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Mixing valves.

Color literature features New Generation High Low Systems for industrial facilities. The six-page bulletin includes color photos, tables and graphs that highlight the New Generation High Low Systems, which are said to be suited for use in commercial, institutional and industrial applications. The literature explains how the system's dual thermostatic water mixing valves are designed in a simple piping arrangement to provide precise water temperature control of both high and low mixed water flow ranges. A selection and specification guide for the high low system is included, along with model, finish, mounting and option information. Flow capacities, a sample specification form and required piping method diagrams are also highlighted in the bulletin. Factory preassembled and tested, the New Generation High Low Systems feature Duratrol solid bimetal thermostatic control with an automatic seven year limited warranty; mixed water capacities up to 214 gpm; adjustable high temperature limit stops set for 120[degrees]F (49[degrees]C); bronze, brass and stainless steel construction; and simple, fast setup procedures, according to the literature. This company is said to be a leader in the manufacture of thermostatic water mixing valves.

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Publication:Rubber World
Date:Sep 22, 2005
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