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Mobilizing politics and society?; the EU convention's impact on Southern Europe.


Mobilizing politics and society?; the EU convention's impact on Southern Europe.

Ed. by Sonia Lucarelli and Claudio M. Radaelli.



247 pages




One of the intended results of the debate over the future Constitution of the European Union was to open discussion on the future of domestic politicians, the civil society, intellectuals and youth. The contributors of these 12 articles question whether that debate has gone beyond the EU policy-making bureaucracy, especially in Southern European states. Topics include whether the European Convention has set in place a process of mobilization, the arguments for common values in the European Convention, Italy's experience as a special case with a mixed record, Spanish intellectual debate on who was mobilized and how, Portugal's reactive adaptations, Greece and its debate over whether it is on track, debates on the future of Europe in Malta and the Republic of Cyprus, Turkey's existence on the edges, the role of regionalism, and the participation and representation of women.

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Date:Nov 1, 2006
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