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Mobile genetic elements in metazoan parasites.


Mobile genetic elements in metazoan parasites.

Ed. by Paul J. Brindley.

Landes Bioscience


123 pages



Molecular biology intelligence unit


Microbiologists, biochemists, and related scientists discuss mobile elements that have colonized the genomes of some medically important metazoan parasites and their vectors, comparing and contrasting them with better-studied model organisms. The nine studies cover catalytic activity in transcripts from Schistosoma non-autonomous retro-transposons, mobile genetic elements of malaria vectors and other mosquitoes, retro-transposons in the genomes of the digenean parasitic trematodes Clonochis sinensis and Paragonimus westermani, endogenous retro-transposon sequences of the Schistosoma mansoni intermediate snail host Biomphalaria glabrata, the transposon-mediated transgenis of mosquitoes, Schistosome long terminal repeat retro-transposons colonizing Schistosome genomes, Schistosome DNA transposons, and mobile genetic elements resident in hookworm genomes.

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Date:Mar 1, 2010
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