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Mitsubishi Electric launches 350-MHZ, 18-Mbit Network SRAM with ultra-wide 72-bit bus.

As industry-wide adoption of broadband connectivity continues, the Electronic Device Group of Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA, Inc., has announced an 18-megabit (Mbit) SigmaRAM Network SRAM that achieves a 350-MHz clock speed and offers a 72-bit bus width. The new double-late-write device offers 100 percent data-bus efficiency and an exceptionally fast data throughput of 25 gigabits per second, making it an ideal choice for broadband networking and telecommunications system applications, such as routers and switches.

"Telecom engineers and network designers are always looking to push the envelope when it comes to data throughput, but not compromise on space and power consumption," said Tad Keeley, senior product marketing manager for SRAMs at Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA, Inc. "Operating at a fast clock speed across a wide bus, this new Network SRAM achieves a higher data throughput than competing products. In addition, this chip offers all the benefits of the SigmaRAM architecture, including easy scalability, low EMI, and lower system cost."

The SigmaRAM architecture presents an open set of standards that deliver very fast clock speeds, exceptionally quick access times, high density, outstanding noise immunity, and extremely wide buses. The architecture also offers memory scaling using the same package in future product generations. Customers can incorporate the 18-Mbit device in an existing design, then replace it with a 36-Mbit, 72-Mbit, or 144-Mbit device without expensive redesign, enabling future products to come to market quicker and more cost-effectively.

"This new chip shows Mitsubishi Electric's continued commitment to bring high-quality products to market that mirror the needs of our customers," added Keeley. "We continue to expand our Network SRAM product portfolio to give system designers a complete choice, no matter what memory challenge they are facing."

The new 350-MHz SigmaRAM device is available in both 72-bit-wide (M5M5Y5672TG) and 36-bit-wide (M5M5Y5636TG) configurations, operating with a 1.8-volt power supply to offer low power consumption at the fastest speeds. The devices conform to the SigmaRAM Consortium's Sigma 1x1Dp double-late-write, pipeline-read specification, which enables 100 percent data bus efficiency and avoids data bus collision even in read/write alternate operation. Devices conforming to the SigmaRAM Sigma 1x1Lp late-write, pipeline-read specification are also available in both 72-bit-wide (M5M5Y5972TG) and 36-bit-wide (M5M5Y5936TG) configurations.

Mitsubishi Electric's SigmaRAM devices are housed in a 209-ball BGA package with a 14-mm x 22-mm footprint and a 1-mm ball pitch.

Samples are available now, with volume production scheduled for April 2003. Pricing for the M5M5Y5672TG device is $100 each in sample quantities.
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Publication:EDP Weekly's IT Monitor
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Date:Mar 3, 2003
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