative Learning Control Algorithm Using Learning Gain Based on [sigma] Inversion for Nonsquare Multi-Input Multi-Output Systems. Noueili, Leila; Chagra, Wassila; Ksouri, Moufida Report 4698
Numerical Analysis of a Real Photovoltaic Module with Various Parameters. Nituca, Costica; Chiriac, Gabriel; Cuciureanu, Dumitru; Zhang, Guoqiang; Han, Dong; Plesca, Adrian Report 5396
Numerical Simulation of Dam Break Flows Using a Radial Basis Function Meshless Method with Artificial Viscosity. Chaabelasri, Elmiloud Report 5326
Numerical Simulation of Thermoacoustic Wave Induced by Thermal Effects by Using Discontinuous Galerkin Method. Pranowo, Pranowo; Widyaparaga, Adhika Report 3414
Parametric Studies of Flat Plate Trajectories Using VIC and Penalization. Morency, Francois; Beaugendre, Heloise Report 7026
Performance Comparison of Mode Choice Optimization Algorithm with Simulated Discrete Choice Modeling. Roh, Hyuk-Jae; Sharma, Satish; Sahu, Prasanta K.; Mehran, Babak Report 16565
Performance Evaluation of Magnetic Wireless Sensor Networks Algorithm for Traffic Flow Monitoring in Chaotic Cities. Fimbombaya, Haji Said; Mvungi, Nerey H.; Hamisi, Ndyetabura Y.; Iddi, Hashimu U. Report 6091
Qualitative Reasoning for Quantitative Simulation. Hocaoglu, Mehmet Fatih Report 10483
Reliability Evaluation of Pavement Life-Cycle Assessment Model. Huang, Jiale; Xiao, Fei; Zhang, Yang Report 4274
Reliability-Centered Maintenance: Analyzing Failure in Harvest Sugarcane Machine Using Some Generalizations of the Weibull Distribution. Ramos, Pedro L.; Nascimento, Diego C.; Cocolo, Camila; Nicola, Marcio J.; Alonso, Carlos; Ribeiro, L Report 5934
SDR Based Energy Detection Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio for Real Time Video Transmission. Patil, Rupali B.; Kulat, K.D.; Gandhi, A.S. Report 4597
Simulation of Train-Turnout Coupled Dynamics Using a Multibody Simulation Software. Lau, Albert; Hoff, Inge Report 5978
Simulation of Turbulent Convection at High Rayleigh Numbers. Dmitriev, Sergey; Kozelkov, Andrey; Kurkin, Andrey; Tarasova, Nataliya; Efremov, Valentin; Kurulin, Report 7033
Structured Clanning-Based Ensemble Optimization Algorithm: A Novel Approach for Solving Complex Numerical Problems. Sharma, Avinash; Kumar, Rajesh; Saxena, Akash; Panigrahi, B.K. Report 14503
Thermo-Magneto-Solutal Squeezing Flow of Nanofluid between Two Parallel Disks Embedded in a Porous Medium: Effects of Nanoparticle Geometry, Slip and Temperature Jump Conditions. Sobamowo, M.G.; Akinshilo, A.T.; Yinusa, A.A. Report 8441
Time-Optimal Trajectory Planning along Parametric Polynomial Lane-Change Curves with Bounded Velocity and Acceleration: Simulations for a Unicycle Based on Numerical Integration. Wu, Chien-Sheng; Chiu, Zih-Yun; Liu, Jing-Sin Report 12304
Towards Sophisticated Air Traffic Control System Using Formal Methods. Jarrar, Abdessamad; Balouki, Youssef Report 7471
Traffic Multiresolution Modeling and Consistency Analysis of Urban Expressway Based on Asynchronous Integration Strategy. Zhang, Liyan; Ma, Jian; Ran, Bin; Yan, Lixin Report 12058
Transient Air-Water Flow and Air Demand following an Opening Outlet Gate. Yang, James; Liu, Ting; Dai, Wenhong; Teng, Penghua Report 7086
Turbogenerator Steam Turbine Variation in Developed Power: Analysis of Exergy Efficiency and Exergy Destruction Change. Mrzljak, Vedran; Sencic, Tomislav; Zarkovic, Bozica Report 6803

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