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Articles from Modelling and Simulation in Engineering (January 1, 2017)

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3D Numerical and Experimental Study on Paraffin Wax Melting in Thermal Storage for the Nozzle-and-Shell, Tube-and-Shell, and Reducer-and-Shell Models. Korawan, Agus Dwi; Soeparman, Sudjito; Wijayanti, Widya; Widhiyanuriyawan, Denny Report 4321
A Fast Enhanced Secure Image Chaotic Cryptosystem Based on Hybrid Chaotic Magic Transform. Koppu, Srinivas; Viswanatham, V. Madhu Report 7899
A New Generalization of the Lomax Distribution with Increasing, Decreasing, and Constant Failure Rate. Oguntunde, Pelumi E.; Khaleel, Mundher A.; Ahmed, Mohammed T.; Adejumo, Adebowale O.; Odetunmibi, Ol Report 3549
A New Sparse Gauss-Hermite Cubature Rule Based on Relative-Weight-Ratios for Bearing-Ranging Target Tracking. Peng, Lijun; Duan, Xiaojun; Zhu, Jubo Report 5514
A Note on Torsion of Nonlocal Composite Nanobeams. Feo, Luciano; Penna, Rosa Report 3267
Analytical Modelling and Verification of Bus-Clamping Modulation Technique for Switched-Capacitor Converter. Yalavarthi, Amarnath; Ahmad, Akbar Report 4674
Application of a Microstructure-Based ISV Plasticity Damage Model to Study Penetration Mechanics of Metals and Validation through Penetration Study of Aluminum. Dou, Yangqing; Liu, Yucheng; Hammi, Youssef; Whittington, Wilburn Report 6398
Autotuning of Isotropic Hardening Constitutive Models on Real Steel Buckling Data with Finite Element Based Multistart Global Optimisation on Parallel Computers. Shterenlikht, Anton; Kashani, Mohammad M.; Alexander, Nicholas A.; Williams, Gethin; Crewe, Adam J. Report 7109
Enhancing the Performance of the Microwave Absorbing Materials by Using Dielectric Resonator Arrays. Zoubi, Omar H. Al-; Naseem, Hameed Report 4760
Estimation of Fluctuation Characterizations by USV-Operation Simulations in Sea State 3. Park, Jae-Han; Bae, Ji-Hun; Baeg, Moon-Hong Report 3564
Fault Diagnosis and Detection in Industrial Motor Network Environment Using Knowledge-Level Modelling Technique. Altaf, Saud; Soomro, Muhammad Waseem; Mehmood, Mirza Sajid Report 5311
Fuel Costs Minimization on a Steel Billet Reheating Furnace Using Genetic Algorithms. Santos, Harley S.O.; Almeida, Paulo E.M.; Cardoso, Rodrigo T.N. Report 7421
Full-Wave Analysis of Ultrahigh Electromechanical Coupling Surface Acoustic Wave Propagating Properties in a Relaxor Based Ferroelectric Single Crystal/Cubic Silicon Carbide Layered Structure. Ji, Xiaojun; Xiao, Qiang; Chen, Jing Report 2870
Identification and Prioritization of "Black Spots" without Using Accident Information. Keymanesh, Mahmoudreza; Ziari, Hasan; Roudini, Samira; Ahangar, Ali Nasrollahtabar Report 4700
Increased Melting Heat Transfer in the Latent Heat Energy Storage from the Tube-and-Shell Model to the Combine-and-Shell Model. Korawan, Agus Dwi; Soeparman, Sudjito; Wijayanti, Widya; Widhiyanuriyawan, Denny Report 4189
Model-Based Dependability Analysis of Physical Systems with Modelica. Tundis, Andrea; Buffoni, Lena; Fritzson, Peter; Garro, Alfredo Report 10161
Modeling of Size Effects in Bending of Perforated Cosserat Plates. Kvasov, Roman; Steinberg, Lev Report 7718
Modelling of Rough Contact between Linear Viscoelastic Materials. Spinu, Sergiu; Cerlinca, Delia Report 7424
Multipass Turning Operation Process Optimization Using Hybrid Genetic Simulated Annealing Algorithm. Jabri, Abdelouahhab; Barkany, Abdellah El; Khalfi, Ahmed El Report 6697
Numerical Analysis of Joule Heating Behavior and Residual Compressive Stress around Crack Tip under High Electric Load. Liu, Thomas Jin-Chee Report 3608
Numerical Modal Analysis of Vibrations in a Three-Phase Linear Switched Reluctance Actuator. Salvado, Jose; Calado, Maria do Rosario; Santo, Antonio Espirito; Guerman, Anna Report 11410
Numerical Modeling and Simulation of Wave Impact of a Circular Cylinder during the Submergence Process. Hu, Xiaozhou; Jiang, Yiyao; Cai, Daojun Report 6105
Numerical Modelling of Tailings Dam Thermal-Seepage Regime Considering Phase Transitions. Alekseevich, Aniskin Nikolay; Sergeevich, Antonov Anton Report 4174
Numerical Simulation of Magnetic Field Effect on Cryocooler Regenerators: Temperature Distribution. Kumar, Rajendra; Shoor, Sumit Report 3364
Numerical Study on Turbulent Forced Convection and Heat Transfer Characteristic in a Circular Tube with V-Orifice. Jedsadaratanachai, Withada; Boonloi, Amnart Report 4989
On Bending of Bernoulli-Euler Nanobeams for Nonlocal Composite Materials. Feo, Luciano; Penna, Rosa Report 3177
On Torsion of Functionally Graded Elastic Beams. Diaco, Marina Report 4012
Optimal Allocation of DG and DSTATCOM in Radial Distribution System Using Cuckoo Search Optimization Algorithm. Yuvaraj, T.; Ravi, K.; Devabalaji, K.R. Report 6926
Pareto Optimization of a Half Car Passive Suspension Model Using a Novel Multiobjective Heat Transfer Search Algorithm. Savsani, Vimal; Patel, Vivek; Gadhvi, Bhargav; Tawhid, Mohamed Report 11303
Performance Evaluation and Optimal Management of Distance-Based Registration Using a Semi-Markov Process. Suh, Jae Joon; Kim, Kyeongtaek; Jang, Hee-Seon; Baek, Jang Hyun Report 4174
QFT Based Robust Positioning Control of the PMSM Using Automatic Loop Shaping with Teaching Learning Optimization. Katal, Nitish; Narayan, Shiv Report 8757
Research on Distribution of Flow Field and Simulation of Working Pulsation Based on Rotating-Sleeve Distributing-Flow System. Zhang, Yanjun; Zhang, Hongxin; Yang, Jingzhou; Zhao, Qinghai; Jiang, Xiaotian; Cheng, Qianchang; Hua Report 4313
Scenario Based Municipal Wastewater Estimation: Development and Application of a Dynamic Simulation Model. Zhang, Yong; Zhao, Tingsheng; Zhou, Aijiao; Zhang, Zhengzhu; Liu, Wen Report 8470
Service Oriented Integration of Distributed Heterogeneous IT Systems in Production Engineering Using Information Standards and Linked Data. Zadeh, Navid Shariat; Lindberg, Lars; El-Khoury, Jad; Sivard, Gunilla Report 13670
Structural Modelling at the Micro-, Meso-, and Nanoscales. Tarantino, Angelo Marcello; Kaplunov, Julius; Luciano, Raimondo; Majorana, Carmelo; Rousakis, Theodo Editorial 1791
Synthesis of Spatially Correlated Earthquake Ground Motions Based on Hilbert Transform. Yao, Erlei; Miao, Yu; Wang, Guobo Report 3511
System Identification Based Proxy Model of a Reservoir under Water Injection. Negash, Berihun M.; Tufa, Lemma D.; Ramasamy, M.; Awang, Mariyamni Bt. Report 5246
Systematic Theoretical Analysis of Dual-Parameters RF Readout by a Novel LC-Type Passive Sensor. Tan, Qiulin; Guo, Yanjie; Wu, Guozhu; Luo, Tao; Wei, Tanyong; Shen, Sanmin; Zhang, Wendong; Xiong, J Report 4906
The Generalized Twist for the Torsion of Piezoelectric Cylinders. Ecsedi, Istvan; Baksa, Attila Report 3970
The Implementation of Spectral Element Method in a CAE System for the Solution of Elasticity Problems on Hybrid Curvilinear Meshes. Konovalov, Dmitriy; Vershinin, Anatoly; Zingerman, Konstantin; Levin, Vladimir Report 4340

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