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Mitsubishi Expands Distribution to Enable Broader Availability and Technical Support for 'Hot-Demand' Semiconductor and System Components.

SUNNYVALE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 25, 1999--

Distributors Set to Help Expand Mitsubishi's Regional Coverage

Mitsubishi Electronics America's Electronic Device Group today announced its strategy to substantially expand its distribution sales programs for semiconductor and system components in North America. The move is designed to provide broader availability and technical support for Mitsubishi's most popular semiconductor and system products in North America, and to expand the company's ability to service smaller, regionally based OEM customers.

In concert with this move, Mitsubishi Electronics America Inc. added Bell Microproducts Inc. to its roster of distributors, effective February 1999 (see related news release, "Bell Microproducts Announces Distribution Agreement with Mitsubishi Electronics America for Semiconductors and System Components," February 25, 1999).

"Mitsubishi offers a wide range of semiconductors and related components that are extremely popular in North America across a broad range of applications, especially our SRAM, microcontroller, standard linear and industrial flat panel TFT display products," said David Schwartz, vice president and general manager of sales for Mitsubishi's Electronic Device Group. "Our goal is to significantly expand Mitsubishi's distribution channels in North America, which will enable us to provide broader availability and technical support for these 'hot-demand' components."

The broad range of products Mitsubishi Electronics sells through its authorized distributors enables greater access to complete system solutions from a single supplier. For example, Mitsubishi low-power static random access memories (SRAMs) can be combined with flash memory, microcontrollers, and microwave components for wireless applications.

As a part of its expansion, Mitsubishi Electronics is providing extensive product and system-level technical training for all its distributors. All Mitsubishi authorized distributors will provide technical development, field applications engineering, marketing and sales support for the Mitsubishi products they sell. This support also includes microcontroller development tools, including evaluation boards, emulators, OTP programmers, and development software such as assemblers, linkers, and compilers.

The full line of semiconductor and related component products that Mitsubishi sells through distribution channels includes: both low-power and fast SRAMs; flash memories; application-specific memories; standard linear ICs; microcontrollers, including 8 and 16 bit, 16 bit with on-chip flash, and one-time-programmable devices; laser and photo diodes; microwave GaAs FETs and SAW filters; storage products, including SuperDisk(TM) LS-120 floppy disk drives; and industrial thin-film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) flat-panel displays.

Mitsubishi Electronics America's distributors for semiconductors and related components in North America include All American Semiconductor Inc., Bell Industries Inc. Electronics Distribution Group (recently acquired by Arrow Electronics), Bell Microproducts Inc., Diamond Advanced Components, and Covenant Electronics Inc.

About Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Electronics America Inc.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and its North American affiliate, Mitsubishi Electronics America Inc., are world-class suppliers of semiconductors and electronic products for computers, communications, industrial, Internet-enabled, automotive, and visual applications. Mitsubishi combines its systems-level expertise and high-level silicon process technologies to provide chip, chipset and system-on-chip solutions. The company is ranked among the top-tier worldwide semiconductor suppliers and offers an extensive range of semiconductor and computer system components for the North American marketplace, including embedded DRAM/flash/SRAM, ASIC, ASSP, MCU, discrete memory, graphics, microwave/RF, optoelectronic, storage, and flat-panel display products.

Additional information on the Mitsubishi Electric Semiconductor Group is available at

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Date:Feb 25, 1999
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