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Mobile Data - the Future of UK Enterprise; Deloitte Research Study Shows Mobile Data bettering the bottom line at UK's largest companies.

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According to research published today by Orange Business Solutions and Deloitte Consulting's Research group, mobile data is already delivering productivity gains, cost savings and is boosting revenues. In a difficult marketplace it is the positive impact to the bottom line, not the grand idea that is making mobility a pre-requisite for UK corporate companies. Enterprises investing in mobile data infrastructures are gaining a competitive edge and the majority (85%) of the UK's largest 50 companies now believe they have a real need for mobile data.

The UK's approach to mobile data leads the world, in certain aspects. UK businesses are more likely to have undertaken an in-depth business case analysis than their foreign counterparts (34% in the UK as opposed to 6% in Germany). This greater understanding has allowed UK enterprises that have already deployed mobile data to enjoy important benefits from their investments: "productivity gains" (85%), "improved workflow" (82%), "cost savings" (44%), "revenue gains" (37%). Most UK corporates have significantly increased investment in mobile data over the last twelve months (57% of respondents estimated a 20% or higher growth in spend) and will continue to do so moving into 2003.

Richard Hanscott, Vice-President, Orange Business Solutions said, "The UK market for mobile data has come a long way, what this research demonstrates is that there is both a desire and commitment to making ideas reality. With the improvements in network stability, the speed of data transfer and the return on investment that a fully integrated data communications strategy can bring, the future for agile businesses is finally in place."

David Tansley, Partner, Deloitte Consulting added, "The business case for mobile data is compelling. One of our clients, whose solution is based on mobile enabled PDAs, enabled field engineers to save an average of one hour per day, equivalent to $25,000 potential additional revenue per employee, per year. One-off improvements to cash flow were worth millions of dollars. Overall the project is projected to deliver a five year return on investment of 1,000%, with pay back in the first year."

The advent of a trustworthy, high speed GPRS platform, as well as improvements in device technology and business software, has meant that companies are now moving to implement mobile data technologies that a few years ago were dismissed as implausible or unworkable. Although organisations are now more committed to an evolutionary change model than a 'Big Bang', any boost to profits can only further demonstrate the benefits to UK business.

Notes to Editors
-- Orange, wirefree and any other Orange product or service referred to in this release are trademarks of Orange.

-- Orange provides a broad range of personal communications services, including Orange GSM 1800 services and other digital cellular telephone services.

-- In August 2000 Orange plc was acquired by France Telecom, leading to the creation of Europe's second largest mobile operator. The new Orange has operations in 22 countries across Europe and beyond.

-- As at the end of June 2002, Orange had over 12.8 million customers in the UK, 18.6 million in France and approximately 41.4 million controlled customers worldwide.

-- The Oftel network performance survey, published in June 2002 showed that on a percentage basis, Orange had more calls which were successful overall than any other operator. In the survey, which was audited by BABT, Orange was shown to have an overall call success rate of 97.8% of calls connected and completed successfully. Other networks' comparable figures were Vodafone 97.5%, O2 97.3% and T-Mobile 95.1%.

-- In May 2002, the fifth annual J.D. Power and Associates UK Mobile Customer Satisfaction Study showed that Orange ranks as the number one telephone service for customer satisfaction in the contract sector. Orange has ranked number one for customer satisfaction for both contract and prepay customers in every J.D. Power and Associates UK Mobile Customer Satisfaction Study since 1998.

-- Orange provides high quality coverage to 99% of the UK population and over 80% of the geographic area. Coverage is based on hand portable, unlike some other operators which choose to base their coverage on boosted car kits.

-- Orange UK now offers roaming in 124 countries on 276 networks.

-- Information about Orange can be found on the Orange website at and media information can be found at

-- For further information, call the Orange media centre on 020 7984 2000

Deloitte Consulting

-- Deloitte Consulting is one of the world's leading management

consulting firms, and is uniquely known for its

straightforward approach to solving today's most complex

business challenges. Deloitte Consultants work hand-in-hand

with clients to improve business performance, drive

shareholder value, and create competitive advantage. The firm

has 15,000 professionals in 33 countries, and serves more than

one-third of the companies in the Global Fortune(R) 500. For

more information visit

-- Deloitte Consulting will become Braxton upon its separation

from DTT.

-- For further information on Deloitte Consulting's mobile data

activity, please contact David Tansley on 0789 906 6168 or at

Deloitte Research

-- Deloitte Research, a permanent thought leadership organization

established by Deloitte & Touche and Deloitte Consulting, is

dedicated to providing ongoing research and insight into the

critical global and industry-specific issues facing business

today. Comprised of both practitioners and dedicated research

professionals from around the world, Deloitte Research

combines industry experience with academic rigor. Our research

identifies and analyses market forces and major strategic,

organizational and technical issues that are changing the

dynamics of business. It focuses on leading-edge

industry-specific issues and global trends, providing insight

into new evolving challenges. For more information about

Deloitte Research analysis of mobile and wireless markets

please contact Paul Lee on 0781 075 6262 or at
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