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Mixing equipment review: looking to upgrade or expand manufacturing or add new machinery in the lab? Here's a look at what select mixing equipment suppliers have available for the paint and coatings industry.

Whether your company is looking to add or upgrade manufacturing or laboratory mixing equipment, the suppliers in this issue offer a wide range of products and technologies to suit your needs. Following is a quick look at what select companies are offering.

Netzsch, based in Exton, PA, has introduced the PSI-Mix, a revolutionary system for high volume powder handling. The PSI-Mix offers an innovative system for introducing large quantities of powders into the dispersion vehicle quickly and dust free, an environmentally sound solution to the problem of controlling the dosage of powders into liquids. More info: NETZSCH Fine Particle Technology, LLC, 610-363-8010; Fax: 610-280-1254; E-mail:; Web Site:

Premier Mill's VHD single shaft mixer offers efficient mixing of low to medium viscosity, free flowing liquids or dispersions requiring a high level of hydraulic shear produced by a high speed disperser blade, while the ESD Prem-a-mix dual shaft mixer combines high shear dispersers with fluid flow support, enabling the user to process higher solids or viscous formulations completely in change-can processes. Faster batch times, greater flexibility and consistently repeatable dispersions are the benefits offered by the company's single-shaft, dual-shaft and multi-shaft Prem-a-mix dispersers. In addition, the Premier double planetary mixer offers an efficient way of mixing and handling difficult, sticky, tacky, high viscosity pastes and gelatinous mixes. Maximum mixing efficiency ranges from a few thousand cps to several million cps. Vacuum mix is not only more uniform, but 30% faster than other double planetary mixers, according to the company. More info: Premier Mill, An SPX Process Equipment Operation, 610-779-9500; Fax: 610-779-9666; E-mail:; Web Site:

Kady International reports that it can help maximize existing equipment in a current production line without the cost of a major equipment overhaul. The Kady Continuous Flow Mill utilizes the kinetic dispersion concept, assuring enhanced tank flow and batch uniformity, according to the company. In addition, the company has made available the Kady 100T, a versatile top entry dispersion mill for large production requirements. With rotor tip speeds of 9,000 feet per minute, fine dispersions can be achieved quickly. This power can reduce the need for pre-wetting and increase production, according to the company. More info: Kady International, 207-883-4141; E-mail:; Web Site:

With the introduction of the HSD Immersion Mill into its multi-shaft mixer, Hockmeyer has created the Multi Tasking System (MTS). This single machine typically consists of a high speed dispersion drive, Hockmeyer's patented HSD Immersion Mill and a low-speed drive with helical blade. Even the de-aeration process is all done in this single machine, according to the company. The MTS unit has been tested at Hockmeyer on-site laboratory, processing a 250 pound batch of phthalo blue paste ink in a third of the time over the industry's standard processing system, representing a 200% savings in production time, according to a company spokesperson. Hockmeyer can customize the MTS to meet specifications with a variety of mixing tools to suit each user's needs. To further enhance the unit, the company has partnered with Vac-U-Max to offer dry powder feeding systems, as well as Gamajet, to offer high pressure clean in place systems. More info: Hockmeyer Equipment Corp., 252-338-4705; Fax: 252-338-6540; E-mail:; Web Site:

New from Reynolds Industries is A.C.T., an automated, recipe-based system in which the entire mixing process is pre-programmed, eliminating inconsistent batches and increasing productivity. A.C.T. provides reporting on amp draw, blade speeds, temperature and much more, according to Reynolds. The company has also added a new dual-shaft helical blade mixer which is ideal for mixing medium to high viscosity products. A high-speed disperser is combined with Reynolds' patented helical blade low speed agitator to provide superior product turnover, according to the company. This mixer is available in a variety of sizes and mounts, and all systems are available in electric and hydraulic drives. Also available from Fort Mill, SC-based Reynolds is a full line of portable mixers in variety of drives and sizes. More info: Reynolds Industries Inc., 803-548-4301; Fax: 803-548-1365; E-mail:; Web:

Charles Ross and Son's Megashear inline mixer combines high flow rates (up to 500 GPM) and high tip speeds (up to 18000 FPM) all in a single pass, according to the Hauppauge, NY-based firm. With virtually 100% particle size reduction on the first pass, an extremely narrow particle size distribution is realized. More info: Charles Ross & Sons Company, 631-234-0500; Fax: 631-234-0691; E-mail:; Web Site:

Buhler is offering the SHP-TS, a twin-shaft mixer with slow-speed tri-foil blade plus scraper and a high speed disperser blade for excellent pre-dispersion. The SHP-TS is suitable for all products from low to high viscosities. Thixotropic or temperature sensitive products can be produced efficiently and temperature controlled, according to Buhler. PLC control, vacuum cover and an under-level feeding device are optional. Buhler's SHP-HS or SEM-HS, a single shaft high speed disperser, available with either hydraulic drive or electric motor, is suitable for low to medium viscosity products such as varnishes, printing inks, paint, coatings, dye products and any kind of slurries. The company reports that it has new designs for its disperser discs, for an even wider range of applications.

Buhler's LAB mixers, available either as twin-shaft or single-shaft high-speed dispersers, are ideal for small batches or research and development. Batch sizes can range from five to 20 liters or from 10-50 liters. Vacuum covers and under-level feeding systems are available. More info: Buhler Inc., 763-847-9900; Fax: 763-847-9913; E-mail:; Web Site:

GPE Groen Process Equipment offers paint formulators multi-action agitators. Single shell or heating/cooling jacketed kettles can be designed with various style agitators. The addition of secondary mixers to complement the agitators can provide pumping action, dispersion or vigorous turbulence to the batch. More info: GPE-Groen Process Equipment, 847-462-1865; Fax: 847-462-1950; E-mail:; Web Site:

With Lee Industries' high shear disperser/agitator, a combination of single sweep or double-motion counter-rotating sweep agitation used in conjunction with high-shear mixing. Depending on batch viscosity, shear may be either top or bottom entry designed to suit specific applications, according to the company. More info: Lee Industries, Inc., 814-342-0470; Fax: 814-342-5660; Email:; Web Site:

Conn & Co.'s line of mixing equipment offers many features including air drive, electric drive, AC or DC with electrical specifications to suit operating conditions, single or variable speed with horsepower to suit service conditions and dimensional design to suit batch size or existing tank. Power lift is available as well as the patented Conn Rigid Shaft Coupler, providing means for quickly removing stirrer shaft assembly. More info: Conn & Co., LLC, 814-723-7980; Fax: 814-723-8502; E-mail:; Web Site:

Schwerdtel offers the XKV inline color mixer. From a base neutral or white coating, users can create more than 1,000 colors or shades without cleanout. In addition, colorization can be done on demand from recipes stored in computer memory, according to the company. More info: Schwerdtel Corporation, 973-616-1700; Fax: 973-616-5363; E-mail:; Web Site:
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