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MoD test goats `die in agony'.

AT least 16 goats are said to have died after being put through horrifying experiments by defence scientists.

The terrified creatures are used to work out the effect of water pressure on divers.

Seven hundred have been tethered in decompression chambers and exposed to pressures causing the collapse of vital organs.

The goats that allegedly died are believed to have been starved of oxygen during the secret tests over the past five years.

Liberal Democrat defence spokesman Mike Hancock blasted the cruelty.

"I can only imagine the agonising experiences these goats have been through," he said.

But an MoD spokesman insisted the tests were essential to protect the lives of submarine crews and divers.

He said: "They are not put through excessive suffering."
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Author:Palmer, Pascale
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Apr 4, 1999
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