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Mixer cooling/heating.

Heating and cooling of rubber internal intensive mixers is said to be an important factor in the design procedure of machinery manufacturers. It reduces the mixing cycle considerably when done properly. The firm has designed its internal intensive production mixers NM-1000, NM-3700 and NM-10,000 with drilled hopper floating weights which enhances the cooling or heating by 15.4%. This is said to be a considerable amount. It falls in line with the company's two heating zones per mill roll and mixer sides and its internal water or oil spray systems in the mill rolls and mixer rotors. The floating weight or ram (as some know it) now performs an additional function other than pressing the material into the chamber, according to the company. The firm is said to be a pioneer in applying hydraulic drives to internal mixers, two-roll mills, extruder sheet take-offs, etc. (Nerpco USA)

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Title Annotation:Suppliers Showcase: Custom Mixing
Publication:Rubber World
Date:Mar 1, 2016
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