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ModViz Announces Virtual Graphics Platform 2.0.

Geoscientists Can Now Interpret up to Five Times the Volumetric or Geometric Data with VGP at their Desktop; Available November 2006

NEW ORLEANS -- ModViz Inc., a leader in software solutions designed to help visualize highly complex or very large 3D data sets, today announced the November availability of Virtual Graphics Platform[TM] (VGP[TM]) 2.0. VGP 2.0 is the latest version of the company's OpenGL-based software solution that transparently virtualizes 3D graphics-intensive applications across multiple graphics processing units (GPUs) and multiple central processing unit (CPU) cores. With significantly improved performance for 3D geometric and volumetric data, and new support for multi-core processors, multi-GPU workstations and the recently introduced NVIDIA[R] Quadro[R] Plex Visual Computing System (VCS), VGP 2.0 brings supercomputer level of visualization to desktop users in the fields of seismic interpretation, engineering and scientific visualization, digital mockup and bio-medical engineering.

"By taking advantage of multiple GPUs for advanced 3D visualization, ModViz's VGP 2.0 brings graphics visualization to an entirely new level," says Jeff Brown, general manager, NVIDIA Professional Solutions Group. "When coupled with our new NVIDIA Quadro Plex VCS, users can bypass graphics performance barriers typically tied to traditional workstations, to achieve breakthrough results in visual computing."

"The availability and power of workstations using multi-core processors and multi-GPU technology will forever change the future of visual computing," said Tom Coull, chief executive officer of ModViz Inc. "Due to the exponential growth of digital data, it is crucial that end users and developers are able to maximize the power of these new workstations. VGP 2.0 provides users working with both mainstream and custom 3D graphics applications the opportunity to immediately experience the power of these new hardware developments."

With advanced features and performance, VGP 2.0 now enables users of today's demanding visual applications to manipulate 3D volumetric and geometric data five times larger at interactive rates at their desktop. Feature highlights of VGP 2.0 include:

* More Speed - Across-the-board performance gains from implementation of high-speed compositing techniques.

* Greater Efficiency - Enhanced GL Stream Pre-Processor streamlines the 3D applications' GL output, improving performance even before parallelization.

* Increased Support - Support for multi-core processors, multi-GPU workstations and NVIDIA's new Quadro Plex VCS enables a scalable workstation-based visualization solution from desktops to team and visualization rooms.

* Large Data Roaming Capability - Remote Graphics Call[TM] (RGC[TM]), a new developer tool, provides the ability to distribute application code as well as data across multi-GPUs within a single system or across a cluster through OpenGL Extensions. Software developers implementing RGC will be able to allow users to interactively roam datasets in excess of 100 gigabytes with a gigabyte size 3D probe, i.e. regional studies of large oil fields.

ModViz's VGP 2.0 software allows OpenGL-based applications such as Shell's 123DI and Paradigm's GoCAD, to utilize multiple graphic processors in a single workstation or across multiple Quadro Plex VCS to dramatically increase 3D graphics performance and accelerate workflow.

"The seismic interpretation requirements of geophysicists, coupled with the financial impact of quality decisions and very short cycle times, produce some of the most demanding 3D visualization needs in any industry," continues Coull. "The latest release of VGP, combined with the new multi-core processors, multi-GPU hardware, will help interpreters make quality decisions in less time, and time is in very short supply these days."

About ModViz Inc.

ModViz's software solutions work hand-in-hand with today's 3D graphics systems to help visualize highly complex or very large 3D data sets. Extending 3D visualization beyond the technical bounds and cost limitations of traditional engineering workstations, ModViz's Virtual Graphics Platform (VGP) helps users continue to gain insights and make better decisions as their data volumes grow. The standards-based software provides a common OpenGL based computing platform that delivers supercomputing level visualization with extreme data size and scalability on multi-graphics processor computer systems. For more information, visit:

Virtual Graphics Platform and VGP are registered trademarks of ModViz Inc.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Oct 3, 2006
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