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Mobile applications.



Mobile access to data is all about productivity. The first phase of the
mobile trend focused on the plumbing, just getting laptops and devices
connected. Now, many products are emerging to help mobile workers not
only access data but put it to good use. The applications in this
category are designed for a range of mobile devices, including PDAs,
smartphones, tablet PCs, and laptops. These applications handle a range
of tasks, including improving the core personal information management
(PIM) capabilities available on Palm and Pocket PC devices, adding
business process features to mobile devices, and supercharging the
data-input functions on tablet PCs.


Bitstream ThunderHawk

Bitstream                   Bitstream ThunderHawk is a Web browser for           smartphones and Pocket PCs that promises
$5.95 per month or          secure access to the Internet and corporate
$49.95 per year             intranet. ThunderHawk displays full HTML
                            Web pages, providing a familiar interface
                            for your mobile workforce to access secure
                            intranet sites, send and receive e-mail,
                            update corporate database information, and
                            browse employer-authorized sites in the
                            office or on the road. Works on devices
                            running Windows Mobile 2003, Pocket PC
                            2002/2000, or Windows CE 3.0 operating

Chapura KeySuite

Chapura                     Chapura KeySuite is a companion for             Microsoft Outlook on Palm OS handhelds.
$69.95                      You can synchronize Outlook Contacts,
                            Calendar, Tasks, Notes, and Today
                            information with five integrated KeySuite
                            applications on the handheld for easy
                            access to current information anytime.
                            Synchronizing an unlimited number of
                            folders (including public folders,
                            subfolders, and the Business Contacts
                            folder in Business Contact Manager) and
                            more than 250 categories with the handheld,
                            KeySuite can help users keep personal and
                            work information organized-together but
                            separately, just like they're on the PC.

Chapura PocketMirror Professional

Chapura                     Chapura PocketMirror Professional helps             users make better use of the Palm, OS
$49.95                      Address Book, Date Book, To Do List, and
                            Memo Pad applications for personal
                            information management on the go by
                            synchronizing them with multiple folders
                            in Microsoft Outlook Contacts, Calendar,
                            Tasks, and Notes. PocketMirror Professional
                            synchronizes the handheld with up to 15
                            Outlook folders, including public folders,
                            subfolders, and the Business Contacts
                            folder in Business Contact Manager.

Click Software ClickMobile

Click Software              ClickMobile expands your field service       communication options by making accurate,
Call for prices             up-to-date information available anytime,
                            anywhere. It gives field service
                            technicians the information they need to be
                            responsive to customers while onsite. In
                            the field, ClickMobile supplies the
                            technician with customer and job
                            information for each service call, as well
                            as an easy way to update the job status
                            (e.g., en route, onsite, completed, etc.).
                            At the dispatch center, schedules are
                            automatically adjusted using the field
                            updates, and dispatchers can proactively
                            monitor and manage changes.

Corel Grafigo

Corel                       Designed for Windows XP Tablet PC Edition,        Corel Grafigo lets users write down ideas,
$99                         annotate documents, and collaborate with
                            other workers from a tablet PC when they're
                            out of the office or away from their desk.
                            Features include Drawing Assistance for
                            improving the shapes users draw, the
                            Grab-It tool for copying content from
                            applications or Web sites and pasting it
                            into Grafigo, and collaboration via
                            Microsoft Peer-to-Peer technology or
                            NetMeeting so mobile workers can
                            communicate ideas to others.

DataViz Documents To Go

DataViz                     DataViz Documents To Go lets mobile users      work with document types they often use on
$29.95 Standard Edition     their desktop machines. Workers can access
$49.95 Premium Edition      information such as contracts and price
                            lists at all times. The Standard Edition
                            lets users create and edit Word and Excel
                            files in their native file formats on a
                            handheld then synchronize with a PC. The
                            Premium Edition adds support for PowerPoint
                            and lets users password-protect Word and
                            Excel files. Both editions let users
                            exchange Word and Excel files wirelessly
                            with Bluetooth-capable PCs, Palms, Macs,
                            and Pocket PCs.


DoctorsPartner              DoctorsPartner is an integrated      appointments, El and billing package. It
$350/month first provider   offers built-in workflow that lets users
$250/month each             modify the software to work the way they
additional volume           normally do. It accepts input via tablet
discounts available         PCs and laptops, and integrates with Dragon
                            Naturally Speaking voice recognition
                            software. It's also particularly useful in
                            a multi-specialty, multi-physician office
                            because it has built-in security and
                            workflow to accommodate this--each
                            physician only sees and uses what they

eAgency Nice Office

eAgency                     eAgency Nice Office is a wirelessly enabled             ASP solution for the financial services
$600 per year               market. It delivers instant access to
                            essential information resources, such as
                            contacts, calendar, and business data.
                            Users can manage client relationships
                            through an intuitive interface. Nice Office
                            Wireless also features over-the-air sync,
                            which lets users update their contacts,
                            calendar, and corporate data without
                            dialing in or cradling the device.

Everypath Mobile Task Automation

Everypath                   Everypath Mobile Task Automation helps           field representatives capture orders, track
Call for prices             inventory, and serve customers with greater
                            efficiency. The suite consists of process
                            flows and interfaces, a connector that
                            links up to customer relationship
                            management (CRM) applications, a server to
                            synchronize devices with back-end
                            applications, a management console, and
                            support for online and offline interaction
                            with Siebel, IBM Lotus Notes, HTML data
                            sources, and applications built on Web

Expand Beyond PocketAdmin

Expand Beyond               With PocketAdmin Console, administrators                  can leverage the power of command-line
Starts at $50               access to perform any routine task and
                            respond to system issues from the
                            convenience of a wireless device.
                            PocketAdmin is optimized for wireless
                            transmission and incorporates easy data
                            input, low application overhead, and the
                            ability to execute stored commands and

Expand Beyond PocketDBA

Expand Beyond               PocketDBA gives administrators secure,                  real-time access to any DB2 database from
Starts at $2,500            any wireless device or Web browser. With
Volume discounts            PocketDBA, organizations can meet service-
Available                   level agreements, reduce response time, and
                            lower the cost of 24x7 database coverage.
                            PocketDBA also incorporates user-friendly
                            graphs, charts and data input wizards to
                            facilitate ease of use. Comes in versions
                            for DB2, Oracle, and SOL Server.

Fann ConverterCE Pro

Fann Software               ConverterCE Pro is a unit conversion        program for commonly used units. You get
$9.95                       area, astronomical, computer, energy,
                            force, frequency, length, mass, power,
                            pressure, speed, temperature, torque, and
                            volume units, plus number base conversions,
                            electrical unit conversions, clothing size
                            conversions, currency conversions with
                            downloaded or user-defined rates, price
                            comparison, and sales tax or VAT rate

Fann TimeBiller

Fann Software               TimeBiller is a time and billing tracking        program designed to work as a timesheet
$40                         application in a typical work environment.
                            Key features include multi-client- and
                            project-tracking; the ability to define
                            clients with associated projects, tasks,
                            contacts, and rates; the ability to display
                            entries by day, week, month, or a custom
                            period; and customizable HTML reporting.

Fann TreNotes

Fann Software               TreNotes is a hierarchical note list        program. Its main features include the
$19.95                      ability to assign different attributes such
                            as color, icon, and status type; track
                            features such as automatic status update
                            and branch statistics; add Web and file
                            links; organize information via branch-
                            level sorting; drag/drop and copy/paste;
                            search, import, and export; and edit rich
                            text notes with Pocket Word.


FieldRanger                 FieldRanger is a wireless work order         solution for companies using Intuit
$49.99-$75/month,           QuickBooks and Master Builder.
depending on number         FieldRanger's Dispatch and Scheduling
of users & length of        application runs in the office, enabling
service account             management of employees and jobs. The
                            Mobile Work Order software runs on any
                            Palm OS device and updates field
                            technicians on scheduled jobs, including
                            job description, customer location, contact
                            information, and notes. Field technicians
                            can capture time card data, materials used,
                            services performed, job notes, and
                            customers' signatures, then wirelessly send
                            that information back to the office.
                            FieldRanger's interface to accounting
                            software, such as QuickBooks, updates
                            completed work order information for final
                            billing and job costing.

FutureDial SnapDialer

FutureDial                  FutureDial SnapDialer helps you connect          your laptop PC to the Internet using a
$29.99                      wireless phone via Sprint PCS, Verizon
                            Wireless, AT&T Wireless, or T-Mobile data

FutureDial SnapSync

FutureDial                  FutureDial SnapSync lets mobile phone users          edit contact information directly on the
$29.99                      PC, and transfer that data to a mobile
                            phone, eliminating the need to manually
                            input contact names and other phonebook
                            information. The software is compatible
                            with Outlook and Outlook Express, and can
                            also operate as a stand-alone PIM. SnapSync
                            keeps a backup copy of phonebook
                            information, so you can restore the
                            phonebook to a new phone if the current
                            phone is ever lost or damaged. You can
                            share phonebook information between
                            different mobile phone models with
                            different phonebook structures-even between
                            phones of different wireless carriers.
                            SnapSync Software is compatible with more
                            than 220 mobile phone models from Sprint
                            PCS, Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless,
                            Cingular Wireless, T-Mobile, and MetroPCS.

Infinity Softworks powerOne Finance

Infinity Softworks          powerOne Finance is the calculator software          that HP and TI financial calculator users
$59.99 for Palm/Pocket PC   love for their handheld computers, tablet
$59.99 for Windows          PCs, and laptops. It's easy to customize
$99.99 for Combo version    with user-created or downloadable,
                            pre-designed calculation templates.
                            powerOne Finance converts the functionality
                            of advanced financial calculators into
                            calculation templates, and lets you install
                            or create additional templates. powerOne
                            Finance connects this data to other
                            applications so users can share their
                            precise calculations with clients and

JumpStart Wireless BusinessSuite

JumpStart Wireless          JumpStart Wireless BusinessSuite is a   complete platform for extending enterprise
Call for prices             software to mobile workers. BusinessSuite
                            promises a total solution: applications
                            tailored to customer needs, at an
                            affordable price, easily deployed,
                            centrally managed, with sophisticated
                            integration to mission critical software.
                            Any off-the-shelf programmable phone or
                            handheld device interacts with a company's
                            enterprise applications.

MobiMate WorldMate Standard Edition for BlackBerry

MobiMate                    With its weather forecasts information from            The Weather Channel, world map that shows
$24.95                      the day/night status, world clock and an
                            online currency converter, WorldMate is a
                            useful companion wherever you are.

Microsoft OneNote 200

Microsoft                   Microsoft OneNote integrates with Microsoft           Office (it isn't included in any versions
$199                        of Office) to let users capture and
                            organize notes on laptop computers, desktop
                            computers, and tablet PCs. It lets users
                            enter information by typing, handwriting,
                            dragging and dropping data, and recording
                            audio notes. Users can then organize their
                            notes by moving information and using it in
                            Office programs such as Word and Outlook.
                            Some OneNote features only work with
                            Microsoft Office 2003.

PhatWare PhatPad

PhatWare                    Phatware PhatPad is a note-taking            application for Microsoft Windows Pocket
$29.95                      PCs. It also lets users access notes and
                            drawings from a desktop PC. They can draw
                            pictures, jot text notes, or combine text
                            and notes. PhatPad offers standard editing
                            and drawing commands, a multi-color pen
                            palette, and variable pen width and page
                            size. Users can save drawings as JPEG or
                            bitmap files, and upload them as page
                            backgrounds. PhatPad stores 1,000
                            handwritten pages per a single file and
                            lets users e-mail notes and drawings to
                            transfer them between Pocket PCs and/or
                            desktop PCs.

PointBase Micro

PointBase                   PointBase Micro is a platform-independent           Java relational database optimized to run
$299 per seat               on the Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) and
                            J2SE platforms. It has an ultra-compact
                            footprint (less than 45K for J2ME MIDP)
                            and can be easily embedded within a Java
                            application. PointBase Micro is ideal for
                            laptops, PDAs, and Java-enabled devices.
                            It promises effective data management for
                            rapid and efficient mobile enterprise

PowerHouse Migo

PowerHouse Technologies     PowerHouse Migo lets you access your
Group                       personalized computing environment and           securely transform any PC into your own.
Starts at $99.95            Whether working between multiple computers
                            or using someone else's, Migo transforms
                            any PC into the computing environment
                            you're used to: You get your Internet
                            settings, Outlook e-mail, documents and
                            files, and even wallpaper organized and
                            ready to work with. Migo software is
                            available in a USB flash storage device.

Prism Visual MiniMate

Prism Visual Software       Prism Visual MiniMate is routing software             for Palm devices and smartphones. The
$995 per user               software includes these functions: order
                            and estimate taking; product delivery;
                            route sales; dispatch of work order for
                            service and repair equipment; inspection
                            and training survey options; and
                            merchandising surveys to collect data for
                            quoting and strategizing. MiniMate
                            integrates with Prism's route management
                            desktop solutions, and third-party products
                            such as GPS, GIS mapping, and accounting


ServicePower                ServicePower is a field service        optimization product suite that improves
Call for prices             the efficiency and effectiveness of field
                            service operations. From advanced planning
                            and scheduling to ensuring on-time arrival
                            at the customer site, ServicePower promises
                            to maximize customer responsiveness while
                            minimizing costs. Its Al-based field
                            service optimization software provides
                            schedules, customer service, and management
                            control. In addition to intelligent
                            scheduling, the ServicePower field service
                            optimization product suite includes
                            geographic and workforce planning, wireless
                            communications, and business analytics

Surado Smart Contact Manager Pro

Surado Solutions            Surado Smart Contact Manager (SCM) Pro is              software that helps individual users and
Starts at $179.95           small teams handle contact management,
                            sales-force automation, and marketing
                            campaign management. SCM Pro integrates
                            with desktop applications such as Microsoft
                            Outlook, Word, and Excel; syncs with
                            popular PDAs, including Palm and Pocket PC
                            devices; and works with business tools such
                            as the included built-in fax and CardScan
                            software. SCM Pro also provides a
                            scheduling system, integrated Web
                            resources; a knowledgebase with e-mail
                            capability: e-mail/fax/industry-specific
                            templates; and a quote generator linked to
                            Sales Tracker.

TeleCommunication 20/20 Delivery

Telecommunication           Telecommunication 20/20 Delivery provides
Systems                     complete visibility into the supply chain,          from package and vehicle tracking to driver
Call for prices             management and cost containment. 20/20
                            Delivery lets organizations monitor driver
                            and vehicle productivity and enhance
                            customer service, with real-time package
                            and delivery information, while reducing
                            lost cargo occurrences, improving customer
                            payment cycles, and decreasing the cost of
                            paper-based accounts receivable processing.

Telecommunication marketStream

Telecommunication           The Telecommunications marketStream service
Systems                     provides global, real-time, streaming          access to equity security prices and
Call for prices             volume, foreign exchange rates, futures,
                            commodities, and fixed-income prices, as
                            well as news and charts via any Java-based
                            RIM BlackBerry handheld. The service is
                            also compatible with mobile phones and
                            PDAs, including the Sony Ericsson P800 and
                            P900 and wireless Pocket PC devices.
                            marketStream delivers real-time
                            information in streaming form without
                            user intervention.

Web Information Solutions Pocket Format

Web Information Solutions   Pocket Informant replaces your built in     Contacts/Calendar/Tasks applications with
$29.95                      more powerful, yet simple, full-featured
                            versions along with useful additions in
                            one fully integrated application.
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