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Mobious Genomics patents ultra high speed sequencing technology.

Mobious Genomics Ltd. (Exeter, England) has received formal notice of allowance from the European Patent Office for a broad technology defining patent covering Direct, Linear Analysis of DNA. The patent outlines the application of cellular replication systems to achieve commercially viable ultra high speed sequencing technology.

Entitled "Polynucleotide sequence analysis," the patent, for which Mobious Genomics Ltd. holds exclusive rights, relates to the application of real-time monitoring of cellular replication processes in order to achieve ultra high-throughput genomic analysis. The patent is held by Mobious's patent holding company, Medical BioSystems Ltd.

According to Daniel Densham, Managing Director of Mobious Genomics: "If the human genome project was the first step in obtaining a full understanding of human disease, the next step involves the sequencing and analysis of millions of genomes. Our technology makes viable a method that is not only rapid and accurate, but also cost effective. This patent establishes Mobious's priority position in direct, linear DNA analysis. We are already in discussions to provide sequencing services to the global pharmaceutical industry, European and United States genomics companies."

"This allowance and priority date of July 1997 significantly enhances our patent position in real-time polynucleotide sequence analysis and gives us a significant advantage over our competitors. This core patent will allow its application platform, Molecular Resonance Sequencing, to become the dominant application in the emerging market of complete, real-time, human genome sequencing."

Robert Perry, Senior Partner at the patent firm Gill Jennings & Every commented: "This patent is a milestone in the field of DNA sequencing. It takes as its model the natural cellular replication systems of living cells. This latest notice of allowance indicates that the prosecution of this case throughout the world has proceeded smoothly. Mobious Genomics now has protection of its technology in 22 countries and expects to receive protection in a further 13 jurisdictions in the near future."

Mobious Genomics is the pioneer of breakthrough technologies in the unification of biological molecular systems and artificial nanostructures for direct, real-time, linear analysis of DNA for the global life sciences industry. The creation of Mobious Genomics' Molecular Resonance Sequencing technology involved cutting edge application of biophysics, bionanotechnology, molecular biology and computer science. This platform is designed for ultra-high throughput genomic data analysis with minimal sample preparation without labeling. This lack of any requirement for labeling gives MRS a material advantage over other systems, which require significant sample pre-preparation and use of biologically incompatible labeling schemes. Mobious Genomics is positioned to supply its proprietary services to the global life science industries including European and United States Genomics and pharmaceutical industries. Mobious is also applying its proprietary Molecular Resonance technology platform to the field of high throughput proteomics in order to supply a unified approach to genetic analysis.

Mobious Genomics Ltd.
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Comment:Mobious Genomics patents ultra high speed sequencing technology.
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Date:Sep 1, 2002
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