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Mixer: high intensity.

The FM Series High Intensity Mixer is ideal for mixing dry materials of widely varying particle sizes and formulas having some ingredients with very small amounts. The fluidized vortex mixing pattern allows all particles to move freely regardless of size, density or coefficient of friction. Fluidization combines with a vortex flow pattern provides very fast cycle times. The high speed of the mixing blades allows the mixer to deagglomerate and disperse additives and pigments while providing a certain amount of size reduction. The mixer is also designed to dramatically raise the temperature of the material being mixed by controlling the tip speed of the mixing blades and/or adding a jacket to the mixing vessel. A wide variety of mixing tools are available for different applications. Sizes range from 4 to 2000 liters.

Merlin Process Equipment, Inc., P.O. Box 800607, Houston, TX 77280.

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Publication:Pharmaceutical Processing
Date:Sep 1, 2001
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