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Mixed reality headset enhances vision.

The SPEX HMD hardware and software platform combines augmented reality and virtual reality features into an all-day wearable, head-mounted display. Lightweight and comfortable, the mixed reality headset features patented and adjustable Bioptic Tilt. This allows or hands-free use and full access to native vision, supplemented with panned and zoomed real-world images and video, imported images and additional external mission critical information. The device combines a high acuity HD camera with high-quality optics and rapid automatic focus to produce super vision that is better than the human eye is capable of on its own. High-resolution, fast OLED screens and custom display optics provide images at high contrast, driven by an open Android architecture running on a high-performance Snapdragon processor. SPEX,

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Publication:Material Handling Product News
Date:Aug 1, 2018
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