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Mobile Action Releases Enhanced Bluetooth Data Suite for Handset Manager; New Bluetooth Connector Links PC to Cellular Handsets to Support MSN/Skype, Data Transfer, and Much More.

WALNUT, Calif. -- Mobile Action (, a global leader in mobile management software, today announced the release of its Handset Manager MA-730 Bluetooth Data Suite. The new Bluetooth Data Suite links cellular handsets to PCs using Bluetooth, with faster data transfer capability and a new compact royal-blue dongle. The new MA-730 Bluetooth dongle is powerful but small enough to allow the other USB ports to work together at the same time, so users can enjoy the convenience of Bluetooth communications and still use other USB devices. As with previous versions of Mobile Action's Bluetooth connector, the MA-730 provides a single platform for all Bluetooth-enabled handset models.

With a Class 2 Bluetooth v2.0 USB dongle, MA-730 also allows users to synchronize their phone book information and calendar, support two-way file transfers, and manage messages between cellular handsets and PCs. It can also help users to access the Internet with cellular phone carrier's GSM/GPRS service. One of the most innovative features in the MA-730 is new, easy modem setup that allows users to connect their mobile phone to the Internet in just a few clicks. Support for Voice over IP (VoIP) also allows users to make Internet-enabled calls on MSN/Skype using a Bluetooth-enabled headset.

The MA-730 also supports the Handset Manager 9.2, Mobile Action's latest software release, so it offers more mobile multimedia applications. The MA-730 supports two-way synchronization and allows users to edit MP3 files, photos, pictures, and create animation and videos, as well as managing mobile multimedia content and applications, such as ring tones and wallpaper. Handset Manager 9.2's Music Manager feature lets users create PC playlists and synchronize tunes with their mobile phones, just like managing digital music for an MP3 player of iTunes for an iPod.

"Mobile Action is one of the few technology companies capable of developing a Bluetooth communication protocol stack driver that can support cellular applications," said Fitzwilliam Yang, brand manager for Mobile Action. "The new Bluetooth dongle gives business users new Internet access features and wireless features. And mobile multimedia fans will love the freedom and functionality of the multimedia features in Handset Manager. In short, our new data suite gives people more options to enjoy the convenience of Bluetooth communications."

The Handset Manager Bluetooth Data Suite supports PC Bluetooth peripherals (i.e. HIDs, Human Input Devices), such as a Bluetooth keyboard and a Bluetooth mouse. To meet the needs of VoIP users, the Handset Manager Bluetooth Data Suite also supports wireless applications and devices, so that people can extend the use of Skype and Messenger via their Bluetooth headsets.

About Mobile Action

Mobile Action is the leading developer of mobile management software for the North American, European, Middle Eastern, Asia/Pacific, South American, and South/West African markets. The company's Handset Manager, Mobile Action's trademarked mobile management software, links cellular phones with PCs and allows users to store and edit files, phone book information, appointments, ring tones, images, and more. Handset Manager Handset Manager supports all the major North American carriers, and more than 600 popular GSM, CDMA and 3G mobile phone models from well-known mobile manufacturers, including Nokia, Motorola, SAMSUNG, LG, Sony Ericsson, Sanyo, BenQ-Siemens, Sharp, Panasonic, Sagem, Kyocera, Audiovox, etc. Visit Mobile Action at
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Mar 20, 2006
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