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Mobile market.

One of the world's leading mobile phone component manufacturers, Simula of Taiwan has implemented the Victrex Peek polymer based Vicote Coating in the production process of its slide hinges for handheld devices.

Vicote Coatings excellent set of properties including its wear resistance, lubricity, bonding strength increase the durability of the slide hinge, enabling it to maintain its original operating smoothness for up to 200,000 cycles and beyond, Its ease-of-use during processing offers flexibility to mobile phone component manufacturers to not only help them develop innovative designs that meet the market trends, but also significantly increase the production efficiency and yield rate of mobile phones slide hinges and further reduce overall production costs.


"Simula Tech is passionate about research and development, whether for manufacturing process technology or component design. We strive to develop our own products and to create our own innovative designs," said Richard Liu, Vice General Manager R & D Centre, Simula Tech. "We were the first in the industry to incorporate Vicote Coatings into the design of the slide hinge and successfully move it into mass production. For end users or mobile phone manufacturers, this new innovative design can strengthen the functionality and design flexibility of mobile phones without additional costs. In addition, this innovative design has passed the EU's strict RoHS certification and successfully helped Simula Tech expand into the European market."

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Title Annotation:INSTALLATIONS
Date:Mar 1, 2008
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