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Mobile manners; emails &letters.

UNFORTUNATELY, it seems social awareness has not kept pace with the advances in technology, particularly where the use of mobile phones is concer ned.

Whereas, in formal situations or at public venues like churches or in meetings, concerts and the like, there is general understanding that the use of mobiles is a no-no and they should be switched off, in social, informal situations, custom and practice are not so clearly defined.

I am sure, like myself, many readers have on occasions found themselves in company where one or two of the party have spent much of the time phoning, texting, checking emails or surfing the net.

Call me hypersensitive, insecure or outmoded but I just think this kind of behaviour is rude and bad mannered, for in such company I can't help feeling somewhat insignificant, slightly irrelevant and more than a little irritated. OK, you're expecting an urgent call, fine, keep your phone on.

You need to make a call, fine do it, but for goodness sake after that, switch it off and put it away and enjoy the company you are in, you owe it to the others.

Phil Quinn, L18
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jul 13, 2011
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