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Mobile Satellite Internet Now on 2011 FEMA Cache List.

FEMA National Urban Search and Rescue Teams can now purchase round Control's popular Toughsat XP satellite systems for high-speed connectivity and VoIP phone service to any location in North America in 3.5 minutes. The Toughsat is ideal for large-scale support of multiple computers, IP devices and phones in disaster areas where satellite is the only reliable form of communication.

The Toughsat XP is available in two forms: (1) the rooftop Toughsat XP mounts on any truck or trailer roof and is deployed by pressing a single button for full connectivity in 3.5 minutes. And the (2) Flyaway Case-Based Toughsat XP, a rolling, ground-mounted solution that fits in an SUV. Setup of the Flyaway can be performed by one person in about 10 minutes. Both systems provide iDirect VSAT connectivity speeds of 5Mbps download and 2Mbps upload with up to 10 VoIP phones over one satellite connection. Both systems provide Wi-Fi connectivity for any in-range wireless device to connect. Toughsat Hotspots can quickly establish phone and Internet communication to any emergency staging area. Toughsat XP's are available in 1.2-meter and .98-meter sizes.

About The 2011 FEMA Approved Task Force Equipment Cache List

The 2011 Approved Task Force Equipment Cache List is designed to support critical equipment purchases for Search and Rescue teams who are deployed to emergencies within 6 hours of notification and must be self-sufficient for the first 72 hours when engaged in operations. The Cache List is designed to streamline procurement procedures of listed equipment. Ground Control's equipment is listed CC-0111.00 for the Toughsat XP and CC-0111.01 for the Flyaway case option.

About Ground Control Systems, Inc.

Ground Control is a full-service satellite Internet provider that offers high-speed fixed, mobile, and portable satellite solutions for organizations throughout the world. Ground Control manufactures the Toughsat line of mobile satellite systems as well as provides connection services for all of our product offerings. Our clients include federal, state and local governments, educational institutions, oil & gas, emergency and disaster services, fortune 1000 businesses, small businesses, and professionals of all industries.

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Publication:Tele-Service News
Date:Dec 31, 2011
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